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In need of a break? Then check out our travel category! Read our great member reviews on their own travel experiences, such as which restaurants, flights and hotels they recommend to help you plan your own holiday or city break. Reviews on cities and hotels include destinations such as London, America and France plus ... more

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Dated, Simplistic and in Serious Need of TLC

22.08.2016 Review of Thinktank, Birmingham

"On a random day out in Birmingham we decided we wanted to do one of the museums. It’s remarkable that despite only being a stone throw away from my parental house, I have never been to any of the Birmingham museums. Thinktank is where we landed up and I h ..."

Read full review by Secre

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Magnificent Mara Camp

22.08.2016 Review of Porini Mara Camp, Masai Mara

"==Porini Mara Camp== ===Introduction=== I visited Kenya for my holiday this year, as a friend of mine moved out there a few years ago. She had stayed in the Masai Mara several times, sometimes before she lived in the country. Since her arrival she has ..."

Read full review by Essexgirl2006

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20.08.2016 Review of Wroclaw (Poland)

"==FIRST AN APOLOGY……== ……to those who do not like review links in reviews. Rather than repeat a lot of information already published here on Ciao, thus making this review very unwieldy, I have included several links to other reviews. This will, I hope, b ..."

Read full review by RICHADA

Ciao members have rated this review on average: exceptional

Quaint little market town

19.08.2016 Review of Leek (Staffordshire)

"...===========Introduction============= It was lovely to see that my current home town is on the list of things to be reviewed! Ahhh, this should be an easy one, not!! Leek is a quaint little market town filled with well, markets obviously, original black ..."

Read full review by flaviamaria

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