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In need of a break? Then check out our travel category! Read our great member reviews on their own travel experiences, such as which restaurants, flights and hotels they recommend to help you plan your own holiday or city break. Reviews on cities and hotels include destinations such as London, America and France plus ... more

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Vilnius - very calm safe place to be in

17.12.2014 Review of Vilnius (Lithuania)

"Vilnius is an admirable city, many people have the mindset of a post soviet Union country and there is nothing to see, but I liked and enjoyed this city. It doesn't have a lot to offer as in the touristic place or ancient places to go to. The touristic si ..."

Read full review by cocilolo

Ciao members have rated this review on average: helpful

Uzupis republic, Vilnius

17.12.2014 Review of Uzupis Republic, Vilnius

"...It is a nice place. It is the artistic side of Vilnius. There is not much to see except the code of uzupis republic which is written in different languages. Also, there are some art such as statues that are average looking. In uzupis there are good restau ..."

Read full review by cocilolo

Ciao members have rated this review on average: helpful

Doing the Youth Hostel thing at Coniston Coppermines

15.12.2014 Review of YHA Coniston Coppermines, Coniston

"What to do for a big birthday in December with 25 close friends with mixed incomes; to be inclusive so everyone can go, why not book out an entire Youth Hostel Association pad for the weekend? That’s why we found ourselves sampling the communal living thi ..."

Read full review by cr01

Ciao members have rated this review on average: exceptional

Is McDonald's a good fast food restaurant to eat at?

15.12.2014 Review of McDonald´s

"Well lot's of people hear rumors about McDonald's but what many people do not know is that it is all a lie. McDonald's beef patties are one hundred percent beef, their beef patties are supplied by a company called Cargill their beef is one hundred percent ..."

Read full review by saleem723

Ciao members have rated this review on average: somewhat helpful

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