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It's called "great" for a reason

28.12.2011 Review of The Great Wall (Beijing)

"...There are apparently two stretches of the Great Wall near to Beijing which have been renovated for tourists and are safe to walk on. Though the Wall continues for miles, itís several hundred years old and therefore large portions wouldnít be safe to have ..."

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Magnificient Square - should not miss to view in China

20.01.2011 Review of Tiananmen Square (Tiananmen Guangchang), Beijing

"I have a 18-year-old niece who is studying in Beijing University. Though I live in China, itís been 20years to be there when I was young. So my wife and I decided to go to Beijing during the weekends.. Nowadays. the traffic is more and more convenient ..."

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Impressive hotel with only a couple of negatives

15.08.2010 Review of Loong Palace Hotel&Resorts Beijing, Beijing

"To get out of an uncomfortably hot taxi after being on a long 9 hour flight and arriving in a very different country, it was to my great relief and excitement that I was greeted by such an impressive looking hotel. ARRIVAL A beautiful, modern fountain c ..."

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07.08.2010 Review of Han's Royal Garden Hotel, Beijing

"This is one of the nicer hotels I have ever stayed in and while we only stayed for one night, it was near perfect. The first taxi we got didn't know where it was despite our address in English and Chinese, but the second one we got ended up dropping us at ..."

Read full review by alberthan

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