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22.10.2014 Review of Adonis Asonitis Apartments, Corfu

"I've been to a couple of Greek islands in my time - Rhodes and Zante - but hadn't been to any since 2010. So when me and the man started looking into a relatively cheap summer holiday together earlier this year, Corfu was on my mind as I had always wanted ..."

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Yes, Corfu Airport IS as horrific as they say.

01.10.2014 Review of Corfu International Airport

"...We have just returned from a week's holiday in Corfu. The holiday was great and we love the island. Unfortunately our ghastly experience at the airport last night has left us angry, disappointed and unwilling to ever return to Corfu. We arrived at Corfu ..."

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corfu greece the green island

13.05.2014 Review of Corfu (Greece)

"corfu is one of the most beautiful islands in greece...very busy in the summer with many clubs and hapennings corfu old town is an experience to walk around with small roads and old buildings 2 fortress and a very big squere try to be there in the night t ..."

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Many things to do and see in Corfu

30.04.2014 Review of Corfu (Greece)

"After visiting Zakynthos for the first time in Greece, I wanted that my 2012 holiday to be also in Greece so I chose Corfu. This greek island seemed to be a little bit different than Zakynthos: more modern, with more Brittish influences, with more thing ..."

Read full review by alessia1983

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