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Outspan in Israel

18.01.2008 Review of Eilat (Israel)

"We went to Eilat for our honeymoon in March 2006. I was 7 months pregnant at the time so knew I would be limited to do all activities, but this wouldn't stop my husband. I found booking the holiday hard as their are only a few operators that go to Isr ..."

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King Soloman's Hotel

21.02.2007 Review of King Solomon Hotel

"The hotel is defineately for the family, it is stated so in the Travel Agents brochures ie "Longwood Holidays". If you are a couple looking for peace then you will not find it here, especially at the weekends when the Israeli from up north come down for t ..."

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Eilat in its glory

12.02.2006 Review of Eilat (Israel)

"My daughter has lived in Eilat for many years, and I myself finally went out there last year, not sure what to expect. But I was pleasantly suprised... Eilat is a busy and young city, with so much to do in the day as well as the night. There are so ..."

Read full review by shirleyvalentine

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Diving with dolphins (and so much more)

12.09.2005 Review of Eilat (Israel)

"I have lived in Israel for almost 3 years now and I plan to deliver my opinion each site which I visited. Eilat...priviledged destination of the fortunate French, the rich Americans... and the young people without a penny who will camp in a field. ..."

Read full review by sheli

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