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So you want to go to France using the Eurotunnel...? Recently I spotted a cheap deal on the Internet to take a car to France on the Eurotunnel; it cost me 29, for the car and two passengers. I thought this price sounded rather good and decided I would book it there and then. That's the ... Read review

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Community Level 3Liney_1973


Bon voyage Review with images

AdvantagesQuick and easy way to get to the continent

DisadvantagesFolkestone can

"...THE CHANNEL TUNNEL AND THE EUROTUNNEL ,,` I was a little confused because the Channel Tunnel and the Eurotunnel sound like much the same thing to me. Hopefully this will make things clearer for you... The Channel Tunnel is the tunnel itself that connects the UK to France. Eurotunnel is the operator of the high speed train transport system which links the UK and France through the Channel Tunnel, and it runs between Folkestone which ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Beaker66


Quicker than the boat

AdvantagesIt's quick and easy to use

DisadvantagesNothing to see out of the window

"...on to the high seas? Then Eurotunnel is the one for you. What is Eurotunnel? Well, it's the train service that runs between Folkestone and Calais through the Channel Tunnel carrying motor vehicles. It takes thirty-five minutes to make the crossing, runs twice an hour during the day and two hourly at night. Why Eurotunnel? It's the quickest and, quite frankly, the easiest way of getting to the continent. I say this as someone who ..." Read review

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Community Level 7lazza123


I've been under the sea - but didn't see Nemo!!

AdvantagesQuick, easy, efficient

DisadvantagesNone at all

"...too bad! There are plenty of Eurotunnel staff around, to help you, especially at the help desk.. There are also a number of screens displaying the train times, and if they are boarding or not. ** Getting on the Train ** So my boarding time is called off I drive. There are lots of Eurotunnel people there to guide you in the correct direction. First off you pass immigration and customs for the UK. I have never been stopped; in fact I ..." Read review

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Community Level 3XFactorBoi


What is there to know about eurotunnel?

Advantages35minute crossings, more then 50 crossings a day & cheap rates!

Disadvantageslimited cheap rates if you book closer to the time of travel

"...with us to be eligible. Eurotunnel also do Annual insurances which you only need to travel once with them for a year and you can travel with whoever else you like to be eligible. And trust me, they have it covered.... 'Xcuse the pun :P Green cards, these do not cover you for Europe. They reduce to third party fire and theft. You can however get a day's European breakdown cover from Eurotunnel at a discounted price by the AA at 8.99 and a days travelling ..." Read review

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Community Level 2nkemp_99



AdvantagesQuick and efficient


"...The great thing about the Eurotunnel is that the travel time is on 35 minutes and the whole process is reasonably painless. To get to Folkestone you need junction 11 of the M20 to get to the channel tunnel itself. This is so clearly signposted and for about 20 miles there is a sign every two miles letting you know how far away you are. When you get to Folkestone simply follow the signs to your needed entrance e.g. cars one way, coaches and lorries ..." Read review

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