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Hotel, flight, restaurant in Germany and in cities such as Berlin, Cologne, Munich and Hamburg can all be found here with reviews and price comparison. Read our members travel reviews on car hire, weather, tourism, camping and book your holidays to Germany with an online travel agent.

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Most Recent Reviews of Germany »

Hans IM Gluck - Bürgergrill

26.05.2017 Review of Bratwurst-Häusle, Nuremberg

"My favorite restaurant to go to when I am shopping in Nuremberg is Hans IM Gluck. They have the most amazing fresh burgers. Everything from the beef to the produce to the cheese to the bread rolls on their burgers tastes so delicious. I have 4 children ..."

Read full review by ashleypadgett

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Hangin and Chillin in Hamburg's Generator Hostel - it's sick man

14.02.2017 Review of Generator Hostel, Hamburg

"I do so hate it when the mixed age bar discussion topic turns to recreational drugs. When you are in your fifties you are in a no win situation. Show interest and you either feel like the oldest swinger in town or that life has passed you by depending on ..."

Read full review by cr01

Ciao members have rated this review on average: exceptional

Tea and Symphony in Hamburg

15.01.2017 Review of Hamburg (Germany)

"...We didn’t quite know what to anticipate for our Hamburg trip; the flights were silly cheap (£38 return including taxes) and I just knew that the place was something of an industrial powerhouse and in the early 1960’s was a rough city where the Beatles cut ..."

Read full review by cr01

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05.11.2016 Review of Hotel an der Oper, Chemnitz

"==WHY DID WE BOOK THE HOTEL AN DER OPER IN CHEMNITZ?== For those even less fluent than I in German, An Der Oper (in case you had not already guessed from the title) translates as “At the opera”. This booking occurred thanks to a falling out between our ..."

Read full review by RICHADA

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