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Hotel, flight, restaurant in Germany and in cities such as Berlin, Cologne, Munich and Hamburg can all be found here with reviews and price comparison. Read our members travel reviews on car hire, weather, tourism, camping and book your holidays to Germany with an online travel agent.

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Berlin Hotels (296)
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Munich Hotels (156)
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Cologne Hotels (102)
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Frankfurt Hotels (137)
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Stuttgart Hotels (67)
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Hannover Hotels (47)
Hannover Attractions (1)
Hannover Restaurants (3)
Hannover Experience (1)
Hannover Pubs, Bars & Nightlife (0)
Dresden Hotels (31)
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Heidelberg Hotels (21)
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Leipzig Hotels (30)
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Leipzig Restaurants (2)
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Nuremberg Hotels (52)
Nuremberg Attractions (3)
Nuremberg Restaurants (2)
Nuremberg Experience (0)
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Germany Hotels (2510)
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Most Recent Reviews of Germany »

Dinner with Les

06.03.2015 Review of Le's Bistrot, Bremen

"==Entertainments Officer reporting for duty== If a group event or dinner needs to be organised, it’s a pretty fair bet that it’ll be me who gives in and does it. It comes from having an overdeveloped sense of social responsibility (I’m told). I can’t sit ..."

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Ciao members have rated this review on average: very helpful

Like the Curate's Egg - Good in Parts

27.02.2015 Review of Meierei, Bremen

"==There’s a good reason the Germans aren’t famous for their food== This week I’ve been in Bremen in northern Germany where I didn’t get to indulge in too many great culinary experiences. The food in the office canteen is frankly pretty scary for anyone w ..."

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Family Fun in Dreary Wurzbach

19.01.2015 Review of Familotel Aparthotel Am Rennsteig, Wurzbach

"==Welcome to Wurzbach – Where?== One of the (sometimes dubious) pleasures of my job is that it often takes me to places no ‘normal’ person would tend to go to. Last year I went to the tiny German town of Wurzbach (there are umlauts on the U – I mention it ..."

Read full review by koshkha

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Löwenbräukeller, the Bavarian feeling

17.09.2014 Review of Löwenbräukeller, Munich

"== Löwenbräukeller == If you want to have a visit to some of the most traditional and old restaurants of the mother-city of beer, this one can't miss on the list! Located next to the city center, it has accompanied Munich in every Oktoberfest since it st ..."

Read full review by Enial

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