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... if you don't want to pay their prices, take your own food, many have outside eating areas (when we get the weather), and in Granada, don't forget there is a 20% discount for AA members in their restaurants (not Burger King) and for certain items within their main shop. The company has ... Read review

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Give it a chance - Leigh Delamare

AdvantagesConvenient, offer a wide range of shops and services, Discount for AA members

DisadvantagesQuite expensive, some facilities not open 24 hour

"As a new user to Ciao, I have quickly discovered, when reading others ops, where their interests lie. Reading through my ops is no different, in no particular order, I love travelling, eating and money. Some of you have already read my op on Clackett Lane Services, but yesterday on my travels, I also had the pleasure of stopping at Leigh Delamare Services (near Chippenham) both East and Westbound on the M4 for a convenience stop. For those of you ..." Read review

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Pot Luck

Advantagesgood service most of the time.

DisadvantagesJACKIE SMALL and expensive

"This opinion concerns Cardiff West services. The place is split into four catagories, the resturant, Burger King, the shop and Travel Lodge. Lets start with the resturant. Now if you go here which many do when stopping for a break you are taking a chance on how you are treated. Every member of staff there is lovely except one called Jackie Small, I made a point of checking her name badge. The reason I am there often is that my boyfriend is a coach ..." Read review

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Community Level 1tabbetha2002


Moto Services

Advantagesfree baby food and nappies, good toilets

Disadvantagestoo many to name

"On 29 August 2000, Granada Motorway Services changed it name to Moto. New owners Compass Group said that their aim was to make it the best chain of motorway service areas. Yesterday I wrote a very negative report on Moto, but it was from my point of view as a former employee. Lets now look at it from a customer point of view and see what it has to offer. One each of the 47 sites , there are 3 main parts to the services. These being the ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jharper


Moto services


Disadvantagesover priced with long queues

"moto, formerly Granada. In a survey last Summer, was voted the leader in moterway services by a leading popular magazine. This company has also recently won an award for the cleanliness of it toilets. Moto promotes itself as the leader in motorway services but how about its staff? They send staff on training courses, to cover health and safety and customer care, yet how safe are the customers when their staff are not trained in accepting fuel ..." Read review

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Community Level 4willsmj


Service in the services

Advantagesgood facilities


"I am a frequent traveller, and drive most of the UK's motorways. What breaks up the journey? Services, and there are not enough of them! Granada have many services throughout Britain and the one I will discuss is on the M4 near Cardiff. Ideal as a fuel filling stop, to rest your eyes or go for a piddle. With enough to do in the 15 to 30 minutes that is the average time spent at such an establishment by motorists. The shop sells most goods, ..." Read review

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Places to unwind.
None. (*)
Excellent parking comparison service
none (*)
Cheap Parking near Manchester Airport
Some Miserable Staff (*)
Quick, easy and stress free
None (*)
Convenient, open 24 hour, clean, good service, food tasty and hot
slightly on the pricey side (but certainly comparable with other service stations) (*)
Good communication.
None. (*)
Tasty food (honest!), hearty portions, long opening hours, generally welcoming atmosphere
Expensive, service can be slow, not for those on a diet, fewer around than there used to be (*)
All round great service
Based in Buckinghamshire so sorry Scotland! (*)
So easy, simple and good value
Slightly more than the usual Purple parking fee (*)
Location, views, food, quality of accomodation... no more room left to write!!!
none (*)
easier than a taxi/bus
could work out expensive, handing over your car keys to strangers (*)
Secure Parking, Courtesy Bus To/From Airport
Things Don't Always Go Smoothly - See Below (*)
Everything (*)
Peace of mind, at little extra cost
All hotels are typical "airport" hotels i.e. not what you would book for yourself. (*)
(*) Reviews by Ciao members

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