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Welcome to the holiday essentials section of Ciao. Here you will find car rental providers, airlines, travel agencies & tour operators and a lot more besides. Browse through the different sections and opt for the relevant holiday essentials that you require for your travels. You can also try our beauty section if you ... more

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All aboard the Virgin train

24.07.2016 Review of Virgin Trains

"...holiday to Blackpool we decided to get the train rather than drive. Our hotel had no free parking and my stepson has been desperate to go on a Virgin train for some reason. My 16 month old son also loves being on a train. He gets very excited thin ..."

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22.07.2016 Review of National express

"Just horrible treatment to costumers. The coach broke down in the way to Stansted Airport, and they didn't put me on a taxi or any other feasible option, just another coach which arrived with three hours of delay, so I miss my flight. I sent a formal co ..."

Read full review by waltzfordebby

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Ryanair - Low cost (aside from the hidden costs)

20.07.2016 Review of Ryanair - RYR

"We recently flew with Ryanair to Santander in the north of Spain. The flight was low cost and fairly easy to book online. I liked that we were able to bring a car seat and buggy for our young daughter, at no additional cost, and check them into the hold ..."

Read full review by snow_drops

Ciao members have rated this review on average: helpful

Azores Airlines - Gets You There (sort of)

20.07.2016 Review of Azores Airlines

"...It wasnít as we didnít already have enough favourite places dotted across the world; we then discovered one of the nine islands of the Azores towards the end of last year. We now canít get enough of those fascinating little lumps of volcanic activity over ..."

Read full review by cr01

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