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Welcome to the holiday essentials section of Ciao. Here you will find car rental providers, airlines, travel agencies & tour operators and a lot more besides. Browse through the different sections and opt for the relevant holiday essentials that you require for your travels. You can also try our beauty section if you ... more

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The magic is up your sleeve

15.05.2016 Review of Gordon & Bond Locked Credit Card Protector Sleeve

"Initial thoughts I had some plain blocking card holders then I saw these patterned ones and bought them as they were a bit more interesting and my parents had nabbed most of our supply of plain blocking sleeves. I thought hubby might like these ones too ..."

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Rock the boat, don't tip the boat over

14.05.2016 (15.05.2016) Review of ACTV Water Bus, Venice

"Venice as we all know, is full of canals and waterways. There are, of course, streets and alleyways as well but, apart from a very restricted area, these are pedestrian only and the traffic in Venice is of the floating variety. For those people who don ..."

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Quite reliable and clean

12.05.2016 Review of Southwest Trains

"== ON MY WAY TO GUILDFORD == As i am currently enrolled in a '''Master of Science in Structural Engineering''' at the '''University of Surrey''', I am frequently travelling from Rome to London to attend lectures, discuss with professors and sit exams. ..."

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Cathay Pacific UK Reservations & Refunds fiasco, Letter to CEO.

08.05.2016 Review of Cathay Pacific Airways - CPA

"...CEO Mr John Slosar, I am a Regular flyer and use Cathay pacific as my Carrier also for Friends. I purchased a Refundable ticket for my Friend and alas had to cancel the ticket and was promised a Refund of £780:90 afterover £60 was taken off. This ..."

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