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Welcome to the holiday essentials section of Ciao. Here you will find car rental providers, airlines, travel agencies & tour operators and a lot more besides. Browse through the different sections and opt for the relevant holiday essentials that you require for your travels. You can also try our beauty section if you ... more

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STA Travel - book elsewhere and save yourself some hassle

21.04.2014 Review of STA Travel

"I usually book holidays's online, but I'd never booked a tour, so though best in order to get everything I needed, get advice on visa's, get the dates correct I would phone through instead. Big mistake! I didn't get anything extra except hassle, and afte ..."

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Easy way to get the bus into London

20.04.2014 Review of easybus.co.uk

"It's always difficult writing a review for a company such as easyBus as like it's easyjet companion, it seems to divide opinion with people. My mum had booked a day trip to London, and after checking bus and train prices, decided to go with the easyBus, ..."

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Shanghai Maglev - Train or Flying Low With The Wheels Up?

19.04.2014 Review of Shanghai Maglev Train

"...it - Iím a bit of a train buff; anything from museum pieces to the latest and fastest. On a recent holiday to China, I stayed in Shanghai for a few days, and although we were scheduled to come home from there, it wasnít as a means of getting ..."

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Worst shuttle ever!

19.04.2014 Review of Terravision

"With Terravision Iíve had the WORST transfer experience in my life. I really would like to warn everybody who is going to Luten airport with Terravision that the bus DOESNíT GO DIRECTLY TO THE AIRPORT but just till the train station in Luten where you sh ..."

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