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Hotel, flight, restaurant in Ireland and in cities such as Dublin, Cork, Galway can be found here with reviews and price comparison. Read our members travel reviews on car hire, golf, accommodation, tourism, weather and book your holidays in Ireland with an online travel agent.

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nye 2016

01.01.2017 Review of Clarion Hotel, Cork

"Stayed here last night and had a ball attended a function in a room over looking the river and it was amazing loved it ..great food and service staff were in great form even though they were working Nye ..had a ball well done room, was great also despite ..."

Read full review by 123johnmac

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Excellent resort hotel for the whole family.

04.08.2016 Review of Blarney Golf Resort, Blarney

"Blarney is a village in the south of Ireland, 5 miles from Cork City, and is most famously known for its castle - and the legendary "kissing the Blarney Stone". The stone, high up on the castle battlements, holds the tradition that whoever should kiss it ..."

Read full review by fluffy27

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Once Upon a Time in Dublin Airport....

19.04.2016 Review of Dublin, DUB

"So, here I am sitting in the Departure Lounge in Terminal One of Dublin Airport, waiting for the gate number to be announced for our flight home. To be fair, we did get here stupidly early 'just in case' to allow time for traffic, the unpredictable securi ..."

Read full review by jo-1976

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A Little Pocket Away from the Rest of the World

17.09.2014 (22.09.2014) Review of The Ewe Sculpture Garden and Gallery, Glengarriff

"The Ewe Experience is a sculpture garden situated in Glengarrif in West Cork, Ireland. It is the creation of artist, Sheena Wood and her writer husband, Kurt. If, like me, you find the combination of art and nature pretty unbeatable, this garden will ap ..."

Read full review by moistbabe

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