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Hotel, flight, restaurant in Italy and in cities such as Rome, Venice, Milan can be found here with reviews and price comparison. Read our members travel reviews on car hire, villas, weather, football, accommodation and book Italy holidays with an online travel agent.

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Rome Hotels (563)
Rome Attractions (32)
Rome Restaurants (13)
Rome Experience (6)
Rome Pubs, Bars & Nightlife (2)
Venice Hotels (235)
Venice Attractions (13)
Venice Restaurants (9)
Venice Experience (8)
Venice Pubs, Bars & Nightlife (1)
Florence Hotels (228)
Florence Attractions (5)
Florence Restaurants (1)
Florence Experience (1)
Florence Pubs, Bars & Nightlife (0)
Milan Hotels (196)
Milan Attractions (9)
Milan Restaurants (5)
Milan Experience (3)
Milan Pubs, Bars & Nightlife (1)
Sorrento Hotels (24)
Sorrento Attractions (0)
Sorrento Restaurants (4)
Sorrento Experience (1)
Sorrento Pubs, Bars & Nightlife (0)
Sardinia Hotels (57)
Sardinia Attractions (4)
Sardinia Restaurants (0)
Sardinia Experience (4)
Sardinia Pubs, Bars & Nightlife (0)
Pisa Hotels (33)
Pisa Attractions (5)
Pisa Restaurants (1)
Pisa Experience (1)
Pisa Pubs, Bars & Nightlife (0)
Sicily Hotels (73)
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Sicily Restaurants (0)
Sicily Experience (8)
Sicily Pubs, Bars & Nightlife (0)
Bologna Hotels (58)
Bologna Attractions (0)
Bologna Restaurants (1)
Bologna Experience (1)
Bologna Pubs, Bars & Nightlife (1)
Tuscany Hotels (78)
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Tuscany Restaurants (0)
Tuscany Experience (8)
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Naples Hotels (42)
Naples Attractions (3)
Naples Restaurants (2)
Naples Experience (2)
Naples Pubs, Bars & Nightlife (0)
Verona Hotels (46)
Verona Attractions (2)
Verona Restaurants (1)
Verona Experience (1)
Verona Pubs, Bars & Nightlife (0)
Lake Garda
Lake Garda Hotels (8)
Lake Garda Attractions (1)
Lake Garda Restaurants (1)
Lake Garda Experience (3)
Siena Hotels (40)
Siena Attractions (0)
Siena Restaurants (0)
Siena Experience (1)
Rimini Hotels (41)
Rimini Attractions (0)
Rimini Restaurants (0)
Rimini Experience (1)
Rimini Pubs, Bars & Nightlife (0)
Capri Hotels (17)
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Capri Restaurants (0)
Capri Experience (1)
Capri Pubs, Bars & Nightlife (0)
Amalfi Coast
Amalfi Coast Hotels (48)
Amalfi Coast Attractions (0)
Amalfi Coast Restaurants (1)
Amalfi Coast Experience (1)
Lake Como
Lake Como Hotels (5)
Lake Como Attractions (1)
Lake Como Restaurants (0)
Lake Como Experience (1)
Positano Hotels (6)
Positano Attractions (0)
Positano Restaurants (0)
Positano Experience (0)
Positano Pubs, Bars & Nightlife (0)
Salerno Hotels (0)
Salerno Attractions (0)
Salerno Restaurants (0)
Salerno Experience (0)
Genoa Hotels (21)
Genoa Attractions (0)
Genoa Restaurants (1)
Genoa Experience (2)
Genoa Pubs, Bars & Nightlife (0)
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Italy Hotels (1492)
Italy Attractions (22)
Italy Restaurants (11)
Italy Experience (55)
Italy Pubs, Bars & Nightlife (1)

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Student life for 2 years.

18.09.2016 Review of Milan in general

"...I started university for Masters degree in Milan in 2014. During my first encounters with Milanese people, I almost judged them to be rude. And they could be, at times.Once i started making friends and learning a bit of italian for basic conversations tha ..."

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Bargain basement on the Italian Riviera

12.08.2016 Review of Ventimiglia Outdoor Market, Ventimiglia

"..."Welcome to Italy, where beauty has no limits" proclaims the slogan atop Ventimigliaís municipal website, bringing a smile to my lips. Many places in Italy are indeed beautiful, but Ventimiglia is not Ė to my mind at least Ė among them. This is not t ..."

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Beautiful Art For Free!

06.06.2016 Review of S. Paolo fuori le Mura, Rome

"Rather out of the way, but well worth a visit, the Basilica of St Paul Beyond the Walls is one of the most important churches in Rome, and yet it's not what one would consider to be a hot tourist venue, most people head straight to St Peter's at the Vatic ..."

Read full review by MentalSarcasm

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An enchanting place in the South of Italy

28.05.2016 Review of Castelmezzano, Italy

"== Basilicata == Basilicata is one of the less known Counties in Italy, but this doesnít mean that this place is less beautiful than more famous ones. In the South of Italy, between Puglia and Calabria (respectively the right and left extremities of the ..."

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