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Lowayu Blue Lake

12.02.2017 Review of Banyu Biru Lake, Gresik

"Banyu Biru is a tourist attraction in Gresik. in the village. Lowayu district. Shamans. In addition to being a tourist, Banyu Biru also is made in place of treatment. Various diseases, such as skin diseases, pain, rheumatic. The uniqueness of this lake ha ..."

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Surabaya, The City Of Hero

10.09.2015 Review of Surabaya (Java)

"....Surabaya is the capital city of east java province. It is the second largest city in Indonesia after Jakarta (as Capital city of Indonesia). Surabaya means suro and buoyo, it came local myth told fought each other in order to gain the title of "the stron ..."

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Dharmawangsa Hotel, Jakarta

03.02.2009 Review of The Dharmawangsa, Jakarta

"...Dharmawangsa Hotel is one of nice-looking yet comfortable hotel in Jakarta. It's not like the other big star hotel spread in Jakarta, The most busiest city in Indonesia, and the big ten in the world!. But not like the city, Dharmawangsa is not the big h ..."

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