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Aktau, a lively port in the middle of nowhere

09.09.2009 Review of Aktau (Kazakstan)

"Aktau (Also Actau) serves primarily travellers arriving from ferry over the Caspain Sea into Kazahstan. Predominent traffic comes from Baku, Azerbaijan (about one ferry a week) but also ferry links are established with Russia to the north. As a place ..."

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You wont find Borat, but his Mom is here!

19.11.2007 Review of Kazakstan: General

"Think of a world where the sane people are locked up, and the lunatics are outside, yes, its Britain, ur, I mean kazakhstan. My entry was made from Iran, by boat on some massive lake, landing at Bautino. Bautino is some industrial armpit, I think it ..."

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Mountain views, tropical pool

15.02.2004 Review of Hyatt Regency Hotel (Almaty)

"Almaty is the largest city and former capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The capital was moved a few years ago to Astana but Almaty, in the south east of the country, remains the business and commercial centre. Like most Soviet republic capitals t ..."

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