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Do not use "Followme tours"!!!

02.10.2014 Review of Lisbon (Portugal)

"Total holiday day and money waste for tour to Lisbon. Spent 40 minutes in service station and get only 20 minutes for walking and photos near castle. After they left us in city for 3 hours, but when come back, should wait another hour for bus. After, bus ..."

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Staying at Next Hostel made me want to go to our Next Hostel!

23.09.2014 Review of Next Hostel, Lisbon

"==Next Hostel, Lisbon, Portugal== For our summer holidays this year we decided to embark upon a 2 and a half week trip around Europe. Obviously we wanted to do this in the most economical way possible with regards to places to sleep so we decided that hos ..."

Read full review by gingelou

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A Pretty welcome to Lisbon

09.04.2014 Review of Torre de Belém, Lisbon

"Belem Tower, Lisbon I remember many years ago arriving in Lisbon by ship having crossed the Atlantic and the first thing that I saw was this tower which to my child like eyes looked a bit like a princess's tower or iced birthday cake. More recently we s ..."

Read full review by catsholiday

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Chill out Lisbon Chillout!

03.07.2013 Review of Lisbon Chillout Hostel, Lisbon

"...Would I recommend this Hostel to a friend? It depends who the friend was. Speaking for myself, I was rather uncomfortable during my stay at this establishment. I will tell you why, later. Lisbon Chill out Hostel ticks all the right boxes: It has a vera ..."

Read full review by maklhouf

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