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Lovely day out with the family

06.11.2012 Review of Landgraaf Mundo Verde

"Landgraaf Mondo Verde (correct speling) is a place we went to visit when I went to the Netherlands to visit Oma and Opa. When planning a day trip out my foster parents have to plan a little bit more carefully than many parents do, because along with the n ..."

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An Underground view of Maastricht

28.10.2007 Review of St. Pietersberg Caves, Maastricht

"The St. Pietersberg Caves are just on the edge of Maastricht and near the boarder of Netherlands and Belgium in the southern Province of Netherlands called Limburg. Maastricht is the capitol city of Limburg. The caves date from Roman Times, before Chri ..."

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STOP......Maastricht ahead.

10.11.2005 Review of Maastricht (Netherlands)

"If you want to know something about Maastricht, why not ask somebody who lives there. Where is it???? Well, almost lives there. I live in Berg en Terblijt, 3 miles away from the suburbs of Maastricht. This is definitely not Holland. Holland is flat wi ..."

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My Kinda town - Maastricht is

26.04.2003 Review of Maastricht (Netherlands)

"...Most people in the UK have only heard of Maastricht in connection with the EC treaty, they couldn't tell you what it's about, nor could they tell you even which country it's in! The city is tucked in the bottom left hand corner of the Netherlands, and ..."

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