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Hotel, flight, restaurant in Martinique and in cities Fort de France can be found here with reviews and price comparison. Read our members travel reviews on Magaluf, Martinique resort, lodging, accommodation, car hire and book your Martinique travel with an online travel agent.

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Martinique: Little Paris

19.01.2006 (01.05.2006) Review of General: Martinique

"Martinique is a beautiful island in the French West Indies, and when Christopher Columbus discovered it in 1502 he wrote: "It's the best, the most fertile, the sweetest, the most delightful land in the world". Spending a fantastic week there in Janua ..."

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Fort-de-France, Martinique

14.08.2005 Review of General: Martinique

"It's been a couple of years since I visited Martinique, but the experience is one I'll never forget. The island is situated between Dominica and St. Lucia and is surrounded by deep crystal clear blue waters. I was transfixed by the beautiful white sandy ..."

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My Propaganda about my country.

03.02.2003 Review of General: Martinique

"Hi there, I'd like to tell you more about my favourite island, called Martinique. You may ask me why I especially want to write about it. I am logged too in Ciao France because it's my birth language. And I am French from islands, and Martinique is f ..."

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mixed opion

24.07.2000 Review of General: Martinique

"you either love it or hate it, i hate it. the island itself is a very pretty place, its the inhabitants that spoil it, if you never been to the caribbean, imagine the laid back attiude of the people, which almost means nothing gets done, this on its own ..."

Read full review by youwill

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