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Best spot to try the authentic pizza in the Napoli

25.08.2017 Review of Antica Pizzeria Da Michele, Naples

"A very classic and old place, very crowded even before they open yet, it starts around 11 am, menu is very small but obvious and very reasonable prices, the place is very well known where you can find the picture of celebrities had visited there, the plac ..."

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20.10.2012 Review of Pompeii, Naples

"I joined a tour to Italy last year. We stopped by Pompeii on our way down to Sorrento. It is the most important archaelogical site in Europe and it is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. Pompeii used to be a major town during the Roman times. In AD 97, M ..."

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Vesuvius Experience.

09.07.2012 Review of Mount Vesuvius, Naples

"Climbing an active volcano, what could possibly go wrong. Well as it happens nothing considering the distance between eruptions the likelihood of it kicking off with you at the top is really it's not going to happen. But when I went up even the night befo ..."

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Uncovering the past!

04.06.2012 Review of Pompeii, Naples

"==Pompeii.== I am sure that there are not many people who have not heard of Pompeii the ruined city in Italy devastated and destroyed by the eruption of nearby Vesuvius in 79AD. This massive and famous volcano situated in the Naples region of Italy erupt ..."

Read full review by garymarsh86

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