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Hotel, flight, restaurant in Poland and in cities such as Krakow and Warsaw can be found here with reviews and price comparison. Read our members travel reviews on weather, property, car hire, accommodation, tourism and book your holiday in Poland with an online travel agent.

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19.05.2015 (21.05.2015) Review of Baranow Sandomierski Castle, Baranow Sandomierski

"==WHERE IN THE WORLD?== Baranow Sandomierski is located in the south east of Poland on route 985 (an English equivalent “A” road), 26 kilometres north of Mielec, which itself is approximately 120km east of Krakow. By road Baranow is roughly a two hour dr ..."

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Style and Steel - Much the Same Thing at Aparthotel Stalowa

02.01.2014 Review of Aparthotel Stalowa 52, Warsaw

"A few years back my partner and I took a half day excursion to the district of Krakow known as Nowa Huta, a town that was built with Russian money as a sweetener for the working people of Krakow. While there we were taken to an old fashioned cafe called S ..."

Read full review by fizzytom

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I had a Moo-Moo Baa-Baa Burger!

26.11.2013 Review of Moo Moo Steak & Burger Club, Krakow

"==Moo Moo Steak & Burger Club, Krakow== During the last year or so my partner and I have been trying to eat in as many different restaurants as possible here in Krakow. The restaurant I am reviewing on this occasion is Moo Moo Burger. At the time of this ..."

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Shake 'n' Bake a Milkyway Cake!

18.06.2013 Review of Shake & Bake, Krakow

"==Shake & Bake, Krakow== A few weekends ago my partner was crazy enough to take part in a 5km race around Krakow, me being the sensible one in the relationship decided to sit and enjoy the sunshine rather than get hot and sweaty! After the run we decided ..."

Read full review by gingelou

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