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Addison Lee - dishonest, disreputable and downright dangerous


DisadvantagesTrading under false pretences - unethical business practices - unregulated - unaccountable

"Mindful of the impending tube strike, we had booked a car to take my elderly mother-in-law to the London Clinic for an important operation this morning. The car booked for an 8am sharp set-off and so was requested to be there ten minutes earlier. At 08:54 I telephoned to enquire as to the car’s whereabouts and was informed that they had yet to even allocate a driver!! At 08:00 I was put through to someone so that I could make a complaint. The woman ..." Read review

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Community Level 1bzlarson


Penny-wise and pound-foolish (literally)

Advantagesonline booking

Disadvantagesdreadful customer service

"...earlier this year, we booked Addison Lee several times with good results, and then it all fell apart. I was to be picked up July 26 at night at Heathrow, upon my return from the U.S.. I went to the appointed meeting place (the Hertz counter), and found no driver. There was another Addison Lee driver there waiting for another customer. Luckily, he took pity on me, as neither of my mobile phones were working. He helped me phone my husband, and he then ..." Read review

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Community Level 1k.Ali


Addison Lee

AdvantagesWebsite advertises excellent service, air conditioned people carriers, drivers that are experienced, talkative and friendly

DisadvantagesSo far in my experience, the drivers can barely utter more than a few sentences of english, are often rude and fast but risky drivers.

"...a basic people carrier) from Addison Lee. It arrived 10 minutes before it was due, the driver was rude "where you going?" he asked. He should have known as I'd stated this already. He didn't know the route, which was amazing, as it was Central London and major roads. He played loud music of his own choice, he didn't utter a work of conversation. He swore constantly at the busy traffic (it was approx 9am in the morning). He seemed preoccupied with ..." Read review

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Community Level 1singladies


Absolute amatuers! Never again.


DisadvantagesThey can't speak English and they don't know where they're going! Rude, late and overpriced.

"Booked a cab from this bunch of shysters for 8am to get me to work for a 9am meeting, arrived 20 mins late, couldn't speak a word of English, had absolutely no idea where he was going then had the audacity to blame me for not showing him the way! Then tried to charge me £25 for a fare that would usually cost me £12 in a black cab. Got to work 15 mins late for the meeting and got a complete bollocking off the MD! I only booked these shysters because ..." Read review

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Addison Lee - Cowboy cabs


DisadvantagesCowboy company, stay away from them.

"We ordered one taxi with 4 drop off to: Chiswick, Ruislip, Edgware and Watford. We were told that it will cost £117. The next day the person who would have gone to Edgware said that the best is to get 2 cabs because she is a bit more north than west and she would spend around 2 hours in the cab before she gets home. We modified the order and were told that in that case the cost is about £15 cheaper. Great we thought. No written confirmation arrived, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1MaryDung

Quick review of Addison Lee Taxis

"Not good. We had both broken our legs so booked for work journeys for a week. They refused to stop outside our house citing traffic regulations which were not relevant at the time. They were 20 minutes late on 3 of the 5 days and said this was our error. They got lost and we had to direct them. Worst of all when we tried to complain and sort it out we were met with rudeness, in particular a man called Paul. I have written twice, once recorded but this has been ignored as has our request for receipts. Its a shame we have to resort to this publicity.

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Unacceptable attitude and behaviour.

Advantagesthey have cars

Disadvantagesrecklessness, arrogance, breaking the law, anti-cyclist attitude.

"I will never use Addison Lee cabs again, as this business is one which encourages illegal activities and reckless driving towards cyclists.Their chairman, John Griffin, has actively supported his company's cab drivers in illegally driving on bus lanes, and has recently stated that cyclist deaths in the streets of London are justified because cyclists don't pay as much as motorists to be on the road (!) and that a motorist killing a cyclist ..." Read review

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Community Level 1prvincent

Quick review of Addison Lee Taxis

"I ordered a cab to a friend's business. When the driver showed up, he insisted we weren't his fare, he was picking someone else up at the same address. He then proceeded to drive off, ignoring both us and his imaginary other fare! We called back and waitED another twenty five minutes. When the 2nd car finally showed, the driver wasn't familiar with our destination and entered it in his GPS. He then proceeded to ignore the GPS, turning the wrong way enough times I wondered if he knew the difference between left and right. What should have been a twenty minute cab ride was a nightmare that lasted over an hour and half. These guys suck. DON'T USE...EVER!

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Community Level 1MrSmarties

Quick review of Addison Lee Taxis

"Apalling. Ive used them for 2 years (ish) and the service has plummeted down the toilet and into the sewers. They have recently lost a number of large corporate accounts, and you might think the company would respond by raising its game, but instead they've clearly decided to cut costs, and cut corners. Months after travelling you will be billed ficticious parking meter fees. The drives are more like kamikazee pilots. The phone staff are down-right rude. This is no longer a premier service company...now only the amount charged is high end (incidentally that went up too recently, probably because all the customers are going elsewhere!).

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Community Level 1SamirSamir

Quick review of Addison Lee Taxis

"Not personally used them, but judjing by the comments left from disgruntled customers maybe they should try using a company called Tridentniven. This is a company that has recentley merged together (The two former companys being Trident Heritage the other Niven Ltd) Both companys for a number of years have been servicing the requirements of various celebrities and production companys as well as many smaller private accounts. They may not be the cheapest but the cars are all up to scratch as well as the drivers and the staff all understand that the customer is paramount. Go to www.tridentniven.com or call 02089633110 for further information.

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Drive dangerously


DisadvantagesDangerous driving!

"Addison Lee drive dangerously and illegally. They drive very poorly, and the head of their company encourages them to break road laws. The head of the company argues that cyclists deserve to get injured on the roads. The drivers are also rude.Use alternative cab companies like Hailo instead. They're currently running a deal giving £5 off the first ride and you can download their new app online. They are faster than Addison Lee. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1cradlechick


I will never use them again

AdvantagesUSED to be fast and efficient

DisadvantagesVery bad complaints procedure, bad treatment of cash customers

"...with the majority of aggrieved addison lee (ex) customers. They used to be good but their standards have dropped and I have been on the receiving end of what i consider to be an appalling service. I booked a car around 3 days in advance as I needed to be at work at 930 on a specific day (I also had a large suitcase with me). Car was booked for 830 on the day. At 830, the car still had not turned up. I called and it turned out that they had taken ..." Read review

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Community Level 1tigerstrip...


Addison Lee are a Dreadful Organisation


DisadvantagesToo many to list!

"...drove off again. I called Addison Lee to tell them what had happened and they made him come back with my £10 but said he had done his job by getting me from A - B and therefore still got his money, his actions weren't going to be questioned and the fact that i had by now missed my entire meeting and therefore the point of taking the taxi, was irrelevent. The lady on the phone was rude and dismissive, and blatantly just didn't care. I won't use ..." Read review

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Do not use

AdvantagesNone enough to make me use them again

DisadvantagesMassively out of pocket when they apply made up 'charges'

"...no idea. I complained to Addison Lee customer service about this and they couldn't give a monkeys. They simply don't care! I don't have a car and was using Addison Lee a fair bit for business and pleasure but these sneaky additional charges that automatically come out of your bank account without your permission - was just too much and I will never ever use them again. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1mhotr


Addison Lee are useless


DisadvantagesThey don't give you what you order. Customer service doesn't respond.

"...taxi on the website of Addison Lee (www.addisonlee.com). When making the booking I specified that there would be three adults and three children travelling. It is a legal requirement that children under the age of 11 travel in children's seats. When making the reservation I also noted that we would be travelling with four large suitcases.(I said it would need to be a Mercedes Viano type size). They sent a VW Sharan that was too small - it just fits ..." Read review

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