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Alpharooms, booh hoo.

AdvantagesUsually good response

DisadvantagesPoor customer service this time.

"I have used ALPHAROOMS on several occasions as it has often had the best quote, and on those occasions have not had any problems. I would like to stress that even with the problems on this booking I would still use them in the future but hope that ALPHAROOMS will address the root cause that led to this problem. We were looking to book 3 Double (twin) rooms for our now annual visit to Tavira in Portugal. So far we had always stayed at the Vila ..." Read review

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Community Level 6gemax2


Alpha bit of that

AdvantagesGood prices, Good cistomer service & Good hotels

DisadvantagesThey sell finanace???

"I managed to book some really cheap flights in July to Salou in Spain and then all I needed to get was some cheap accommodation. I surfed around for a bit checking out all the usual so called 'cheap' websites and couldn't really find anything I was looking for. Which was pretty much a decent 3* hotel in a good location for 4. We weren't bothered about sharing a room so air conditioning was a must and also a non-fresh water pool. On every website ..." Read review

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Community Level 1VinnyH


Alpharooms - poor customer service, don't get what you pay for


DisadvantagesNon-existent customer service, complaints ignored, costly customer service line

"==Alpharooms - cheap for a reason== We booked a week's break through Alpharooms as they consistently came up cheapest while searching for our chosen destination in Europe. I really wish I'd read reviews on them before I booked. The hotel we wanted came up with different room types, and I phoned their sales line to double-check that I was booking a room with a sea view, which they confirmed. ===Useless customer service=== During the booking I stupidly ..." Read review

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Community Level 4Malibu_jenny


Holiday Wrecking Company With A Bad Reputation

AdvantagesEasy to book through the website, low prices.

DisadvantagesNo communication, no answer to phone messages or emails.

"The Boyfriend and I were excited! We'd finally managed to agree on flight times, find the passports and all that remained was to book our accommodation. We were going to stay with The Boyfriend's mum in Spain and as such only had to book a single night's stay in Malaga between the airport and collecting the car the following morning to drive into the mountains. Short notice holidays are where it's at for us; we both had to get time off work, scrape ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Mildreddrew


Alpha rooms after sales service is absolutely dreadful


DisadvantagesExtremely poor after sales service, lack of response, uncaring attitude.

"My son and his very young family (age 5 and 2), having been given a reference to ensure he was booked into the same hotel as other members of his family (us) had used, made a telephone booking to the Flora Aparthotel in Puerto Pollensa, Majorca but realised within minutes that he had been booked into the Flora Aparthotel in the Canary Islands. (He was not made aware that there were 2 hotels of the same name but would have been confident anyway because ..." Read review

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2 x Holidays RUINED - Never EVER use Alpharooms !

AdvantagesA 10% discount from them messing up the first booking

DisadvantagesMainly their INCREDIBLY poor customer service, it's unparalleled to anything I've ever experienced

"Well what can be said about Alpharooms….. Fairly Cheap? Well yes. But at the same time - Crooks, Charlatans, Untrustworthy, Uncommunicable could also be said. But mainly just one thing should be said in particular DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE BOOK WITH THEM! I have never EVER dealt with a more unprofessional company…don't ruin your holiday for the sake of a few pounds off. It's honestly not worth it. I made that mistake…twice. Neively originally ..." Read review

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Stay clear of this company


DisadvantagesNo customer service, have no idea about package holidays, do not care

"My boyfriends family and me were meant to be staying in salou ...3 out of the 4 rooms were booked fine (package holiday) and we had email confirmation... With just a week to go and there was no confirmation for my room and now the hotel is fully booked. Boyfriend an his family rung up to find the staff u helpful and saying there's nothing they could do. worst company I have ever known. Just look at all the reviews... This company should not be allowed ..." Read review

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Charge more than they invoice you for

AdvantagesVery good value for money

DisadvantagesRecieved invoice charging me £70.00 more than should have, telephoned @ 10p per minute to sort out

"After initial joy at getting a good price on hotel and car hire, found the company couldnt add up, charging me £70,00 more than stated on their invoice. Telephoned and emailed them to get a refund, costing me 10p per minute ! why should i have to pay to get my own money back ? they accepted in the wrong, and said they would refund my credit card,.2 weeks later got my statement, NO refund ! Telephoned AGAIN, and told they would sort out the refund, ..." Read review

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alpharooms terrible service



"I booked a hotel room with Alpharooms, they took my money but omitted to make the booking for the correct dates, They provided no service and took money for it , In my opinion Alpharooms are a scam BEWARE! ... very unhelpful, saying it was my fault ,Alpharooms-terrible customer service i never book via alpharooms again ,they are the worst bookingsite ever, the only take your money and give nothing in return , they happily took my money but I did not ..." Read review

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Great value



"We booked a room with alpha. Have never used before but the the price was half the next cheapest and we had no problems at all. I would use them again without a shadow of doubt.!! The hotel wee booked was on lots of other web sites . We want all inclusive and I could not belive the price. We had none of the problems others have encountered. but for the price im sure we could have coped wth maybe a problem or 2. We traveled with 2 small children ..." Read review

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Community Level 1TheChan


Apharooms - 'Serious about taking your cash and nothing else'


DisadvantagesAccommodation booking non-existent - abandoned on holiday - no response to phone calls or emails

"******DO NOT BOOK WITH THIS COMPANY - NO ACCOMMODATION PROVIDED DESPITE BEING PAID FOR A MONTH IN ADVANCE - ABANDONED IN ZANTE!!! NO RESPONSE TO EMAILS/PHONE CALLS - TOTAL WASTE OF TIME/MONEY******** Booked a holiday through Alpharooms - had never heard of them but the price was good and they were the only agent offering rooms at the specific hotel the rest of my family would be staying at. On arrival at the resort, the hotel had no reference of ..." Read review

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AdvantagesSeem to often be cheapest.


"Saw there were three reviews on Alpharooms, of which two seemed quite negative, so to redress the Balance, here we go. We had booked to go to Madeira to the Hotel Windor in Funchal, but Roz my sister-in-law saw a Vila Gale Hotel at Santa Cruz, as we have liked the Vila Gale chain, we decided to change. We had booked Hotel Windor through BOOKINGS.COM, and their cancellation was easy, no money had been paid up front and so their was no charge ..." Read review

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Community Level 1MaryKin


Cheapest and Best

AdvantagesQuick and easy to book everything at one time.

DisadvantagesNone that I've found so far.

"Nowadays I don't bother checking separate flight and accommodation sites as I know from experience that I'm going to get the best deals on Alpharooms. The site is easy to navigate and it's simple to find what you're looking for. There are reviews of accommodations so you can see what other people think before making your own decision. Flights all come in at real-time prices and it's easy to add extra luggage or remove baggage charges if I'm only ..." Read review

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Community Level 1MadMini


Alpharooms - NOT serious about holidays

AdvantagesWe did manage to get a cheap holiday

DisadvantagesNo customer service, lack of communication, poor company overall

"I had a bit of a nightmare from start to finish. I would not recommend booking a holiday with Alpharooms. I booked a weeks holiday to Magaluf with four friends and we wanted somewhere cheap and Alpharooms came up with the best price. On booking the holiday I was told I would receive a confirmation email which never arrived, I was then left unsure as to whether or not the booking had gone though. I then emailed Alpharooms with me query and I had ..." Read review

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Community Level 1SamanthaHall


Mickey Mouse Company

AdvantagesInitially cheap but now has cost me double

DisadvantagesPoor customer service, long 'hold' waiting times, ignore you once they receive your money

".I had booked a week to Tenerife in May 2010 through Alpharooms. The initial booking was made in June 2009. After booking online i found that there were discrepencies when receiving the email confirmations therefore tried to call their customer services. After waiting 37 minutes i decided to call back at another time. My shortest wait on hold was 43 minutes. I was told that because my holiday wasnt departing within the next 7 days they would be dealing ..." Read review

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