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Family Friendly Fun! Review with images

Advantageslocation, lots to do, plenty of rides, food options, suitable for all the family, tidy

Disadvantagescosts to enter, expensive, I miss Beaver Creek

"Having visited Blackpool on several occasions since I was a child, I am very familiar with Blackpool Pleasure Beach. We visited here with our five year old son on Saturday the 11th of May and this review discusses our experience as a young family. As you would expect, this will be a long review but I would like to get my opinion across on the different facilities. ==Blackpool Pleasure Beach - Essential Information== 525 Ocean Boulevard Blackpool FY4 ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Sonic4290


Blackpool Pleasure Beach....A Real Pleasure!

AdvantagesFantastic rides, fairly cheap, clean and tidy, a brilliant day out

DisadvantagesSome of the rides a bit uncomfortable, have to pay extra for some things

"...would write a review on Blackpool Pleasure Beach as I have now been twice and feel I should let others know how great this place is. Being a big fan of themeparks, I was honestly hesitant to visit Blackpool Pleasure Beach as I imagined it being a few fairground rides and I genuinely didn't think it'd compare to other places I'd been to. However, it is now my favourite themepark of all time, and here's why... == PRICES == Adult tickets are usually ..." Read review

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My Pleasure! Review with images

AdvantagesLots of good rides


"...last time I went to Blackpool was before we had kids, over 12 years ago. I must admit that I am not really a fan of the town itself, but I have always liked the Pleasure Beach, as I am a big fan of theme parks and thrill rides. The kids had heard a lot about Blackpool, as well as seeing adverts for the Pleasure Beach on TV, so I saved up my Clubcard Points to get us all wristbands. Clubcard points are, in my view, the best way for a family to afford ..." Read review

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Blackpool Pleasure Beach

AdvantagesSoething for everyone

DisadvantagesQuite expensive

"...have been on holiday to Blackpool once staying in the same flat as when I was a child and the second time a flat just around the corner (but owned by the same people) One trip we would often take, again both as a child and an adult was to the Blackpool Pleasure Beach, the towns amusement park, as a child we would just go for a few hours and I would go on a few of the smaller rides, but since going as an adult we have visited for most of the day with ..." Read review

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Community Level 7thebigc1690


an institution of fun. Review with images

Advantagessea air and great rides

Disadvantagesno disadvantages to this place whatsoever.

"Blackpool pleasure beach has been an institution of fun for people of all ages for many years now and throughout this review I intend to give you not only an insight into what it has to offer today but also an insight into the history of this great theme park. A 42 acre site stood empty at the south end of Blackpool's promenade until 1896 when W.G Bean bought the land with dreams of turning it in to one of the finest theme parks in the world, ..." Read review

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Community Level 3lilly2006


~ My Blackpool Pleasure ~ Review with images

AdvantagesPleasure Beach, sealife centre, cost

DisadvantagesPier amusements

"...so far only visit to Blackpool was last here for my boyfriends birthday, we went for a long weekend, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it...we stayed in a cheap hotel, although it was cheap it was simple and clean, just right for getting your head down... The Pleasure Beach was better than I expected with a wide range of rides, so many we couldn't fit them all in on one day...the pier was so-so and Blackpool in general ..." Read review

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Community Level 5CezaWeza


A Theme Park by the Sea Review with images

AdvantagesReasonable prices, lots to see and do for all the family

DisadvantagesA few rides are outdated

"...along the Fylde coast in Blackpool and is currently the most visited theme park in the UK with over 6 million visitors a year. The park has been around since 1896 and was originally designed to be like an "American style amusement park". The park is still owned and run by the descendants of the original founder of the park and currently boasts over 125 rides and attractions, which includes 9 rollercoasters. == Introduction == We turned up at ..." Read review

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Community Level 3rcleary57


BRILLIANT - Blackpool Pleasure Beach

AdvantagesExperiences Like You Have Never Known

DisadvantagesNothing, An Amazing Day Out

"Blackpool Pleasure Beach I cannot express just how much I love Blackpool Pleasure Beach. A 140 mile round trip from my home I do not get to there much and having young children does nothing to help eiher! But, happily, 3 days ago myself and my partner had planned to have some 'us' time for the day as he works 7 nghts a week we never see eachother. Night off work booked, children at babysitters, petrol tank full....we were ready to go and I had never ..." Read review

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Community Level 4sarahjones87


Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside Review with images

Advantages Family fun for everyone

Disadvantages Too many rides not enough time

"Blackpool Pleasure Beach was originally founded by Alderman William George Bean in 1896. The first original ride was the Flying Machines which to this day are still one of the most popular rides on the site. There are now over 125 attractions on the park itself. There are on average 6.2 million visitors every year and it is still England s most visited resort. Having lived in Blackpool my Entire life I feel as though I can provide people with honest ..." Read review

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Community Level 5jayandfoo


Pleasure in large Measures! Review with images

AdvantagesWide range of rides, suits all of the family

DisadvantagesTickets can be pricy, long queues

"...have really fond memories of Blackpool and indeed Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Living in Manchester, we are only around 45 minutes drive up the Motorway from Blackpool and so I'm sure you can imagine the number of times we have been! **A little bit about Blackpool** Situated on the Fylde Coast in the North West of England, Blackpool has been a popular tourist destination for many years. Most famous for Blackpool Tower which is now 111 years ..." Read review

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A Pleasure Filled Day Review with images

AdvantagesGreat rides for all the family

DisadvantagesThe queues and some things expensive

"Blackpool Pleasure Beach was founded in 1896 with the aim of building an American style theme park which made adults feel like children again and has grown until over 100 years later it is now Britain’s top theme park and rates as the 14th most popular amusement park in the world. I have now joined the ranks of 5.5 million people flocking there annually and have visited twice, the first time in 2008 and we had such a good time there that we were inspired ..." Read review

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Community Level 5amberlevi267


Go on spoil yourself at Blackpool

AdvantagesGreat day out for the whole family.

Disadvantageslone queues

"...am a great fan of Blackpool pleasure beach, I have been going to the park ever since I was a child and I still continue to go now, It is never the same as it was the time before this are all ways getting added or updated, so it?s a new experience each time you go. The one thing that I can remember about Blackpool Pleasure beach when I was a child was the laughing clown at the parks entrance, this used to scare the hell out of me, so whenever I return ..." Read review

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Community Level 5blondgem


Pleasurable for the Whole Family

AdvantagesSee Review

DisadvantagesSee Review

"Blackpool was one of those sea side places that I was always taken too when I was a kid, that and Llandudno for some reason, however when Blackpool was mentioned I always used to get excited because the tackiness of Blackpool is exciting for a kid. However, as I have got older, I don't seem to have grown out of Blackpool being one of the better places for a day trip if you come from the Midlands. Two hours drive up North of the M6, if that and ..." Read review

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Blackpool Non-Pleasurable Beach it should be named.

AdvantagesA couple of good rides

DisadvantagesOverpriced, Some really OLD rides

"I'd not been to Blackpool for about 7 years, but found myself there on Sunday. As per typical Blackpool weather it was wet, windy and exceptionally cold, but we had paid our coach fare to get there and weren't going to let our great british weather stop us from having a good time. The Pleasure Beach has always been somewhere to visit whenever in Blackpool (although the Big One really isn't worth the ride and I came off with so many bruises where ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Joe-Collin...


See It, Feel It, Love It...

AdvantagesSee Review

DisadvantagesSee Review

"...Pleasure Beach and before that Blackpool Pleasure Beach) is situated along the Fylde coast in Blackpool, Lancashire and is a 42 acre amusement park owned and managed by the Thompson family. The park is famous for its bright and cheery history, and for this reason still fully operates some of the oldest and most traditional coming-of-age rides in the country. Most noticeable of the park is the fact that it houses five wooden roller coasters, including ..." Read review

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