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Community Level 5shaaza


I'm young enough, are you?

Advantagesget a third off train tickets, lasts for a whole year,

Disadvantagescan't get discounts during peak periods.

"...can get the young person's discount even if I order my train tickets online, which saved me time in having to wait in the train station queues which can be very annoying and delaying. I even got to like the rail card more when I learnt that I could save on other services rather than the train services. I noted that I could also save on hotels such as holiday inn, crown plaza, ilovefilm.com etc. A huge disadvantage I found about this rail card ..." Read review

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Privileged For Being Young

Advantagesgood discount fares

Disadvantagestimes of use

"The Young Persons Railcard is one of the best things I buy every year as I am forever commuting up and down the country with having my family in Scotland and living down in England. They do tend to go up in price ever year that I seem to buy it but it still doesn't put me off as the money I calculate in savings from this card it really does make it worth my while to keep buying it until I turn 25. ===APPEARANCE=== Upon buying a railcard you usually ..." Read review

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Community Level 4grapesoda


A Third off?!

AdvantagesA third off rail fares

DisadvantagesToo many restrictions

"...really get much of a discount before 10am. The minimum fare on a ticket before 10am is 16.00 and all though standard day returns are dear; they aren't that dear so it doesn't really come in handy at that time of day. The most expensive standard day return I sell is 13.30 which is from way out in Essex back into central London so you wouldn't save money on that. However if you do usually pay 20 pounds a day (!) for a standard day return then, yay, ..." Read review

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Community Level 3teresacrew


Not just for young people!!!!!

AdvantagesCheap to buy and you save a lot!

Disadvantagesmin fare applies b4 10am

"Young Person's Railcard Intro As friendly as I am, there are some times that I just don't want to talk: when I am on the bus, first thing in the morning. Unfortunately, I've not managed to develop a look that says "Don't you dare speak to me!" Not having the ability to conjure up this useful glare means I have every Tom, Dick and Harry talking to me on the bus. Now I love talking, but there are limits. I know all about what operations you will ..." Read review

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Community Level 5stoffy


Holy Rail

Advantagessaves money, easy to use

Disadvantageslimitations on when they can apply

"...minimum charge, meaning that the discount could be considerably less. There are also no discounts for people travelling on Eurostar. However, the Card does allow you to receive discounts on transfers that you may need to take across the London Underground system. Apart from that, discounts are valid across most journeys that you can take, whether it's single or return, to Inverness or Penzance. It does represent excellent value for money, even ..." Read review

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Community Level 3laserquester


Spotters Paradise

AdvantagesSee Text

DisadvantagesSee Text

"...Rail Card operates as a discount card for the national network. It gives you reduced fairs on nearly all tickets that can be purchased for journeys, even if they require you using more than one franchise. The current fee was when I bought mine 9 months ago, £18. I should not imagine this has changed too much in that time. This entitles you to the reduced fairs for 12 months. But of course, the important thing is what level of discount you ..." Read review

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Get savings on train tickets

AdvantagesGood discounts on train fares

DisadvantagesPrice keeps rising

"Having a best friend that lives in Scotland, I have travelled quite a lot each year for quite some time now. Each time I went up to visit him, it was costing me nearly £50 and that really adds up when you go a couple of times a year. The first time I bought a railcard was when I was 19, my sister had just bought one herself and told me how much she just saved on some train tickets she had booked. == Applying for your card == A Young Person’s Railcard ..." Read review

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Community Level 3adamp123


it pays to be young with this railcard

Advantagessave 1/3 on all fares, even advance ones, definite savings in year

Disadvantagessome of the restrictions about travelling early in the week

"If you are aged between 16-25 or a mature student, and in full time education, travel by train a lot, or make more than just one or two big trips a year it is quite simply madness not to get one of these. It is possible to save more then the £26 annual cost in one trip. For example I travel by train very regularly and a return bought on the day for the trip I make most often without railcard would be in the region of £90. When purchased with the ..." Read review

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Community Level 2flutterby13


Get up to 1/3 off your train fare

AdvantagesYou quickly get back your £24

DisadvantagesCan't use it before 10am!!!

"...the 16-25 Railcard is a discount railcard for students, offering up to a third off the cost of train fare. This is particularly useful if you are a long distance commuter paying a high rail fee, or if you use the train a lot in general. For me, I can find using the railcard for a short distance to Birmingham, it costs less than getting the bus. So not only is it quicker, but its cheaper! It costs £24 to buy a railcard, which is valid for 12 ..." Read review

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Community Level 2daveberry3


The funny world of Railcards.

AdvantagesCheaper Travel, not much one off charge.

DisadvantagesHaving to bring it along,

"...commons ones. These get you some discount which I have specified below, and obviously as with all things most have Terms & Conditions which have to be followed. **The Network Railcard (NR01A). £20** Purchased before 1 June 2002 this card did allow you 34% off most railfares in a special area after 10AM, and all day at weekends. This card also allows you to take 4 kids with 81% off (min £1) This card has been replaced by the "New Network Railcard". **The ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Homer213


This card is worth its weight in gold!!

AdvantagesUpto a third off train fares per person. Anyone can buy it. Lasts 12 months

DisadvantagesNone! - But note this is limited to travel in a designated are in England.

"...and find some type of discount code or voucher. Many forums later - thanks Money Saving Expert - I finally came across the Network Railcard. === What is it? === A railcard that gives you a third of adult standard rail fares in a designated area. === How much does it cost === £25 for 12 months (prior to May 2009, the annual cost was £20 - D'oh!) === Who can use it? === Now here is the good thing. This card is not income tested or similar. Anyone ..." Read review

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Community Level 2dotjay19


Family Railcard - great discounts

AdvantagesGreat savings and reasonable cost to buy - check out the offers

DisadvantagesDon't do one for just adults.

"...select family railcard, and the discount is calculated. ..." Read review

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Community Level 2TrevelyanUK


A must have for regular travellers

Advantages1/3 off all non-peak rail travel

DisadvantagesCant use before 10am, need to spend at least £60 to justify buying this

"Well my card is from Natwest, and their Natwest Young Person's (or 16-25 as they call it now) railcard is just the same as a normal one. It also gives you heaps of discounts (10% off subs!), although not all will be relevant to you. I am not sure if this applies to all railcards but anyone who has - or is going to get - a natwest railcard, this is one of those little bonuses. Not much to say about this other than you get 1/3 off all rail travel ..." Read review

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