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Community Level 5DarkDave


Sound as a Pound, err, I mean, Dollar! Review with images

AdvantagesFriendly staff, lots of locations, good selection of cars, accept younger drivers

Disadvantagespricey for younger drivers, no inspection of car prior to rental...not always a bad thing...

"...I became a customer of Dollar Rent A Car. THE WEBSITE and MAKING A RESERVATION This will most likely be your first point of contact with Dollar so they want to make a good impression right? Well, yes actually! The site is nicely laid out, with the "Rates and Reservations" screen displayed by default. From here you can select your pickup and if different, drop-off, point. Although I am reviewing my experience with Dollar in the United States, ..." Read review

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Save some dollars by using Dollar Car Rental

Advantagescheaper then alot of its competitors

Disadvantages nothing to report

"I have used Dollar Car Rental twice now and have had absolutely no problems whatsoever. The first time was back in 2000. We were heading to the States to do a road trip and I was looking for a three week rental that wasn’t going to charge the earth. On all my searches, Dollar came up consistently cheaper than the other nationwide companies. Sure there were heaps of cheaper options but I wanted to steer clear of the mum and pop type deals so only ..." Read review

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Community Level 6Dalesman


Dollar....Very helpful

AdvantagesDollar offer a personal service

Disadvantagesall the extras you have to pay for...but its Universal

"...Florida I have always used Dollar Car Rentals, usually opting for the Airport Pick up and Drop off...We've used them at Tampa, Orlando and Kissimee.. Everyone hates paying those extras, and that ' including free car hire' that we keep getting thrown down our necks everytime we pick up a Florida Brochure is very misleading until you've read the small and smaller print.. On average a Family of say four people will pay around £400 for a two week ..." Read review

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Community Level 2q_su


cowboys are not only in Texas

Advantageshelpful staff.


"...so it was back to Dollar to request yet another car. They were always very helpful, and even gave a free upgrade to a better class of car, in view of all the problems, but my concern is that they obviously do not check the condition of the vehicles before they rent them out. The car we ended up with was practically brand new, only 300 miles on the clock, so we felt fairly confident that we were safe, but I shudder to think what may have happened, ..." Read review

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Community Level 3jewels


Dollar Car Rental L.A.

AdvantagesGood transfers from the airport and quick service

DisadvantagesNo-one checks the state of the vehicle before you take it

"...We were steered towards Dollar Car Rental, (pardon the pun). We arrived at L.A. Airport and only waited a few minutes for the bus to arrive which would transport us the the pick up point. There were quite a few of us waiting but the driver was helpful to everyone with their luggage. We arrived a the Car lot and didn't have to wait long for our turn. The receptionist was very organised and helpful. It didn't take long for all the paperwork to ..." Read review

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"...said i needed to contact Dollar but I refused as it was RENTALCARS.COM who took my money.At this point they said they will look into it and after weeks and weeks off emails to and fro( as they would not call me )they 1st told me they have charged me what was on receipt and after I sent them a copy of my credit card statement to prove otherwise..RENTALCARS.COM told me it clearly states ESTIMATED CHARGES on receipt and they refused to do anything else ..." Read review

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Community Level 2batman6393


Dollar Rent a Car Orlando

AdvantagesWide range of vehicles / ease of transactions


"Dollar or $……it’s not. Dollar rent a car provide a wide range of vehicles for those who are fly-driving in Orlando from Sanford Airport. Having just returned from a fly-drive holiday there (the first I have done) I was really impressed with the set up. Having arrived at the airport after a 9 hour flight, waited for ever for the luggage whilst having to listen to some poor tired kids cry their eyes out, I walked out of the terminal and to the Dollar ..." Read review

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Dollar rent a car

Advantagesgives you a car

Disadvantagessee review

"...it is our experience with dollar car hire. Some people like to rent a car when they are on holiday and recently I have been on holiday in California (I actually wrote this review in California but I forgot to type it up.) so when we got to California we decided to rent - a - car from a place called Dollar rent a car, we had been traveling for over 48 hours already (from Liverpool to Heathrow and to LA.) But before we went my Mum had booked a ..." Read review

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Illusions shattered in Florida

AdvantagesDreams of a lost youth

DisadvantagesReality of Middle Age

"...rented by internet, arranged by Dollar UK. Their Platinum package cost £ 290 a week but included every imaginable extra. THE CAR: Chrysler Sebring. THE RENTAL COMPANY: Dollar ..." Read review

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Community Level 6belinda9


Dollar rip off


DisadvantagesLoads of hassle for upgrading.

"...must admit I have used Dollar twice now. I don't think that I would use them again. Both times I have been to Orlando airport and the staff all try the hard sell. I always upgrade the car to an Intermediate before I fly out then I can zoom straight off to the Hotel. No such luck , they always say that the Budget Car has been booked then proceed to sell an upgrade. I have always replied that I have upgraded before i left England and they look at you ..." Read review

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Community Level 2PHILJOHNS


good reliable cars

Advantagesgood prices

Disadvantageslong waiting time at collection

"I have used Dollar rent a car a lot of times and have found them very good. The cars have alway been reliable and quite new. A little tip if like me you are only traveling in a small group I always only order the economy car has they don't seem to have them and alway upgrade you to a bigger car at first they will try and sell you a upgrade but if you say you are happy with the one you ordered they will upgrade you anyway free of charge. They will ..." Read review

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Community Level 1tjanvier

Quick review of Dollar Rent A Car Worldwide

"DOLLAR: BAIT & SWITCH Reserved a Dodge Caliber hatchback ($109.88), but when I arrived in Albuquerque, they said they were all out of the "base model" (I doubt there were many to begin with) but said I could have a Cobalt sedan at that price or a higher-priced upgrade of the Caliber. After the agent tacked on the damage waiver, surcharges, airport concession fee, and various taxes, the upgraded Caliber came to $435. I needed the hatchback for my photography equipment, so decided to take it and try to get an adjustment later. After the trip, hours of dealing with several Dollar customer service people came to nothing. They make sympathetic mouth noises and make sure no adjustment happens.

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Community Level 1redrose


car hire in the states

Advantagesgood if you book right from the travel agent

Disadvantagesyou they dont tell you about it

"well what can i say about luggage 3 years ago me and my family took a vacation to florida and took about 3 suitcases with us and 2 hand luggage. Not a problem you might say but when you hire a car then it is. We got to orlando airport then to the car hire we booked our hired car through a travel agent they didnt tell us if we have to much luggage that you will have to upgrade your car. Then when we got there the car hire told us we would have ..." Read review

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Community Level 1MovieCat

Quick review of Dollar Rent A Car Worldwide

"Dollar Rent A Car in Ft. Myers, FL is attempting to rip me off with a fraudulent additional charge. Two months after my vacation I received a letter stating that I owe them a "toll charge" of $0.75 which, with penalty and fees, comes to a total amount of $39.27. I was never near the location where the toll charge supposedly occurred. They did not send me an official citation, only a report written on Dollar stationary. Go to www.ripoffreport.com and check for similar Dollar scams. They are a dishonest company and I will never again rent a car from them. Consumer beware!

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Community Level 1jazengland

Quick review of Dollar Rent A Car Worldwide

"Just hired car in California, couple of tips, if you book through Dollar UK and book with your card, check your statement, both myself and another member of the family were charged TWICE. Also return your car with a full tank as we were charged $7.99 a gallon on return, which they dont make clear.

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