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3-star ship Enterprise

Advantagescheap if you are travelling with a group and don't have any accidents

Disadvantagesdont get to choose your car, excesses are crazy, deposit is big.

"...and numbers to look into. Enterprise was the most promising of all. Their website gives you a list of a few different types of cars and a few specifications of each type all falling into categories marked A to F. It looked like category D was going to be the best for our needs which meant that we'd be getting a car that was a "large compact" which stated we'd get Vauxhall Astra, Ford focus or similar, with 3 or five doors, a five seater with power ..." Read review

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Community Level 6magdadh


They Pick You Up

Advantagesgood prices, pick up service, take debit cards, don't require a licence for 12mths

DisadvantagesPerth branch closed at weekends, sometimes no vehicles available

"Enterprise Rent-A-Car Company is a rental car company serving customers in the U.S., Canada, Germany, Ireland, Puerto Rico and the U.K.. They are also the owners of the Vanguard Automotive Group, operator of National Car and Truck Rental and Alamo Rent A Car in North America. As I live in the UK, my experiences with Enterprise were from here, and specifically with Enterprise offices in London and Hull, England and Perth, Scotland, I booked online ..." Read review

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Venture out in a hire car with no hassle at all

Advantagesgreat prices, no catches, polite staff and all round easy experience

Disadvantagesnone at all for me

"...me that she worked for Enterprise and that she had been instructed, (by my boss I presume), to find a vehicle for me to suite my needs. Then she asked for a time that I would be at home so she could come a pick me up, (way-hey, I thought, my luck was in… only kidding, this is what Enterprise do, they actually collect you and take you to their nearest office and even bring you back home when the vehicle hire is over). So, before too long, I had been ..." Read review

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Community Level 9LostWitness



AdvantagesSee review

DisadvantagesSee review

"...but I would gladly recommend Enterprise Cars based on my recent rental experiences. Enterprise rental centres can be found across the UK – the branch that I have used recently is located within the local Vauxhall dealership centre. I would suggest that different branches would carry a very different range of vehicles, according to their location, but my local branch carries a fair stock of all the various Vauxhall models. One of the problems ..." Read review

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Community Level 1lisa_mol


Be wary of Enterprise

AdvantagesFree pick up service, friendly staff

DisadvantagesWaiting around, hidden costs

"I booked a van through Enterprise for when I was moving house. I wanted a van that would be big enough to fit all my stuff in without doing too many journeys. I booked it online, and then phoned the branch to check they had received the reservation, that I had booked the right size van and to ask for the free pick up service as told to do on the website. This was all confirmed. On the day, I sat and waited for the pick up service. Half an hour ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Pelenya


Enterprise Makes It Easy

AdvantagesCompany will send the car to you, multiple pick-up and drop-off locations, competitive prices

Disadvantagesnone known

"...instructed me to contact nearby Enterprise Rent A Car, and so I did. The people at Enterprise, upon first call, were most helpful. They asked what type of car I needed and/or how much I could afford to spend for a daily rental. I told them that I needed something with automatic transmission, and preferably the least expensive vehicle available. The car that was suggested to me was a Chevrolet Metro. After that, everything was easy. I took my ..." Read review

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Community Level 2philippeph...


Enterprise - star trekkin to great car hire

AdvantagesVery flexible; great service

DisadvantagesNone that I experienced

"...about 5 minutes drive away. But Enterprise were shut - as you would expect, it being well beyond going home time! Ah but were they to be deterred? Nay verily for indeed the gallant young man sadi that he would be happy to go back to the office, open up shop and let us have a car that very night. Could we meet him there at 8pm? Well yes, of course we could. So we waved goodbye to AA man (he has no further part to play in this review) and hot ..." Read review

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Community Level 5mizz_behaves


Drumroll... rental so good it should be on stage Review with images

AdvantagesEnter car rental Heaven

Disadvantages My "baby" went in for repair, now i don't want her!

"Enterprise were the chosen company of my car insurers for a courtesy car after some dopy woman hit my little astra. (L reg, rusty old diesel but my baby nonetheless). Might I add, she did not hit it once, she hit it twice!!?! A fortnight ago I was in Hell and I would of killed for a pound. O the joys of depression. When I first called my insurers, they were helpful and made the whole thing easy enough, if expensive. (I had to pay an excess of £120) ..." Read review

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Community Level 1marleybevan


hidden charges, that will cost you the earth

AdvantagesNone apart from a headache, and a massive credit card bill

Disadvantageseverything, from picking up the car, to dropping it off

"...and toke me to the enterprise office. i was shown the car, and then asked for £50 fuel deposit, which no-one told me about, a bit confused, but happy to go with it i payed the money, and set off. two days later, i found there was a flat tyre, having had many flat tyres before i thought nothing of changing it myself, to find that the locking wheel nut key supplied did not fit the locking wheel nut. A bit confused as to why they supplied the wrong ..." Read review

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Community Level 4hammd1974


Excellent Enterprise Efficiency

AdvantagesHelpful, Efficient, Service with a smile

DisadvantagesTime keeping

"Priviledge my car insurer chose Enterprise Rent-a-car for my courteousy vehicle after some blaise bloke hit me from behind! Within twenty minutes of me reporting the accident to my insurers I had the Enterprise team on the telephone organising my hire car. They took all the necessary details over the phone, after which I asked the type of vehicle I would be given. Finding that I was to be given a three door Micra filled me with concern. So after ..." Read review

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Community Level 2mightyred


Enterprise-ing rental firm!

AdvantagesVery helpful + cheap


"I used Enterprise several times whilst at uni in Canterbury. A couple of times to get me back up to Manchester when my parents couldn't collect me, about 3 times to visit my girlfriend in Nottingham and also once for a trip to Brighton. I've since used them once when my car had to go in for repairs and once for a business trip. Each time Enterprise were very helpful - they really couldn't do enough to help. Every time they came and collected me ..." Read review

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Community Level 1bazzatuk


A stream of additional/hidden charges.

AdvantagesWide choice of cars.

DisadvantagesLots of hidden costs and pitfalls in small print.

"...due to the legalised extortion Enterprise hit me with, my last. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1revnick


The car from hell?

AdvantagesPick up and take back

DisadvantagesCar not checked before hire - beware. Check befor you set off.

"A few months ago I hired a large car, which turned out to be a very ugly (only my opinion) Chrysler Sabine. I hired it for 10 days to go on holiday with. Not going away till the Sunday I had to pick it up on the Saturday. The car was less than 6 months old. When I picked it up I discovered one of the rear passanger doors would not open. The manager virtually said 'tough luck' - as I wouldn't need the door I took the car. When I got home I removed ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Senpuk


Disgusting vehicle condition


DisadvantagesReally poor vehicles; management indifference to complaints;

"I rented a van from Enterprise to move some exhibition materials. I’ve rented lots of vans and cars before, so I know that vans are never spotlessly clean, but are normally a bit grubby. The exhibition was a fashion trade show, so the exhibition materials were delicate and needed to be taken care of. When I got to the van, I realised that the cab was absolutely filthy. Dust over everything was clearly from building work and it was obvious that ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Ryanb486

Quick review of Enterprise Rent A Car

"Take with a pinch of salt all they tell you to sell there rental. They may offer a pick up and drop off service, and tell you'll they'll use a taxi if they dont have people available. This may be the case when they pick you up but dont expect them to drop you off ! When my rental ended I explained I needed to be dropped off where they had picked me up from. They told me they cant do anything until tomorrow. After asking about the Taxi service I was told they would use in such a situation I was told they could call me one but would not pay for it. Not what I was told to begin with ! Bear this in mind.

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