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Community Level 6ScottishWe...


First impressions are good

AdvantagesProfessional staff, no fuss, rewards programme

DisadvantagesBit pricey, old planes, add ons

"...business & decided to use FlyBe for the first time. This is a company who has been extending their network of routes in recent years & I never hear anything bad about them. Currently they fly 165 routes over Europe from 53 airports, in the UK that includes Aberdeen, Belfast City, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Derry, Doncaster, Dundee, Edinburgh, Exeter, Glasgow, Inverness, Isle of Man, Jersey & Guernsey, Kirkwall, Leeds, Liverpool, London Gatwick, ..." Read review

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Don't Flybe!



"I have flown with the flybe on several occasions now with mixed results. Flybe is one of Europe's leading budget airlines with 170 routes to 55 destinations throughout Europe. To see exactly where they fly to I suggest you go to their web site at www.flybe.com. Booking. *********** Booking a ticket with Flybe is very simple if a little misleading. I always book on line and the process is quick and easy. Having chosen your departure date you will ..." Read review

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Community Level 5VickyVicks...


Fly Flybe? Maybe! Diamond review

AdvantagesCheap,Cheaper still if you get in early.

DisadvantagesSome old planes in the fleet.

"...I ended up flying with Flybe for my very first flight, booking the tickets was incredibly easy using their website. www.flybe.co.uk . Simply enter in the airport you want to leave from, the airport you want to fly to, and the dates you want to go. Add in how many folks will be flying and press the button. The site does all your hard work and will spit out at you all the flights for that day. Pick your favourite time, then click one more button ..." Read review

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AdvantagesActually fly at sensible times from regional airports, loads of legroom

DisadvantagesThe use of small planes mean you feel every bump and twist; much of FlyBE's fleet are turbo-props

"...in the Sunday paper for FlyBE a.k.a British European, well lets give them a try. A little bit of browsing the website and playing with times, eventually found us flights that suited us from Bristol at a price we were more than happy with - £127 economy class return including taxes (I must say this was far more favourable than the parking charges at Bristol Airport which came in at a casual £12/day – which I now know to be cheaper than Gatwick (£6.90 ..." Read review

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They've never let me down Review with images

AdvantagesQuick, cheap and easy

DisadvantagesNot enough hand baggage allowed

"...sure this is just a Flybe thing. I imagine it's an across the board thing that all airlines now employ due to security and it's really no big deal taking along some form of ID. I always use a passport as it's the only thing I have with my photo on. My friend was able to use her driving license. Surely it's better to carry an extra piece of paper in your bag to show who you are, than it is to risk a security issue? A downside to them is on board ..." Read review

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Flybe - the no frills experience

AdvantagesLocal airports, some value seats available

DisadvantagesVery keen to take your money in a variety of interesting ways

"...Paris and bought seats with Flybe from Exeter to Charles de Gaulle. I work in the travel industry and have heard many conflicting opinions of this airline, so decided to travel with a broad mind and decide for myself which rumours were true! Before buying BA Connect, Exeter was the main base for Flybe and they still have lots of aircraft parked there. We flew on a Sunday afternoon and it seemed most flights had already gone because the airport ..." Read review

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Flybe to the moon.

AdvantagesCheap, comfortable, efficient

DisadvantagesThey don't seem to do an awful lot of flights

"...than 10 minutes. After that Flybe sent me a text message with a link to my boarding pass. All I had to do was show the airport staff this boarding pass on my phone which they then scanned. There was no need to print anything off it was all very quick and easy. My plane departed on time unlike my plane home with Easyjet and what's more it arrived slightly earlier than scheduled and you can't beat that. The plane was smaller than any previous plane ..." Read review

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Community Level 2iainkay1


No Frills and a Friendly Face

AdvantagesLow Cost, seats allocated

Disadvantagessmaller aircraft can be bumpy

"To be a little different FlyBe as British European are now known (www.flybe.com)they have come up with a simple idea. Low Fares, Seats allocated, pay for inflight drinks and snacks and if you are transferring through any other airport they can usually check the luggage all the way to your final destination. Anyway I flew from Belfast City Airport (2miles from the city centre)to Birmingham for a day trip so they checked us in for the return journey ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Englebert_...


Flymaybe. Do you feel lucky?

AdvantagesOkay when they can get it together.

DisadvantagesTerribly unreliable, disgraceful customer relations.

"Do not be fooled by FlyBe positioning themselves as a budget airline. They aren't cheap if you need to book seats less than a couple of weeks in advance, and the flights likely to be used for business trips are heavily penalised cost-wise. I fly regularly to UK and EU destinations with FlyBe from Southampton. When it's fine, it's fine - which is all you can ask for from a 'budget airline'. However, more than 50% of the 34 flights I've booked ..." Read review

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Community Level 1claireloui...


Hidden costs and poor punctuality make the potential for this air

AdvantagesEasy to use website, numerous regional and international flight options

Disadvantageshidden costs, very poor punctuality

"...In all my travels with Flybe over the past 3 years or so, i have only ever hd 1 flight leave on time. In Jersey they are known as FlyMayBe!. That being said, i now expect this from them, so sitting in airport lounges, i am generlly well prepared to wait, leaving on time is a bonus! I have a Flybe Credit Card and have built up enough points now over the past two years to get a lounge pass. If you are going to regularly fly with them, get one, it ..." Read review

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Flybe Airline No Frills

Advantagesgood value


"FLYBE AIRLINE I needed to get to Newcastle very quickly so I decided to fly up there. The only airline that flew from London Gatwick to Newcastle was Flybe Airline. This is a no frills airline and as it only took me one hour to fly up so I did not mind that it was a little basic. The seats were fairly comfortable and the only thing I would say was the leg room was a little limited. The staff were very friendly and helpful and was always willing ..." Read review

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Community Level 2ploddy100


Flybe from soton

AdvantagesCheapish, good legroom, quiet airport, soft landings

DisadvantagesExpensive food.

"...malaga and we used the flybe services between malaga and southampton both times. On the way out, we arrived for our 08:05 flight at around 06:45, it was around 5 minutes to check in, and we went and had a coffee in the aura coffee shop. From the viewing area, you can see out on the tarmac, and all the flybe planes sitting at their stands. Overall, the experience is an awful lot less stressful, and because the flight is not charter you can arrive ..." Read review

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Community Level 2flamesnm


Flybe? Definately!

AdvantagesCheap & convenient

DisadvantagesPoor food selection

"Flybe is another one of these budget airlines running from local airports. This allow travel to be easy for anyone. I live in Bournemouth, but because they don't fly from my home town, I have to take the short trip to Southampton to fly. I use Flybe to travel to the alps for my skiing trips. They fly from Southampton to Geneva and Chambery. Service The service is as you expect from any low cost airline. They obviously don't pay as well as longhaul, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1southwestt...

Quick review of Flybe

"Was booked on the first Exeter - Edinburgh flight the other month. Got to the airport to be told it was cancelled (they didn't know why) & we could take the afternoon flight at c18.00hrs! We were given a voucher for under £10 to spend on substandard food at Exeter Airport. Staff were unhelpful as are their customer relations team when you contact them. They are offering no refund but I am persisting & they still cannot tell us why the flight was cancelled. Flights from Bristol with other carriers seem more frequent, more reliable & cheaper.

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Community Level 1brucebolt


Prices change every day?

AdvantagesCheaper than other airlines

DisadvantagesOnly one flight a day to most detinations

"I've now used FlyBe for my holidays twice, once to Jersey and once to La Rochelle. Jersey Flight: This was my first flight with FlyBe. The plane arrived about 45 minutes late, because it was delayed leaving Murcia. This wasn't too much of a problem. Got on the plane (a Bae 146 whisper jet) and the captain told us that a trainee pilot would be taking out flight today. The take-off was very uncomfortable: they accelerated too fast on the runway ..." Read review

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