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Community Level 6scuba_angel


Car Parking for the Confused

Advantageseasier than a taxi/bus

Disadvantagescould work out expensive, handing over your car keys to strangers

"...recently flew to Scotland from Gatwick airport, living where I do I didn't want to be trying to get a train as getting to a train station is tricky and I don't want to be using taxis given how much it can cost to travel 80 miles even when one is prebooked. So knowing I was flying from Gatwick I used the Gatwick airport website to compare the prices of the nearby carparks, it came up with Park Plus as the cheapest by quite a considerable amount ..." Read review

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Airparks Car Parks Gatwick Airport

AdvantagesAffordable and Reliable

DisadvantagesOnce got date of return wrong, but were resolved this quickly

"...term car parking facility at Gatwick Airport. I have used them on 3 different occasions when going on holiday. I usually prefer to use public transport to and from the airport but when the flight returns quite late I like to drive back. To book visit their website (www.airparks.co.uk), select the dates that you are looking to park for and they will quote a price. For 6 days this is in the region of £27 or £4.50 per day, so is not too bad. They are ..." Read review

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Community Level 1mjenkins


Gatwick Airport Car Parking: Review of Ace Parking

AdvantagesChauffer is waiting for you felt 1st class


"...Ace Meet and Greet at Gatwick Airport, on finding a site that advertised Ace I entered my details but on the results I couldn't see Ace any where. I decided to find them directly There website is called www.ace-parking-gatwick.co.uk and on talking to a very friendly lady, she informed me that the large websites charge a big commission to them to give them bookings. They have decided to let the customers come direct and get a better deal. I personally ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Lizzy1


APH parking for Gatwick Airport

AdvantagesGreat value and convenience


"...best way to get to Gatwick from Southampton. The cheapest quote we could get for a return taxi was around £90. Due to the times of our flights it was difficult to arrange a lift with either family or friends and after checking various other option including trains and national express we found a website for off-airport parking at APH parking, Copthorne. We got an online quote which was £37.10 plus VAT for 8 days parking. You receive an email ..." Read review

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Community Level 1blueyesgr14


APH Gatwick


DisadvantagesCar can get damaged and driven more than anticipated

"...from APH car parking at Gatwick airport, (a) the battery was "completely" flat, (b) I found out that it had been driven 6 miles unbeknownst to me, (even though it says on APH terms and conditions 4.5 "at its premises at one of its parking sites" (i.e. they do not mention that their other parking site is a whole 3 miles away, meaning it was driven on the road while I was under the impression that it would be moved within its premises and not being ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Ruthie25


Ace Meet and Greet - Ace by name, Ace by nature

AdvantagesEasy drop off and collection, no transfer buses

DisadvantagesChanged radio channel

"On looking for parking at Gatwick for a week in October, I discovered Ace Meet and Greet on the Essential:Travel website. Although this was not the cheapest parking option, the attraction was that we could drop the car off at the airport terminal, and collect it there on our return. The price for the week was £62, around £14 more than the cheapest option, which would have required a 20 minute bus journey at either end. The booking confirmation ..." Read review

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Community Level 1snappity


Ace Meet & Greet


DisadvantagesCan't be trusted.

"Have now repaired car Ace Meet & Greet Gatwick. Avoid this company if you don't want to risk being ripped off and lied to by a company you give business to. Paid for my car to be looked after by Ace Parking Meet and Greet Service. When I went to collect it their driver drove it right by me and parked way forward in a badly lit area - this was at night. Should have twigged something was wrong. He asked me to sign for it, shiftily shoved the keys in ..." Read review

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Wouldn't use Meteor Meet & Greet Again


DisadvantagesIn my opinion they use the car for themselves

"We booked through Purple Parking and apparently they use Meteor Meet and Greet, drop off was ok, when we picked up the car it had a lot of extra mileage on it, the glove compartment had been opened, the sat nav had been tampered with, when we complained we were fobbed off with: car has to be moved from place to place, the driver could have touched something on the wheel to change sat nav, there is nothing on the wheel to change it!, no excuse for ..." Read review

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Community Level 1wilks77

Quick review of Gatwick Airport Parking

"When we park at gatwick we go with Sky Park Secure.If you haven't heard of this company you should defo check them out as they have a lot going for them. They provide a consistently good level of service and are always happy to help you and make sure that you arrive at the airport on time and with the minimum amount of fuss. They offer much better value for money than the long-stay parking at Gatwick airport especially if you are staying for longer periods of time. Recently they have been offering discounts with the code "dis024" so have a look at their site http://www.skyparksecure.com/

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Community Level 3andyjay5712


Park and fly.....

AdvantagesTakes stress out of flying

DisadvantagesDriving yourself to and from the airport

"At first,it seems expensive, but when you look at taxi prices, train faresetc, parking your car at the airport really makes sense. But then, I only live in Brighton, which is not far from Gatwick. A really long drive may warrant a taxi after a tiring flight, but then the expense has to be taken into account. Personally, I would recommend resting for at least a couple of hours, unless you can get a really good sleep before leaving, and taking a leisurely ..." Read review

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Community Level 1supertrave...


Compare Gatwick Parking

AdvantagesSimple booking and good choice of car parks

DisadvantagesNo same day bookings?

"...www.simplyparking.co.uk who compare about 20 gatwick airport car parks in a simple one page results table. Each car park is also matched against a main wholesaler, which goes to show you can get the same car park for less depending on who you choose to book with! The other thing i really liked was that there are car park reviews so you can see what other people though of the facility. In my case i choose cophall farm and only paid £30 for a ..." Read review

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Community Level 1methatis


Secure parking Not RH10 3BA



"Gatwick off airport secure parking, I booked online at Park & Go.co.uk I booked for one weeks parking when I arrived at the so called secure parking Unit 1 Peterhouse Parade Crawley RH10 3BA I was asked to phone about 10 mins before arrival to let them know of impending arrival I arrived at the destination I could not find the secure parking anywhere. Only a set of shops which there was unrestricted parking telephoned again to which ..." Read review

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skyone parking ltd meet and greet at gatwick airport

Advantageswould be a fantastic easy way to ensure your car is looked after(if done by a professional compani

Disadvantagesunprofessional drivers and company, customer service non existent, do not use these cowboys

"Do not trust this company with anything I gave them my car for 1 week, thinking all would be safe. They took my car added 5 miles to the mileometer, snapped the front suspension spring and then said it was my fault and they are not accepting responsibility for the damage. It has cost me £ 400 for recovery from airport, spring replacement and tyre replacement due to gouge from spring. They will not return my calls or e mails and there is no one ..." Read review

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Diamond Parking - Do Not Use


DisadvantagesNever get hold of the Director

"...driver arrived on time at Gatwick South, no problems, but he had an accident whilst driving to the car park, which was not the fault of the driver. Trouble began when trying to sort the claim out. I was left to do all the running around, getting quotes, constantly chasing Diamond Parking. Damage was finally repaired early 2012, after countless calls and frustration. Last insult was having to pay Diamond’s Excess and VAT of £500 just before Easter, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1avisaria


Ace Meet and Greet and that is slower then publice transport!!

AdvantagesIt was meant to be a greet and meet so no waiting and quick service


"I would never recommend Ace Greet and Meet to anyone and i would never use it either. They were late both ways (25 minutes on departure) and on return we waited for over an hour and nobody had the courtesy to inform us of delays and when we called they said the car was on it\'s way. 20 minutes later still our car had not arrived, so we called again and we were told they had 'lost' our car and could not find it. Nobody had the courtesy to call us to ..." Read review

Ciao members have rated this review on average: somewhat helpful

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