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ICELANDERS - Now Officially My Favourite People! Review with images

AdvantagesStunning scenery. Nice people. Lovely horses. Big skies


"APRIL 2010 - Maybe this should now be sub-titled "Phew, Just Got Out Of There In Time!" Not because of the danger of being near an erupting volcano, after all it doesn't seem to worry Icelanders, but think of the cost of having to stay there longer than expected! Id always wanted to go to Iceland ever since I was on a short stop-over in Keflavik airport about ten years ago whilst my Gatwick/Vancouver flight changed crews. The view of the almost ..." Read review

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Community Level 4relentless...


A week in Iceland Review with images

AdvantagesSpectacular scenery and extraordinary experiences.

DisadvantagesIt's bloody cold... and expensive.

"Sunday How do you define a day like Sunday? Its like one of those days in which everything happens at once and it had the feel of an incredibly quickly flowing river, sweeping us along with it. We woke up at around seven and threw some clothes on and left at eight, when my dad drove us to Heathrow airport. We arrived at terminal one so early we went for breakfast in Caf Rouge where I felt inclined to order our English breakfasts in French because ..." Read review

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Community Level 5jenni_a


The Geyser Girls and the tales of rotten eggs! Review with images

AdvantagesGorgeous scenery, a fantastic holiday

DisadvantagesFish and rotten eggs :P

"Oooooh its lovely to be back on ciao and into the full swing of op writing again! Since summer is approaching I can see my film review op marathon returning and so before then I want to write about some different experiences such as my holiday in Iceland. My visit to Iceland lasted a week in October of 2002 and was organized through my school. I thought that not only would a holiday with all of my friends be a great way to relax before the stress ..." Read review

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Community Level 6northern_l...


Puffins In Space

AdvantagesIncredible Scenery and the Northern Lights

DisadvantagesThe occasional smell of fish!

"Wow, what an incredible place to visit. I was excited before travelling to Iceland and at several points during my trip, I was acting like a 5 year old saying how I was truly excited!! So, why was I so excited, the name Iceland doesn't sound exactly welcoming. What were the highlights of my trip - I will explain my personal highlights in order of my preference, and not in chronological order within my trip and will be followed by some extra information ..." Read review

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Ice up your life! Review with images

AdvantagesUnique and a bit exotic

DisadvantagesNot the best for transport, pretty cold and expensive

"Iceland is a unique travel destination and can be memorable for many a visitor but it's not necessarily the place to visit for everyone. It's an expensive country and whilst getting there has become cheaper in recent times, particularly from Europe and the prices of articles have dropped during the crisis, it's still far from ideal for budget travellers. The country is extremely suitable for adventure holidays, people on tour packages and people ..." Read review

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Community Level 3martinprice


Iceland, the country not the shop

AdvantagesFantastic scenery, loads of different experiences

DisadvantagesExpensive and can be cold

"Whenever I tell my friends that I've just been to Iceland some wisecrack always says something like "did you get some pizzas then?" Anyway we have just been to the country of Iceland for a weeks visit over the May bank holiday and it was quite an experience. We travelled from Heathrow, although you can fly from Glasgow and the flight took only 2 hrs 40 mins. The airport which is about 45 mins from Reykjavik (the country's capital) is quite small ..." Read review

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Community Level 2davey


My ickle op on ICELAND

AdvantagesPicturesque,mysterious,beautiful,brilliantly contrasting landscapes

DisadvantagesHigh cost of living, short tourist season

"This is a bit of a travel diary sort of thing. If you world believe it, this is actually an edited version. I took my girlfriend, Debbie, on a surprise three week holiday there in September 2000. Being a student I had to work at weekends and nights for a catering agency (crap money for long hours) for ages to afford it - but it was worth it. I suggest you go make yourself a cuppa if you can and grab a biccy then have a bit of a leisurely read of ..." Read review

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Community Level 1sjlambert


This place is weird but I'm definately going back

AdvantagesNaturally beautiful landscapes, completely different place

DisadvantagesExpensive once you are there

"With just 250,000 inhabitants the country has one phone book which is sorted by first names! The fact that the country is so small and sparsely populated makes the people so much more friendly than anywhere in the UK but this is by no means the only attraction. If you only need one reason to visit Iceland let it be the landscape. As a volcanic island it is mainly barren looking reds and browns but contrast this against the pure white snow, add ..." Read review

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Community Level 2esteban1985


The land of fire and ice in all its glory Review with images

Advantagesbeautiful, amazing country, increadible natural wonders

Disadvantagesdifficult to get around, very expensive

"The land of fire and ice is a world like no other, crammed full of increadible natural wonders and beautiful (if not a little sparse) countryside. My holiday to Iceland covered most of this increadible island, from the blue lagoon and explosive geysirs of the south through the stunning ice capped centre of the country into the remote, cold and beautiful northern coastline before descending south to the most increadible location of all, the Vatnajokull ..." Read review

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Community Level 4Dawson


Its not a food store Jim...

AdvantagesViews, Geography, Adventure!


"Sorry to copy the joke made on another Iceland Op, but its true - the 'old joke, still not funny' line of ' I've been to Iceland', 'Oh really, did you pick me up some pizzas' has worn thinner than the seat of George W's pants during the 2000 elections. Anyway. I went to Iceland last July on a 2 week trekking holiday, including some time in Reykjavik. My trip only covered the Southern section of the island, around the Laufafell region, but I saw ..." Read review

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Community Level 2polarbear





"Akureyri lies in the North of Iceland, which lies between the North Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean. The whole island was created by volcanic activity and the area to the South East of Akureyri is still extremely active and eruptions occur at almost any time. This country belonged to Norway, then Denmark before declaring Independence in 1944. It was first settled, in the 9th century, by the Vikings, It owes much of its language, music, poetry and ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Lilja


Wonderful Iceland!

AdvantagesFantastic scenery

DisadvantagesA trifle expensive

"I must confess to being a little biased since I was born in Iceland! However, it is a fantastic country for anyone to visit. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking. Much of the country is volcanic, and to be surrounded by volcanoes seems amazing to most people. The waterfalls such as Gulfoss are also magnificant, especially when they freeze over in the winter. The air is also so fresh, very different to city life in England. In fact you could say ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Goldenferret


Iceland ... the Great Outdoors

AdvantagesPure clean air; breathtaking scenery; English widely used

DisadvantagesCan be expensive; travel effectively limited to summer months

"If you love the great outdoors and fancy something different, try Iceland! The whole place pulsates with the Earth's energy: there are waterfalls, geysers, bubbling mud pools, glaciers and active volcanoes as well as the snow-capped peaks and fjords associated with Scandinavia. Although Iceland is very expensive compared to most places, it's quite easy to arrange your own holiday and avoid the expense of a package. It's become much cheaper to fly ..." Read review

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Community Level 4UKRushbrook


Winter Wonderland!

AdvantagesBeautifully wild, peaceful, very uncrowded

DisadvantagesCan be stark, often adverse weather conditions, steep & winding roads

"Constituting over 50% of Iceland’s coastline, Isafjordur (or the West Fjords) have always conjured up a wild existence in my mind. I must admit right from the outset that this is always one area that I have wanted to explore in great detail but never made it all the way up to what is also known as the Five-Fingered Area. The road entering these wild lands are not the best by any stretch of the imagination. The entire area is quite rugged and ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Na7aliek


Iceland an unforgettable place

AdvantagesBreathtaking Scenery, Blue Lagoon, Husky sleighs, Northarn Lights

DisadvantagesCold, not much daylight, expensive!

"Well of all the places in the world to go you would think, why would one pick a cold, dark expensive place! Here is why! Iceland great! but very cold!!! When we got to Reykjavik, we couldn't believe how small it was.... Literally 1 street (with a few side streets) about a mile long was the capital city! It consisted of a few very expensive restaurants. 2 supermarkets, 1 off license that shuts at 6pm! Expensive shops and that was it really! The ..." Read review

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