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Egg Mayonnaise, Ford Cortinas & Sunshine Review with images

AdvantagesBeautiful golden coloured architecture

DisadvantagesOvercrowded, built up and smelly

"Malta is by no means a pretty little Mediterranean island. It's incredibly built up, can be rather scruffy and is quite polluted. Vegetation is sparse on Malta - there are very few trees so it looks rather dusty and dry. But don't get me wrong, there are many spectacular looking buildings and beautiful sights scattered throughout the island. The blue of the sea set against the golden yellows of the sandstone buildings make for some picturesque settings. ..." Read review

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Malta - a thorough review by IzzyS Review with images

AdvantagesPlenty of sights to see, some great views, no language problems

DisadvantagesThe driving by locals, it probably gets a bit too humid and hot by August

"- Introduction - This summer (2008) I went abroad on a summer holiday with my parents to the island of Malta and I have to say, it was definitely one of the better holidays ive had. I had never been there before and so I was quite eager to see the sights. We went for two weeks from late June (24th) to early July (8th) and I left feeling that there was still plenty left to see, that we didn't manage to fit in the two weeks we were there, so I would ..." Read review

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Knights! Sieges! Shipwrecks! Review with images

AdvantagesInteresting island, something for everyone.

DisadvantagesBumpy roads!

"Knights! Sieges! Shipwrecks! Yes, Malta has seen all of these and you can find out more by reading this review or going on holiday to this lovely island situated between Africa and Europe, just off Sicily. *An Important Bit of History* (If History bores you feel free to skip to the next paragraph, but this does explain why Malta is the island it is, and trying to condense so much History is very difficult!) The name Malta according to one theory ..." Read review

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Malta you alta visit Review with images

AdvantagesEasy to get to, lots to see and do

Disadvantageswasn't as warm as I thought it might be in February

"Malta: General information: A sunny island in the Southern Mediterranean Sea only about 200miles from the North Africa( Libya) and about 60 miles from Sicily. It is technically The Republic of Malta and the island of Malta is one of several islands making up this nation only the two largest islands Malta and Gozo are inhabited .Malta is the largest island and is the cultural and administrative centre whilst Gozo is more rural.Because of its position ..." Read review

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Wish I was There! Malta, A Mediterranean island

AdvantagesFriendly, character island

DisadvantagesA bit smelly. Lacks sandy beaches, although many bays around the island

"Malta is a lovely, very friendly island in the Mediterranean sea. The weather is always clement. Even in winter it's mild. Malta is an ideal place to visit all year round due to it's temperate climate, but is especially enjoyable during the Spring, summer and Autumn. I have visited this island four times over some years, first as far back as 1975 then in the 1980's, and twice in the last decade. So I have been there as a young teen, one of a newly ..." Read review

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From Roller Coaster Buses to Fungus Shaped Rocks, It's All Here! Review with images

AdvantagesEasy to get around, beautiful sights

DisadvantagesNot great for lying around and doing nothing!

"My first experience with Malta was as a child and I had fond, if not a little vague, memories of it. It was with this in mind that I decided to take advantage of a cheap package deal to the small island in the Mediterranean. We only spent six days there and this isn't nearly enough time to visit all the sights that Malta has to offer, so I won't presume to be an expert by any stretch of the imagination. I will tell you about the places I visited and ..." Read review

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A week in Malta Review with images

Advantages Not too far

Disadvantages not seen any

"Hi everyone, just back from a week's holiday in Malta. Well not exactly 'just!' By the time the review was written, three weeks gone already. We went during the February half term- all of us- our family of four. Like any other holiday destination- there is lot to see and do in Malta. I will tell you where to go and what to see if you only had a week- like us. Malta has three islands: big island is called Malta, small one is Gozo and very small ..." Read review

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insider secrets to Malta from a Maltese man

AdvantagesHistory, artitecture, food, relaxation, sea and sun & much more


"To say I am qualified to review Malta is somewhat of an understatement...Im Maltese and lived there for a long time! To see detailed aspects of Malta see my other reviews in the Malta section (to be added very soon!) I will give both good and bad points: In general Malta is a place you will love or hate...simple as that. It resembles other Med countries and Islands in terms of buildings, that they are mostly made of limestone. If you are ..." Read review

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Community Level 7shewhosmiles


Zap those Mosquitoes

AdvantagesFun, relaxing, inexpensive, friendly

DisadvantagesGetting on the plane coming back

"I went to Malta for the first time for 2 weeks in the summer of 1990. After that I went for 2 weeks every summer and 2 weeks twice at Christmas and the New Year until my last holiday there in 1996 – 8 times in all. It is the type of place that is said you either love or hate - obviously I loved it. I have considered completing and posting this before, but held back because I didn’t think my experiences were recent enough knowing how ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Dizz


Don't Knock It 'Till You've Tried It

AdvantagesGreat food, Sun, Sea......

DisadvantagesBut not much sand!!

"Well, you know, I have to admit that Malta probably wouldn't have been top of my list of "must see" holiday destinations, especially as my best friend relayed a horrible story of her holiday there - tales of dust and cockroaches!! I've also seen quite a few unfavourable reviews on Ciao, but I think people's bad experiences were mainly due to the poor standards of the hotel or tour operator, and not so much due to the Island, itself. But, I had ..." Read review

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Community Level 4richardash...


Better than chocolate with a honeycomb centre

AdvantagesFabulous weather, good value

DisadvantagesCan be very hot

"Obviously it's completely impossible to do justice to an island with the rich diversity that Malta has in a single opinion. Indeed it would be foolish to try. If you are looking for a complete guide to Malta, I can strongly recommend the Lonely Planet guide to the island since it is very up-to-date and comprehensive. Instead I will concentrate on a few highlights. Of course, if you travel with a tour operator as many many visitors to the island ..." Read review

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A bit of a nightmare on a beautiful island

AdvantagesHistorical value, less tourist-spoiled than other Mediterranean Islands,fewer families with young children

DisadvantagesPoor standards of restaurant food and no good supermarkets in our resort if self-catering

"Going to Malta was a great idea. Going with my brother-in-law and his wife was not. I knew it wouldn't be, but we couldn't afford to look a gift horse in the mouth, as its unlikely we'll be able to afford another foreign trip this year. Jo was given the timeshare as a wedding present by her Dad whose health won't let him travel now. The apartment in Qawra sleeps 4 so they asked us to join them with only our flight to pay for. Flight booking was ..." Read review

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Community Level 1leighh


The gem of the Med

AdvantagesFriendly welcoming people, plenty to do

DisadvantagesThe annoying crickets and bad driving

"Where do I start? I have visited Malta about 8 times and I could never tire of it. I wouldn't say its a typical place to visit for a group of lads or ladies - it is more your family or couples holiday. Travelling There and Getting Around The flight from London to Luqa Airport (Malta) is around 3 and a half hours. Once you are there, it is very easy to get around because the Island is so small. We usually hire a car but public transport is very ..." Read review

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Community Level 1JaneMcd


Lovely Malta

AdvantagesBeautiful architecture, wonderful weather, lovely people

DisadvantagesYou either love it or hate it - and usually for the same reasons!

"As can be seen from the number and frequency of our visits, we are Maltaphiles. We love to get some sun in the worst part of the winter and Malta hits the spot every time. We stay at the Phoenicia just outside Valetta's city walls and love its 1930s faded luxury and impeccable service - another world. It's worth having a harbour view room as you can see half the island from the balcony. The island has a fleet of vintage buses - all beautifully ..." Read review

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Community Level 2No1Tester


You may have more fun in Beirut

Advantagesshort flight- 2.5 hours from Gatwick

DisadvantagesMalta is a bit like a war zone

"We went to Malta as this was the only Timeshare place available when we booked. We spent 2 weeks there about a month ago. The first problem encountered at Gatwick was being told I was not allowed to take a bottle of babies milk on board the aircraft. No dairy products allowed. I argued but it was confiscated. On arrival we were left standing on the tarmac for about 10 minutes until buses came to transport us from the runway. It was dark and cold ..." Read review

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