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Community Level 1andrewgask...


taxi accounts

Advantagesvery very good

Disadvantagesyou still have to pay

"What is Cabcharge Cabcharge is a new way to pay for taxis. It is a account with all the normal home city benefits except the big difference is - it travels with you when you are away from home. TheCabcharge card eliminates the need to carry cash, is accepted by licensed taxis in cities around the world the world, is totallt secure with individual user numbering and security coding(pin), can be personal or liked to a company account, and the best ..." Read review

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Community Level 6milleniumz...


An alternative to the black taxi

AdvantagesCheaper by far.

DisadvantagesMust book first.

"This is a very interesting subject that is near to my heart but I am going to give you an alternative opinion from the viewpoint of the alternative option you have to the normal taxi we all know as the black cab, and that is the mini-cab. As far as I know London is the last place in the country to still have mini-cabs as such. So this opinion concerns only London. I speak with some authority as I have recently changed my career but have spent 25 years ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Mina


Black Taxis

AdvantagesSafest from of travel

Disadvantagesthey are often very busy

"Black Taxis or Hackney Carriages as they are known within the trade, are the safest form of transport around London. When one has the "For Hire" sign lit up, flag it down and wait for it to stop. If it is an older vehicle, check that it has a licence plate from the Metropolitan Police on the back, as the old ones are often sold off, and the lights cannot be removed. If it looks ok, hop in. Feel free to check the identity card of the driver, they won't ..." Read review

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Community Level 5beanie8844


From A to B in comfort

Advantagesquick way to travel around London

Disadvantagescan be expensive

"For those who have never been to London before the black taxi is something of an icon. Taxis have been transporting people around the capital for centuries and today there are around 23,000 taxis on the road. Travelling by taxi in London certainly isn't cheap, there is a minimum fare of £2.20 and the fare rises by twenty pence for every 219m travelled (approx). However, if you only need to travel a short way and you don't have much tine or its pouring ..." Read review

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Community Level 3yingli.lim


Not The Usual - Addison Lee

AdvantagesGood service

Disadvantagesyou only get good service sometimes

"This was one fantastic cab equipped with GPS and a really smart looking cab driver that nearly had my heart in his hand by the end of the taxi ride. This mad journey lasted a mere 15 mins with the drivers excellent knowledge of the streets in London and with the help of high technology - Global Positioning System. I had never seen one of these before and was thus, very impressed with the works. In fact, I am now a firm fan of Addison Lee. Do not expect ..." Read review

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Community Level 1ParkinK02


London Taxi - Get taken for a ride

Advantagesvery easy to find a cab

Disadvantagesif you don't know where you're going you could be ripped off

"If you've never been to London before, make sure you know the name of the streets and how to get there as my experience of London cabbies was not the one I've seen on TV where they know everything about everything. We ended up being charged £25.00 for a trip that we found out later should only have cost about £8.00, you look like a tourist and you'll be treated like one. Finding a taxi is very easy however, you'll never have a problem, night ..." Read review

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Community Level 2theforce


Professional Drivers???


DisadvantagesAggressive, rude, dangerous

"Why is it that taxi drivers consider themselves to be professional? I assume from their use of the term that we can define 'professional' as one of the following: Sloppy Inconsiderate Rude Aggressive Dangerous A law unto themselves.... I realise that taxi drivers' earning are dependent upon them making the best use of their time, but that does not excuse some of the appaling driving standards displayed by some of them. It would be interesting ..." Read review

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