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Gozo Calypso - hear all about it! Review with images

AdvantagesCompact island, beautiful scenery, historical sites

DisadvantagesNo airport

"...the sister islands, this small island is a wee gem in my book and has certainly made us want to return and enjoy the delights it has to offer. *Size* Gozo is 67square kilometres, 14km long and 7 km wide, with a population of around 23,000, which increases as the ferry brings tourists each day to experience the beauty of this interesting island, they rush around the island jumping on and off their coaches, taking photos and are off again, thankfully ..." Read review

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Going to (a) Gozo Review with images

AdvantagesBeautiful, nicer than Malta, lots of history and natural sights

DisadvantagesNot so great for families

"...excursion to Gozo, the smaller island which, along with tiny and only seasonally inhabited Comino, joins the main island to form the country of Malta. Gozo is approximately one third the size of the island of Malta and can be reached by means of a twenty minute ferry ride from a small harbour situated at the northern tip of Malta. It’s possible to take one of Malta’s distinctive yellow buses directly to the port but we had booked our excursion with ..." Read review

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Another insider secrets from a Maltese man

AdvantagesSimply go to the best places - as stated

DisadvantagesTo be detailed in another review...keep watching

"...would not give up this island which translated means "haven" This is why the Maltese Island and its people were awarded the george cross. During one particular raid the church was packed with people when this bomb went directly through the centre of the dome roof. It did not explode!!! So, today all visitors can see this incredible man made lump of explosive designed to elliminate life standing upright in a church of god! If your into history or WWII ..." Read review

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the magic of Gozo

Advantages tranquil, beautiful and friendly

Disadvantages not for young children

"...have stayed several times. The island of Gozo is absolutely beautiful. It is a very agricultural island - you cannot escape the fresh produce anywhere. I found it somewhat more enjoyable than the main island of Malta, maybe because of the leap between the tranquil sights and sounds of Gozo compared to the more tourist friendly built up area of Malta. The thing I would most recommend doing on Gozo is seeing the azure window. We had a boat trip out ..." Read review

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Community Level 2clairemg


A worthwhile day trip to gozo.

AdvantagesSmall and friendly, sandy beaches, various places to visit, short ferry from Malta.

DisadvantagesFerry from Malta quite expensive, places not very well signposted, poor bus service.

"...a day trip to the island of Gozo. We found it much better to hire a car and drive ourselves as the bus service in Malta is fantastic but once the ferry docks at Gozo the buses are very infrequent. The ferry between Malta and Gozo runs approximately every half an hour and takes about half an hour to cross the water. In recent years we have noticed the cost of the ferry has increased but we find it is still a very worthwhile trip. There is a daily ..." Read review

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