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A necessary evil

AdvantagesQuicker than walking and bus

DisadvantagesToo many to mention

"...in was boring and that London was where it was happening. I thought nothing of the fact that my 15 mile drive to work in Dorset took 15 minutes and decided that it would be fun to move to London. Unless you are an oil tycoon or the owner of Chelsea, the best way to get to a place of work in Central London is to take the Underground. Buses are subject to congestion, walking takes too long unless you live near a British Rail Station and cycling around ..." Read review

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Community Level 6milleniumz...


Trains and milky white breasts.

AdvantagesRapid travel at affordable prices.

DisadvantagesFilthy, litter ridden, hot, cramped, claustrophobic.

"...is an op on the London Underground system. I don’t want you to rate or judge this on factual information I have just read the other op on the London underground and it covers all the factual and operating services of the underground. Its great. This op is more on the experience of actually using it. I have not used public transport in any form for over four years. However this morning I had an interview with a company in the centre of London and ..." Read review

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Community Level 4grapesoda


Avoid at the Peak!

AdvantagesGreat when its running OK

DisadvantagesDelays, delays, delays!

"...system that serves all of London and is broken down into 12 different lines. The District Line is represented by a green line on the map and runs between Upminster to Richmond/Ealing Broadway or Wimbledon. Trains apparently run every 6 - 10 minutes on this line. The Circle Line is represented by yellow on the tube map and runs in a circle (aka why it's called Circle) from stations like Paddington back down to Aldgate. It does not serve one station ..." Read review

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Community Level 1crazydaydr...


London Underground useless

AdvantagesDoesn't exsist

DisadvantagesNever on time, dirty, expensive

"...a c2c service up to London Fenchurch Street. The district line isn't the worst, but when there are delays its bad. There is no explanation from the driver if you stop for a good 10 minutes or more and none of the customer service assistants seem to know much either. The worst line of all has to be the Hammersmith & City line, this line is frequently delayed I'm confident enough to say I haven't seen a day when it has been running properly. It doesn't ..." Read review

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Community Level 2ploddy100


The LU in rush hour-the story in short.(Zone 1)

AdvantagesFrequent service, comfortable seats

DisadvantagesPain to get down to underground level, crowded in rush hour

"...simple short review of the London underground in rush hour----dont do it!!!!!!!! I did work experience in London a couple of weeks ago and i have come to the simple solution that you should take a bus.....or a taxi. After experimenting on various ways to reach london victoria from London Waterloo i came to the conclusion to get the bus instead. First, to reach the lower lines you have to take at least 2 escalators and walk around a variety of tunnels ..." Read review

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Community Level 2perfect


A neccasary evil


Disadvantagescrowded noisy and dirty

"...in that list, and the London Underground has definitely joined it. I know those of you who aren't in London very often are probably under the impression that i moan about anything and everything, but i'm looking out my window at a a rainbow, and am very cheerful, thankyou very much. It's just that i've been living in London for almost 25 years now, and i can tell you the shine has come off it. Don't get me wrong, i don't know where we'd be without ..." Read review

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London's Underground - John Glover

London's Underground - John Glover

Pages: 160, Edition: 10th edition, Hardcover, Ian Allan Publishing

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London's Underground - John Glover

London's Underground - John Glover

Widely regarded as the most comprehensive general history of the Underground, this edition ... more

covers the changes that have occurred since 2003.
It also looks at the threat of terrorism and,
along with it, the ever present issues of security
and privacy, the massive growth in the Oyster card
system, and the award of the 2012 Olympics to

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London Underground - PC

London Underground - PC

The third part of the popular ‘World of Subways’ series puts you in the ... more

driver's cab on the iconic Circle Line of the
London Underground. Authorised by an act of
Parliament in 1853 the Circle Line became the
world's first underground railway and the genesis
of the entire London Underground network.With 35
beautifully recreated stations and both above and
below ground sections this is an opportunity to
take control of the world famous C Stock tube
trains as you follow a detailed timetable and a
myriad of custom missions. Visit such landmark
destinations as Baker Street - home of Sherlock
Holmes Euston and Victoria stations pass under Big
Ben and the Houses of Parliament at Westminster
and drop off passengers at the fashionable High
Street Kensington! The entire Circle Line can be
explored including the new Hammersmith
extension.With over 74 million journeys every year
the Circle Line provides the ultimate subway
experience. See the light at the end of the tunnel
with one of the most immersive and realistic rail
simulations ever created!Features: More than 54 km
of tracks Original virtual reproductions of 35
stations Highly detailed model of the C Stock
Train 3D-Cockpit with rotatable camera Free
movement in the train and at stations Realistic AI
traffic Dynamic passengers on the platform Superb
graphics reflective headlights realistic light
effects at night time True to original driving
noises and sounds Realistic announcements recorded

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