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Community Level 6teacherofh...



AdvantagesIt gets you from A--------Z


"...would we do without the London Underground? Yes, we all complain about how bad it is, but just stop and think – Is it really as bad as it appears? This review is not about prices or a history of stations or where they are or where they are going to. There is enough information for would be travelers to London from underground stations and the staff are generally very helpful. Yes they are! If you are traveling somewhere you can also telephone ..." Read review

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Community Level 2mkg87


Better than nothing, right?

AdvantagesQuicker than the bus.

DisadvantagesToo expensive; isn't 24 hrs; unreliable

"...takes a hard knock, and London is the only one out of those four cities which suffers from an unreliable subway system (look at the respected New York Subway or the Paris Metro and it's enough to make any Londoner get the green eyes.) I know it's easy to knock the Tube, and I acknowledge the fact that it is a child of its (very early) time, and was just not built with the intention of its being used on a 24-hour continuous basis as in New York. Building ..." Read review

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Community Level 5leofluffy69



Advantagesquick, links major attractions, regular service

Disadvantagessmelly, hot, crowded and unreliable

"...returned from a weekend in London and thought I should write this as I was fairly disappointed. I would imagine that for residents of London using the Underground on a regular basis this review will be off little help however for any tourists hoping to visit London in the near future this is a slight review warning you of my experience. ***LONDON UNDERGROUND*** As a teacher I have seen and taught a few lessons about transport and the underground ..." Read review

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Community Level 3iainc


Underground, Overground, Penalty Fare

AdvantagesIt's quicker than the bus

DisadvantagesYou find out how veal feels

"London Underground is the oldest underground train network in the world. Like all great old British institutions it has lots of character. It is a fast and efficient method of getting around the capital city - sometimes. There are 253 miles of London Underground track, most of which run on various routes within Greater London's 32 square miles. The LU or the Tube, as we locals like to call it, was started in 1860, making parts of it 143 years old. ..." Read review

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Community Level 3kelassa


The London Underground

AdvantagesGets you from A to B quite quickly

DisadvantagesThe cost, being underground

"THE LONDON UNDERGROUND I was brought up in Surrey which is about half an hour by overground train to Waterloo, so London is pretty easy to get to. If you want to travel around London there are really only two options, either by bus or the underground. If like me you have been to London so many times you've lost count then the chances are you can find your way around the Underground quite easily. If you live a bit further away and rarely visit London ..." Read review

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Community Level 4Mitchellan...


From A to B, but not to C!!

AdvantagesGets me to work!!!

DisadvantagesBreakdowns, suspension of service, ticket prices.....does it ever end!

"I've been using the London Underground ever since I started work when I was 17 (18 years!!!!) and I have to say I hate it, along with other 50 million (a bit of an exaggeration!) who use it every day its something that I have to use to get to work but its a nighmare. Tourists love it!! Why, because they don't have to use it every day, day in and day out. First of all there's the ever increasing rises in fares. I have an annual travel card ..." Read review

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Community Level 2luckyduke


Frustrating underground!

AdvantagesAccess to London

DisadvantagesDelays, expensive ticket prices, unhelpful customer services

"...sure everyones heard the old London Underground parody now and it's fair to say really most of it's true... I really dread using it to go to work now! I live in Upminster and work in Oxford Circus so I use the Central and District line everyday. I also use the Jubilee line ocassionally as I'm a Bluewater fanatic and you can get to Greenithe via London Bridge. :P Well I'll start with customer service on the Underground. Customer Services: They are ..." Read review

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Community Level 1nick20022002


The tube

AdvantagesIt can be quite quick and easy and it's resonably priced

Disadvantagessometimes crowded and hot

"The london underground or the tube as known by many people is a system of trains running underneath (an above in areas) the ground comprising of 12 lines. so how do you use the london underground? well first you find a station, your never far away from one especially in central london. step 2 buy your ticket, the price of a ticket depends on how far you traveling but it shouldn't set you back more than a couple of quid. The next thing is to head ..." Read review

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Community Level 2imwhoever


Tube, identity for London

AdvantagesFast, frequent, covers many destination, colorful on map

Disadvantagesnot punctual in peak hours, costly

"My first experience about London under ground trains or popularly known as tube was of impressive. London is known for tube network world wide and when you go into tube it not let you down. It is fast (or super fast in off peak hours), very frequent and connecting most of destination of London through their colorful lines. Initially I travelled to move around in London so most of time it was off peak travel. I must say in weekdays of off peak hours ..." Read review

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Community Level 1BillyWilly


Experiences of an Underground

Advantagesgreat when you've had a few drinks!, quick, good connections

DisadvantagesOver crowding, sardines in a can,

"Living in Warwick I don't often get a chance to visit London, its mainly on business when I do and the following review is based on my experiences during the day and in the evening. Daytime: I joined the underground network after a train journey on a southbound train from Warwick at about 8.30am. I was greeted by over 250 people at Euston, whilst making a connection on the northern line and the shear numbers of people pushing and shoving really ..." Read review

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Community Level 1luken


Unwelcome contact



"I have often read over the years about the unwelcome behaviour of male passengers on the underground. Specifically, deliberate contact with female passengers. I would not seek to minimise how upsetting this might be to women, but deliberate contact between the sexes is not limited, in my experience, to the actions of male passengers. When I was in my early twenties, there were a number of occasions when the tube was fairly packed, but not crowded, ..." Read review

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