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Our Hands Are Caring For You Review with images

AdvantagesEconomy pampering par excellence

DisadvantagesYou could get used to it...

"...dusted off my long unused Lufthansa Miles&More card, my passport to the airline's Frequent Flyer club. A short call to the club's helpdesk re-activated the PIN on my card, so I could log-in to the Lufthansa.com website with it and start exploring. I soon discovered the delights that would await me on the first leg of my £350 (before taxes) one-way journey from San Francisco (SFO) to Hannover (HAJ) via Munich (MUC). _Lesson #1: Lufthansa website ..." Read review

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Community Level 6From_The_C...


REALLY EVERYTHING about flying with Lufthansa Diamond review

AdvantagesExcellent product for intercontinental travel, extremely improved punctuality, good meals on longhaul flights

DisadvantagesExtremely poor meals on shorthaul flights, limited inflight entertainment (except longhaul Business & First)

"Lufthansa German Airlines has succeeded over British Airways to become Europe's largest carrier. With a range of innovations in the field of e-solutions, Lufthansa also seeks to be the most modern airline worldwide. Here comes a complete check of the product and service quality of Lufthansa. Those of you who have been reading my opinions have come to know me as an ultra frequent flyer. And, living in Germany, Lufthansa is my homecarrier. I have ..." Read review

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AdvantagesMost of staff are helpful and kind

DisadvantagesBad Reputation, One member of staff can let them all down

"...made things much easier. With Lufthansa you can fly to more than 900 destinations all over the world. We flew from Manchester airport to Frankfurt Intl. and despite the flight being only an hour and a half we still were offered complimentary sandwiches and drinks. On the longhaul flight from Frankfurt to NY, tea coffee, wine, spirits, Baileys and other refreshments were free and plentiful. Headpones were free and as well as a meal, passengers ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Coxecal


Wish I left Lufthansa...

Advantagesthey got me to england...

Disadvantagesthey got me 8 hours late to england... flight attendants are just brutal if you dont speak german...

"...I came to England... flying Lufthansa had been only my third flight ever... (the previous two being the same day from Toledo, Ohio to Chicago, Illinois... then Chicago to Newark, New Jersey...) so I was relatively inexperienced when it came to flying... I was expecting a lot of baggage checks and so forth... I was prepared for that... but ... I wasn't prepared for waiting ages to get on a Lufthansa flight... Let's start off with a bit of history ..." Read review

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To Geneva the round about way

AdvantagesWas cheaper at the last minute, free food, assigned seating

DisadvantagesUnless you are going to Germany you have to connect

"...some more, and found that Lufthansa was offering a price of just over £100 including taxes. Sure, I had to fly from Heathrow, which is always a joy, and change in Frankfurt. But to save well over 100 quid, why not? Plus I could get miles on my Air Canada plan. I used to fly LH a lot in the 70s, transatlantic from Geneva via Frankfurt, so it was fun to try them out now. I booked online and was "issued" an e-ticket. Lufthansa has several check ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Lorriee


Next time i'll go British

AdvantagesQuick check in

DisadvantagesPoor services on board

"...last August bank holiday by Lufthansa and was dismayed by the way I was treated on the journey there. In City airport I was fine I had no problems checking in and boarding and was surprised that the plane actually left on time which is very rare for me when flying. To Berlin Firstly the air steward went through the safety procedure in German then English. The English version seemed a lot shorter which alarmed me as I managed only to catch ..." Read review

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Community Level 2ps2gamer890


Economy Class disaster!

AdvantagesClean, and... that's about it...

DisadvantagesPoor service, No Personal screens, Pathetic legroom, Poor experience all round

"...that I am never flying Lufthansa again, full stop. First, it was packed. There wasn't one free seat. Lufthansa you see, doesn't believe in leaving a little room for error's sake. They pack em' in. In such a film-packed season (halfway through 2004's summer movie time) there wasn't a huge amount on offer. "Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights" sounded somewhat rude and not the sort of thing you'd let your children watch (springing to mind several rather ..." Read review

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Remind me not to fly Lufthansa

AdvantagesThe planes have wings

DisadvantagesStaff, brand image, general airline persona

"...tired. I actually hate the colours Lufthansa use, they remind me of a new born baby's jaundice. i.e. a murkily type of yellow. The in-flight magazine was useless and I didn't even bother with the radio, infact I'm not even sure there was a radio. The planes themselves seem on the old side, and quite well used, the seats were fairly comfortable. Well anyway that’s the last time I fly with Lufthansa. ..." Read review

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Community Level 5polydeuces


An Absolute Disgrace

AdvantagesFlew to Frankfurt

DisadvantagesIf there is a pilots strike they will abandon you

"...may not be aware that Lufthansa are presently going through a number of pilots strikes. I certainly was not aware until I got to our offices in Mainz and they said that these strikes were happening every Thursday. I was due to fly back 22:20 by Lufthansa. There was then a huge amount of confusion as to whether the flight would run. The agents initially said yes, then no, then yes. On this basis we went to Frankfurt Airport to get the flight. The ..." Read review

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Community Level 7vinodgm


Business Class very dissapointing

AdvantagesPunctualily and frequency provided their pilots are not on strike

DisadvantagesCongested, Business Class seats too small

"...therefore transferred my ticket to Lufthansa from Bombay to Frankfurt and Frankfurt to Rome. Lufthansa use a 747 from Bombay to Frankfurt so I was expecting good things since Alitalia use a smaller MD-11 aircraft and since I had never travelled on Lufthansa previously. As soon as I entered the aircraft and approached my seat all my expectations were gone. The Business Class section is huge. They must be having at least 80 seats. The seats ..." Read review

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Community Level 2iainkay1


good value for money

Advantagesclean , efficient, good value

Disadvantagesnot generous inflight

"...to connect at Heathrow with Lufthansa to Frankfurt and then on to Amman in Jordan also with Lufthansa. Checking in the baggage was easy and we were checked in all the way to Amman and our seats were assigned all the way too so we were all three of us sat together.We had a 3 hour wait at Heathrow which gave time for shopping and the change in Terminals from 1 to 2.The first Lufthansa flight was from here to Frankfurt and the plane was a very clean ..." Read review

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Community Level 2jelightfoot


very impressed

Advantageslegroom, good customer service

Disadvantagessmall snack unless first class traveller

"...rat problem) and took a Lufthansa return to Hanover airport. Why Lufthansa? They were the cheapest - but with respect, there's not a huge choice of carriers. The plane was amazing. It was quite small, but had leather seats throughout. Not only were the seats leather, but also I had ample legroom. No deep vein thrombosis for me! You don’t get a decent meal- a sandwich and a drink only on this flight. First class get the full Monty, but ..." Read review

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Better than any American airlines

AdvantagesKnowledgeable, courteous staff and great amenities

DisadvantagesSlightly careless baggage handlers when it comes to animals

"Having flown with Lufthansa numerous times I must say they have never fell short of impressive, even when it comes to plain old economy (or coach) class. With Lufthansa being such a major airline they have gotten their act down, from customer service at the check in to the on board amenities. The last time I have flown with Lufthansa was on August of 2010. I walked into the Detroit Metro Wayne County airport full of dread. It was my husband and I, ..." Read review

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Community Level 2ndgandy


Average airline but get cash delay compensation



"...regular Economy class traveller with Lufthansa for 1 year between Heathrow and Frankfurt. From my experiences with other airlines I would rate them as 'average'. The flights I had were almost always overbooked leading to myself joining the standby queue on occasions. Despite the overbooking and delays leaving Frankfurt, the majority of my flights landed on time which I see as a very good quality of service. The food in Economy is of a poor standard, ..." Read review

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Beer Monsters Get Star Treatment on Lufthansa

AdvantagesGood service, relatively nice surroundings.

DisadvantagesFellow passengers...

"...if trying not to scream. The Lufthansa stewardesses are more accustomed to business types, and will gladly take care of your needs. Just don't pinch their arses or say things like 'wahey!' to your mate...they're just not ready for it. Settle down into your imitation leather seat and prepare for the flight. Perhaps the main drawback of flying with Lufthansa is that you have to travel with quite a lot of Germans. I'm not saying that in a typical ..." Read review

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