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Community Level 2Jeff81


I Love The Ministry

AdvantagesWicked music and a great vibe

DisadvantagesVery pricey

"...everyone else's opinions on the Ministry and finding that they mostly didn't find it too pleasing I thought that I better stand up for it and give my experience of it. I've only ever been once but it was a great night and a great weekend. So, if you're sitting comfortably then I'll begin... The whole reason that I got to go the Ministry was because one of my mates had entered into a DJ competition and got through to the finals that were to ..." Read review

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Community Level 6coolchanty


Only worth going to say you have been there



"...always dying to go to Ministry right through my teens and I finally got the chance to go. I heard people at work talking about it and at university and they all were saying how good it was and I was so looking forward to it. Well oh my god did I get the shock of my life when I went. Ministry of sound is based in Central London near Elephant and Castle tube station on the Northern line and is a short walk away. When we arrived there was ..." Read review

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Community Level 3blinderben


The misery of sound

Advantagesthe Babybox

DisadvantagesPoor nights, no atmosphere, poor access, unfriendly staff.

"...has been emotionless, 4-4 beat Ministry compilation house accompanied by a live drummer (?). There really isn't anything enticing about it. However, compared to the main room, it is a veritable elysium. This room is vast, but it is also dank and dark with the emphasis on dry ice (why? it doesn't add atmosphere and if you wear contact lenses, it just dries them out). There were a few dancers there to add atmosphere (which they failed to do). However, ..." Read review

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Community Level 3shak_y2k


ministry of waste of time and money

Advantageswhat advantages

Disadvantagesdidnt you raed the above? where do i start?

"...things. For one thing, the ministry is just a venue so it's perfectly possible that there are some decent nights there, for another I wasn't at the record launch party that the opinionator went to - so,who knows, maybe it was good. However, I can speak from personal experience as to what shak is like and, in fact, what the Ministry is like in general and -to be brutally honest - it really and truelly sucks. The design is so bad that there doesn't ..." Read review

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Community Level 3yingli.lim


No Party Groove to it

Advantagesgood for pple who have heard loads abt MOS and want to have a look

Disadvantagesnon-party9ish atmosphere

"The Ministry of Sound is popular all around the world and internationally acclaimed but I was rather disappointed and rudely shocked at how un-exciting everything was when I finally arrived. I had expected to be greeted by the lights and glitz of a luxury night club but its exterior made the Ministry of Sound look somewhat unfortunately like the Ministry of Garbage. Located near Elephant and Castle I would not have even looked twice at it ..." Read review

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Community Level 1tamsin


Fantastic Dancers



"I have been to The Ministry Of Sound once. My first impression was how quiet it was , but it soon started to fill up. There are a wide variety of different people who go, not just your average clubbers. The dancers when they came on where excellent, they dance on the very wide bar in the main room, they really give an excellent show. It is not my usual type of club I go to, I would go back again, but would check out the Djs playing first, as the music ..." Read review

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Community Level 2jimstrong


Clubbers Paradise



"I have been to The Mistry several times in the past and have always managd to get by. However i am not a serious clubber so it was not realy my scene. The culture is to dress to the max, enjoy the music and do drugs. Drugs can be found inside but are not recommended as they are probably very dodgy. The music is good, 3 main rooms cater for a variety of taste, check out the billing before you go. Prices are high as expected but might be worth it. All ..." Read review

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Community Level 1chadman6


could have been so much better!

AdvantagesLights, Sound

DisadvantagesPrices, too crowded

"Went down to the ministry of sound for the first time last saturday. It was £20 to get in but it would have been £15 if we'd bought in advance. The club opened at 10 and we got there and started queuing at 11 and finally got in at 12. Going in i felt like i was being processed... through different levels of security and then for tickets and then cloakroom. Now to the actual experience... The lights were phenomenal and the music sounded incredible. ..." Read review

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Community Level 2apo11o


A top night out!

AdvantagesGreat sound system, great DJs, great atmosphere.

DisadvantagesA little exspensive, like most London clubs. Between £10-12 admission. £3 for a beer.

"Ministry of Sound is one of my favourite clubs in London. It has an unbeatable sound system, two large rooms, and the finest DJs of Dance music. The large 'bar' room is spacious and bright with lush decorations. There's a huge bar at one end. The rest of the room is turned into one big dance floor when the place is busy, with the DJ in the middle. Walking through a dark tunnel reveals, 'the box'. This is the main room. Different DJ and music from ..." Read review

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Community Level 1pottsworth



Advantagesgood nite out on the door step if you live in london.

Disadvantagesnone really

"only been there a couple of times, a good atmosphere if your into the music. Its a club if you want to do some serious dancing and out for a good time. only down side is if you want to leave early it may be a problem for somepeople to get home. As it being in the area it is in transport can be a problem and the cab can be along wait. overall for myself and my freinds it was a good club and we will be returning in the near distance future for another ..." Read review

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