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Manky money grabbing Monarch

Advantagesnot many

Disadvantagesquite a few

"...first time I had used Monarch airlines and the kids and I were looking forward to our trip to Italy flying out of Gatwick airport. Earlier in the year we had used Ryan air to fly to Rome and had enjoyed a cheap and cheerful flight. Having booked through a package travel company I had not had any choice in the airline and my experiences of charter airlines have been limited but usually good. Because we booked though a travel company I'm unable to ..." Read review

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Community Level 3tehuti


An airline to avoid

AdvantagesAbsolutely none.

DisadvantagesCramped seating, incompetent staff, poor catering

"...to fly to Egypt with Monarch earlier this year. The trip started badly with some problems in the check-in procedure. Soon there were several long queues of people at the Monarch check-in desks, some worrying because the check-in time limit was quickly approaching. No attempt was made to inform us about the situation, or to reassure us that we would not miss our flights. The aeroplane was extremely cramped. I am of below-average height, but I found ..." Read review

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Community Level 5DavidJWest


Customer is King.

AdvantagesCustomer care

DisadvantagesSmall food portions

"I have flown with Monarch several times on the 5 hour flight to Cyprus, initially because they were the cheapest at around £250 for a return flight. Having flown with them I now choose them not just for their excellent value, but also the quality of service etc. They have always been excellent time-keepers (I know that this is due to luck at least in part) and the staff are always very courteous, friendly and cheerful. The planes they ..." Read review

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Community Level 3DC-DanielC...


Flying high above the rest!* Review with images

Advantagesalmost everything is good:- too much to list here

Disadvantagescan be a little more expensive than other european airlines but worth it

"...DIFFERENT! >ALSO THIS REVIEW IS ON MONARCH SCHEDULED - ZB, NOT MON >ONE LAST NOTE:- MONARCH IS NOT ADVERTISED AS A BUDGET AIRLINE AND ALTHOUGH MORE EXPENSIVE THAN SOME BUDGET AIRLINES THEY ARE GENERALLY NOT TOO BAD. I flew with monarch Scheduled for the first time over five years ago, and it must be said that at the time I was somewhat less than impressed. I found the planes to be in awful condition and generally flying with them was displeasurable. My ..." Read review

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Community Level 5nigelblue


Crowning glory ( Logo is a crown)

AdvantagesInexpensive. Plenty of destinations.

DisadvantagesThey don't fly from every U.K. airport

"...nature. I have flown with Monarch on many occasions. I owned a property in Spain for a while and I flew to Alicanti from Gatwick 3 to 4 times a year, many of them with this airline. I cannot remember having a poor flight but now and there would be the enervative delays, then you will get delays with all airlines occasionally My last flight was to Tenerife with my son and partner in May 2003 from Luton. We were given reserved seats with extra legroom ..." Read review

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Community Level 3murky5


Monarch Airlines - Only If You Have To!

AdvantagesPart of Package deals, new Aircraft

DisadvantagesLike being aboard a cattle truck

"...having the pleasure? of using Monarch Airlines i thought i would share my observations with you, to perhaps make your trip easier. Firstly my outward journey was delayed by 21 hours - I realise this can happen to any Airline, although certainly having limited Aircraft available on stand-by did not help the situation. What I did find hard to take was the lack of information given out by the Airline via the groud Handling Agency. Yes I was put ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Deenie


Could not pay me to fly with them again

AdvantagesGot me from A to B - just!

DisadvantagesRude crew, incompetant check-in staff, dirty plane

"...I had never flown by Monarch before so I was interested to see what it would be like. I never would have expected the outrageous and totally unacceptable ordeal i was to endure! Arriving at check-in I discovered a queue where people were pushing infront of each other and the check-in staff were dealing with matters very slowly. It was such a circus that I almost got in to a massive row with a man who was literally pushing everyone out of his way ..." Read review

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Monarch - Great low cost airline

AdvantagesLow cost, professional and accommodating


"...airlines over the years and Monarch is definitely my airline of choice for short flights. Booking The booking process is so easy and trouble free and once you have registered with them, they store your details to make future bookings even easier. I never have a problem with the website crashing and it explains clearly during the whole process the various options that you have, for example luggage, seats, meals. The confirmation number comes trough ..." Read review

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Cheap and cheerless

AdvantagesCheap, and it gets you there.

DisadvantagesCheap, and you know it.

"...of my mind and review Monarch fairly and without bias. [Our flight to Dalaman, Turkey, had to return to Gatwick due to engine trouble] If you're using Monarch for a package holiday, you know what you're going to get. The only way they could stuff any more people in the plane's fuselage would be to stack them in flat boxes in the hold. The preparations for the flight are worryingly quick - no sooner do you sit down, the plane is trundling along ..." Read review

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Community Level 1random8


No Kingly Experience


DisadvantagesHidden costs, one choice of meal, one film

"...trawled the internet and found Monarch Airlines were offering seats for just under £500 per person. Great, I thought and duly booked 5. I haven't flown long haul for years and my memories of films, good meals and time to sleep were duly smashed with this airline, partly due to hidden costs. Firstly, the films. We had to pay for each headset! Excuse me! I have 3 children eager to watch their free(!) film - so, I have to pay - I'm not going to ..." Read review

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Community Level 1c00kii3s


Hit and Miss with Monarch

AdvantagesOn time and the food is quite nice.

DisadvantagesStaff are incredably rude and the legroom is appaling, they also lie to customers.

"I flew with Monarch to Malaga, Spain last year with my couin to visit my grandparents who live there, whilst booking the flights the website gave no indication it was a budget airline and implied that the hidden costs (which they convieniantly do warn you about once you start booking and a return flight we thought would be £160 ended up nearly double that) are entirley worth it. My cousin being quite tall for a girl enquired about extra legroom ..." Read review

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Community Level 4willsmj


Gold service


Disadvantagesone man!

"...best price comparison we chose Monarch gold service, a scheduled flight from Luton to Alicante, Spain. On arrival at the airport and the check in went very smoothly, we had been able to pre-book our seats, so sitting together was already sorted out before our departure day. Without any delay we were boarded onto the aircraft in plenty of time, which was an airbus 600. On the plane we were offered a newspaper or hello or ok magazine, and kids ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Toady


Don't fly with Monarch

Advantagesok food and entertainment

DisadvantagesUncomfortable and Punctuality

"I Recently flew with Monarch airline to Gran Canaria - Playa del Ingles for my first time and found it to be ok. The plane was a bowing 757. It was a very uncomfortable journey there and back especially for my fiancé who’s 6ft 1 as you had hardly any leg room. The Plane had to many seats in it, which is what made it have hardly any leg room and made it very uncomfortable. This flight was 4 hours long going to Gran Canaria and 3 and a half ..." Read review

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Community Level 2silvachilla


Standard Airline - no frills here!

AdvantagesOn time, decent food

DisadvantagesThe plane felt 'old'

"...to Zante and flew with Monarch from Gatwick Airport. The check in desks were efficient, we were only queuing for about 10-15 minutes. The plane itself was bigger than expected but was a standard charter flight. The in flight magazine was well thumbed and old, and no air sick bags (thankfully i didnt need it)! The seats were uncomfortable as most flights are and not much leg room. There were seats at the front of the plane which were empty but ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Seagreen


Kings of The Air? More Like Peasants

Advantagesgets you from A to B on time

Disadvantagespretty much everything else

"*Overall, Monarch are terrible. I used them on a recent holiday as part of the package, and would never fly with them again.* Seat pitch - I'm 5ft 0 so don't normally care, but I was quite cramped, so it must be small! I even got given an emergency exit seat on the way out, which had more space, but of course had people pushing by on the way to the toilet etc. all night. Very annoying. For that reason, if you're not 6 ft I wouldn't request it. Punctuality ..." Read review

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