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Community Level 3nadiawalton


Depends on the "Mood". :)

AdvantagesFriendly staff, good music

DisadvantagesSmall, cramped, poor air conditioning

"...get a VIP pass for Mood, all you have to do is call up a few weeks in advance and say its so and so's birthday can we please book a bit in the VIP Area! Not sure how much it costs though! One of the good things about Mood is that there is a bag lady. No, not a smelly lady who goes through people rubbish, but actually a really pleasant girl who for a charge of £1 (which isn't really that much these days!!) will take you coat etc and hang it up for ..." Read review

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Community Level 1blazin5050


In the mood for Mood

AdvantagesConvient location in the city's center, Free to enter, Dance floor, Vip lounge

DisadvantagesSmall dance floor, A bit pricey, Empty before 10pm

"I recently traveled to Oxford with my school, The Restaurant School At Walnut Hill College, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA. While the first night on the town we had no idea what to do or where to go we made use of our time by asking the locals where's a good spot to have a party. Everybody said GO TO THE BRIDGE, well we went there and it sucked, while walking a little bit down the road we tried our luck asking another stranger and were told about ..." Read review

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Community Level 1ilesauxvac...


Love It!!

AdvantagesGood Music, Friendly Staff

DisadvantagesQuite Small

"Well well - mood! This underground club opens at 6pm most days, as a cocktail bar, with a few tables to sit at, and a more "lounge" like area in another part of the club. Its got a nice atmosphere, friendly bouncers, and friendly bar staff (some of whom - are also quite good looking - always a bonus!). As your evening goes on, the DJ plays some of the best rnb and hiphop tunes, that really get you going! And the small - but cosy - dancefloor ..." Read review

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Community Level 1james00

Quick review of Mood, Oxford

"Two of my friends had their purses stolen and I had my phone stolen, all were in our bags and our bags were on our shoulders the whole time. There were so many weird men there, and some of them you just couldnt' get away from - I'm guessing they're the ones that stole our things.. The only good thing is the music. On the way back home in a taxi, the taxi driver actually warned us that he is constantly taking people home from Mood who have had things stolen, so it wasn't just bad luck. Also, don't put your drink down if you go to Mood because there were so many weirdos they'll probably splike your drink.

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Community Level 1anne2837



Advantagesgreat club, good music and atmophere

Disadvantagesdidnt get sexy doormans phone number

"I had the pleasure of visiting this trendy lounge cocktail bar halloween night 2007. I was greeted on my arrival by a muscular ,very well spoken and polite (and very sexy!) asian doorman who ushered me into the club ,where my olfactory senses were welcomed by the sweet smell of insense sticks. The decor is modern incorperating a distinct morrocan style,with a suttle almost mystical touch. The drinks prices were a bit high, however the very high ..." Read review

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