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Community Level 5robert_par...


Not So Grim in the North Review with images

AdvantagesModern, Spacious Ships, Value Price

DisadvantagesSteeply Priced Food

"Triangle. What a stupid concept for a TV series. I can't possibly imagine what the BBC thinking back in the early 80's; "I know, let's set a soap opera aboard a North Sea ferry…"? Ok I see a couple of problems with this; firstly it's never going to be an English 'Love Boat'. No matter how many times Kate O'Mara titivates the audience with her face-down topless sun bathing; the whole thing is still going to end up about as glamorous as the Dagenham ..." Read review

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We Are Sailing Diamond review Review with images

AdvantagesFood, food, and more food

Disadvantagesposh, posh, posh

"...- a cruise on the P & O Cruise ship Aurora. As many will probably know, this had a particularly virulent bug some time ago resulting in the ship not being allowed to dock at various ports for fear of infecting the locals, so armed with that knowledge and the impending festivities, I viewed the holiday with some trepidation. The price of the cruise in the brochure, for a cabin on A deck, which is what we had, is listed at £3000+ per person, but ..." Read review

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Community Level 4mgrigsby


Aurora - Life doesn't get much better than this Diamond review

AdvantagesPampering in total luxury, good food, excellent service


"I never thought that I would ever be that old that the prospect of cruising would appeal to me but how wrong I was … it’s not that I’ve got old (38 and holding fast!) it’s just that I had completely the wrong idea about cruising. Chances are that you have similar misconceptions – if so read on … My first cruise was in 2000 on the Maiden Cruise Break of P&O’s then brand new ship, Aurora. The cruise was booked ..." Read review

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P&O North Sea

AdvantagesGreat fun and loads to do

Disadvantagesweather out at sea

"Pride of Hull and Pride of Rotterdam. During 2004 I have had the pleasure of 3 minicriuses with P&O from the port of Hull. The first 2 times we sailed on the Pride of Rotterdam and the third time we sailed on the Pride of Hull. P&O are the first to point out that when these ships were launched they claimed the title of the biggest ever car ferries and still keep to this day. Whilst P&O enjoy this I would not be surprised if Irish Ferries were a ..." Read review

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Pushing the boat out. Cruise aboard The Oriana.

AdvantagesWorld Class Act

DisadvantagesBay of Biscay

"P&O Cruise aboard The Oriana – 11 nights. OR205 12th to 23rd May 2002 - “Canaries Collection” Southampton Madeira Tenerife La Palma Lanzarote Lisbon Vigo Southampton O~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~O P&O Cruises operate some of the finest ships afloat. They are tailored very much to the British and Anglophile market. The emphasis is heavily towards understated stylish good taste rather than the glitzy Vegas razzmatazz. ..." Read review

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Community Level 2ribena


Pride of Bilbao NOT for ME

Advantagescheap break, drink and cigs. freindly staff

DisadvantagesPeople being sick all over, expensive food, jacuzzi never open!

"In February of this year some friends and me decided that we needed a cheap break away. I looked around the Internet and came across a site called www.firedup.com. This site has since closed down but at the time they were offering a mini cruise to Spain for £35. The ship was called the Pride of Bilbao and leaves from Portsmouth on the Saturday and arrives in Spain on Monday and then you have little time off the boat and then back to Portsmouth ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Youngathea...


P. & O. My Favourite Cruise-line

AdvantagesSee lots of different places without packing and unpacking

DisadvantagesToo much food if you have no willpower.

"P & O have had such bad press lately I thought I would write down my experiences with this company since 1980. The first cruise with P.& O. was on the Canberra in 1980, visiting several countries in the Mediterranean. We went with a couple of friends and had a wonderful time, feeling and being treated like royalty. It took us two years to save for this trip and it was worth every penny. The excitement of leaving Southampton with "You are Sailing" ..." Read review

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Community Level 4Marchant


Lifetime Treat on the Oriana

AdvantagesA real value for money holiday of a lifetime in which you will be completely pampered

DisadvantagesPerfectly calm crossings cannot be guaranteed

"I should like to dedicate this op to all those who have not been on a cruise before or been on a P&O cruise on the Oriana. If you read this from start to finish you too could want to be spoilt for life. I hadn't cruised with P&O before this trip and it has definitely changed my understanding as to what is real value for money on a holiday. My biggest problem is in trying to be brief - I could write a book on this voyage but I will spare you that! THE ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Greenpeace


The Pride Of Bilbao

AdvantagesCivilised Relaxing way to get to Spain with your car.

DisadvantagesExpensive and having to put up with winging Mini Cruisers.

"Remember this is a 'Ferry' not a Cruise ship as such... If you board this boat expecting to be on the QMII then you will be very dissapointed...but then it is (as I say) a Ferry and an excellent one too. I have travelled on this Ship about 7 times with my car over the years, its far bigger than the Brittany one that goes to Santander..and much more to do on board. I reccomend paying the extra to get a Club Double with windows, for this you ..." Read review

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Community Level 1son_of_a_t...


The P & O Pride of Rotterdam - MiniCruise

AdvantagesA fantastic sailing experience, from beginning to end

DisadvantagesThat it had to end!

"...pleasurable break away courtesy of P & O North Sea Ferries, I felt that I would like to share my experiences with you all so that you can judge for yourselves whether or not a minicruise is for you. To set the scene, I had booked myself and my fiancee onto the Hull to Rotterdam Return Motorist MiniCruise sailing at 21:00, driving my little Citroen Saxo over to Europe. I had also booked cabin accommodation, with a Standard 2-Berth Bed Outside Cabin ..." Read review

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Club lounge on board Dover - Calais

AdvantagesComfy, relaxing, hassle-free.

DisadvantagesCosts extra.

"...Well after going through Eurotunnel, P & O and Seafrance quotes and deciding that we were in no rush and would appreciate a break in our trip from the Midlands to Le Touquet decided that the ferry would give us time for a quick lunch and a potter around the shop. The tunnel worked out at £162 for our 2 night Friday to Sunday trip with both crossings early afternoon. Seafrance was £100 and P & O were £89. We went with P & O because of the priority ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Sliv


Ocean Village

AdvantagesInformal, 24 Hour Dining, Plenty to Do and See


"Having never cruised before, having read a bad review regarding Ocean Village and knowing that Ocean Village was being marketed at "People that don't do cruising", I was unsure as to whether this was going to turn out to be a nightmare week on a floating Butlins. I couldn't have been more wrong. This was a Mediteranean cruise, starting in Majorca and taking in some fantastic destinations including Tunis, Rome, St Raphael and Barcelona. Ocean ..." Read review

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Community Level 1carrrotts


Pride of Bilbao, very pleasing

AdvantagesFriendly staff, clean

DisadvantagesTiny swimming pool

"This ship was very good value for its price. First of all I'd like to say that some people expect this ship to have massive rooms and 100 different places to eat, but can I remind you that the pride of Bilbao is for mini-cruises, meaning that it won't have as much services!! I went with my sister and mother from Friday to Monday, with a booking with Gold Crest, which was excellent and Gold Crest provides the transport to Portsmouth, where the ..." Read review

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Community Level 2PaulCatter...


Lord Sterling's Empire just got greedier

AdvantagesAmong the best holiday experiences of a lifetime!

DisadvantagesPrice a prohibitive factor for many

"The story I am about to tell is one with which many of the older contributors to this section will aprreciate and identify with. I might well only be 21 years of age, but I am sufficiently astute to recognise that P&O Cruises is not the company it was back in 1988 when I took my first cruise! Lord Sterling of Plaistow...now there's a title that should strike fear into any adversary...well, maybe not! Hardened cruisers of my parent's generation will ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jmryanuk


P + O Cruises on the Ocean Village

AdvantagesGood Food, lots of nice places to visit

DisadvantagesPlenty of them, just take a look at this review....

"A review of my honeymoon, on the Ocean Village and why not to do it! I booked a honeymoon cruise onboard the Ocean Village cruise ship, for a one week cruise around the Mediterranean, I had to pay just about full price, just under £1000 each for a outside cabin with a window on the "D" Deck – the view from the window was obscured by a giant lifeboat just outside. We knew about the lifeboat blocking the window prior to our cruise, but I could ..." Read review

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