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Community Level 1a_m_q

Quick review of Pakistan International Airlines

"People, please ease up on PIA. I just flew PIA from Toronto-to-Lahore and back and I have to say that the service was absolutely fine by any standard. This is not the same airline of the '80's or '90's. Ground staff was polite, inflight staff was very attentive and caring. Meals were not top of the line but better than what Air Canada/ British Airways or American has ever served me. 777-200LR is an amazing plane, with very comfortable seating plan and impressive IFE. YYZLHE is a long flight, but very comfortable, thanks to PIA's hospitality staff. STOP comparing PIA to Virgin and you will have a wonderful flight experience. Good Job PIA - Keep Improving; A+ for effort , B+ for Service.

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Community Level 2ordy


Pathetic PIA


DisadvantagesEverything else

"I lived & worked in Pakistan for the past year and had to fly PIA frequently. Here is what I found :- 1. Dirty cabins 2. Poor food 3. Late aircraft 4. High cancellations 5. High crash rate during the foggy winters on internal flights 6. Overbooking of seats 7. Toilets from hell 8. No alcohol on the flights 9. Smelly 10. Leave you sitting on tarmac with doors open for up to 1 hour in heat with no air conditioning 11. Duty free laughable 12. ..." Read review

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the airline from hell!

AdvantagesMonopoly over Direct Flights

DisadvantagesRude, Unprofessional, Unreliable Safety, Horribly dirty stinking toilets, Domestic flight crashes

"Last week was my third and last time using PIA. Each one of my trips has been a nightmare worse than the last. I usually travel on other airlines, but this time I chose PIA again, even though I knew that I would regret it later. I was travelling for the first time with a baby, so I decided to take a direct flight. I could find cheaper tickets with better airlines, but the only thing in PIA's favour was that they have a monoply on direct flights to ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Abu_Musa


Forget it!

Advantagescertain flight dates

Disadvantagesnever on time

"I am so sorry to say that travellign on PIA is a real nightmare! I have travelled on this airline several times.. and the tripshave not been fun! The flights are always late in departing, the food is the same as it was 10 years a go, the seats are cramped.. and the airline staff are very unprofessional.... I even sawe a lady pass away on the plan, the air staff didn't have a clue what was going on! They seem to feel that they are doing you a favour ..." Read review

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Community Level 1omar360


Never again - not even if you paid me


DisadvantagesPrice, service, quality

"...had one less day in Pakistan but damn it everything was on time. So last month i get back ffrom pakistan with PIA...again the flight wasn't without issue. I always wanted to visit Moscow but not a 3am in the freezing cold with a plane with an erratic pilot. This ofcourse was after a 3hr delay at the airport - we missed our slot because the pilot didn't read the schedule. Because they've monolpolised the London-Lahore sector they can charge ..." Read review

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Community Level 1dj_kucha


Extremely Poor Service on PIA

Advantageseasy access to Pakistan

Disadvantagesdelays, inconsistencies, rude customer service

"It is unfortunate that PIA is the primary airline to get to and from Pakistan. But I suppose this is why they continue to have such poor customer service: when you have a monopoly on the travel of over 200 million Pakistanis, you can do whatever you want and not have to answer to anyone. My main gripes with PIA are the following: - Rude customer service on the phone. Most of PIA's service people (particularly the females for some reason) don't ..." Read review

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70% chance of Delays when flying with PIA

AdvantagesGreat wide range of films to choose from

DisadvantagesService could be better, plane can be dirty at times

"...the time when going to Pakistan and mostly they are known for delays. PIA is a good airline with acceptable food but the service can improve. The airline gives you food and drinks then that's it, if you want a drink after the meal you have to get up and get it your self. The good thing about PIA is that it takes you directly to the country which you want to go to. I went to Pakistan and it goes straight there rather than Emirates who always have ..." Read review

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Community Level 1pmwa

Quick review of Pakistan International Airlines

"First of all the staff are very rude they have no manners at all. the food is not bad, but the service is very bad. they is no inflight entertainment, there is nothing for children at all. after putting up with very badly behaved passangers in front of me i complained to the stewareds, who took no notice at all they didnt tell the people off, which means that I could not sleep a wink for 7 hours. a man stood in the passagway all through the flight, when i asked him to let me pass he was very rude, and nobody did anythibn about it at all. I swore I shall never travel with PIA again. they treat their passangers as third class citizens.

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Community Level 1imrick

Quick review of Pakistan International Airlines

"First time to Pakistan and traveled with PIA so far good experience; before boarding I was worried about airline reputation and people reviews but it was inverse I'm happy to travel with PIA and will suggest to others as well - It was much better then AA and United. I guess most of Pakistani's were travelling and they were feeling like home environment same like Pakistan; food was awesome specially called briyanii. Rick

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Community Level 1topgearbuyer


PIA Stands for Pakistani Idiot Airlines!



"...a favour and get to Pakistan in any other way possible - even walk - but do not disgrace the human race and degrade yourselves to the point that you have to fly PIA. They are rude, incapable, incompetent, inept, lazy, unprofessional, ill mannered, uncaring, uncultured, sweaty, clueless, monkey, uncivilised, untrained, idiots and that's just their good points! I've never come across any "service" that goes out of its way to actually show you how little ..." Read review

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AdvantagesDirect flights to pakistan from UK

DisadvantagesExtremley poor customer service, delayed flights routine, poor hygene, ill maintained air craft...

"I have used PIA many many times.I have found their service to be substandard by any means and most of the staff are rude and ignorant.The planes are somewhat dated with the in flight entertainment being a joke.I refuse to eat the meals because fear of food poisoning (past personal experience) The planes are not well maintained from what I have been told and this is the main reason they are pretty much always late or flights even cancelled, leaving ..." Read review

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Community Level 1marksheikh


Needs to improve

AdvantagesAt home service and crew

Disadvantagesimprovements needed

"I have travelled in PIA a no of times. Last time I travelled in it was about 2 years ago. I have to say that the airline has improved from its early years and that the aircrafts are more reliable and quiter than what they used to be! Though I would say that their service needs to improve, particularly in the service side of things. They need to recruit some younger generation of air hosts / hostesses so as they can improve the service. Having ..." Read review

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Community Level 1sho646


Pathetic Review

AdvantagesNice Food, Good Economy Plus Option,

Disadvantagesbad Air hostesses, below average entertainement system

"...BA, Swiss, Emirates, Canada and Pakistan Airlines. Obviously If you are a white person or a person from a different continent then you wouldnt like food much as i didnt like your airlines pathetic food options. Though Swiss airline had reached the hights of shit food, what they gave us was a bloody long bun with cucumber in it and a cup of tea. High crash rate during the foggy winters: Do i need to say anything how such review is unrealistic. Google ..." Read review

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Community Level 1sahara



AdvantagesVery cheap Airlines With all expected facilities.


"Some of my friends are make allegations against PIA that it is not a good airline. Its toilets are so small and it's plane are not able to go on a long route like islamabad to united states. I do not think so and I did not agree with these persons. This is a matter of common sense that the same plans used by PIA are also in use world's leading airlines like Emerated Airlines and british airlines. If PIA's plans's toilet are too small. So why do not ..." Read review

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Community Level 2reh



AdvantagesThe time we were supposed to fly they had no planes!


"I totally regret ever having come in contact with this awful air company. It was a few years ago now, but my tight wad father booked us tickets to America with PIA because they were so amazingly cheap. Is it any wonder? No! We arrived at the airport already to jet off, hopefully in a plane which had both wings. My mother and I weren't expecting much cause we know my dad's reputation for being cheap! When we got to the check-in we were informed kindly ..." Read review

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