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Community Level 6marcellep


What a service and its on my door step Diamond review Review with images

AdvantagesRoutes, Cost, Times

DisadvantagesSee full review

"The chances are you have been on one of these trains or at least seen one. Now I know that Ciao call the trains Scot rail but they have since changed names and are now known as First Scot Rail. **About First Scot Rail** As I have said that they are previously known as Scot rail until the 17th of October 2004 when they became First Scot Rail. Since they merged back on the 17th of October First Scot Rail have promised that they will improve ..." Read review

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Community Level 6ScottishWe...


Better than I expected

AdvantagesGood rolling stock, helpful staff on the train, prices

DisadvantagesGrumpy staff at ticket offices

"I have to travel quite a lot in my job all over Scotland, North of England, Ireland & sometimes the south of England. Just like any other company I have a strict budget to keep to for traveling & for accommodation & I have to find the most cost effective methods. Around 80% of my traveling is by car with the remaining 20% by train, plane or ferry. Travelling in modern day Britain is no fun, by car it isn't long before your stuck in a traffic jam, ..." Read review

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First Scotrail - You can do better Diamond review

AdvantagesHelpful staff, good reliability

DisadvantagesBad catering and lack of facilities.

"...around using the trains. First Scotrail in particular. We stayed at a lovely hotel in Inverness where we stayed for a week. Our journey there was quite uneventful, we used the National Express East Coast service, which was direct from London Kings Cross to Inverness. But- enough about that, I'm reviewing First Scotrail here. Our plan was to stay in Inverness and then go out for the day using the local train services. We ended up travelling ..." Read review

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Community Level 3bigkenny


Sun, sea, sand and Scotrail

AdvantagesBreathtaking scenery, clean trains

DisadvantagesVery slow and useless North of Inverness

"...Edinburgh and Inverness. I guess Scotrail are not off to a good start. Before we have even boarded the train we know that they are slow and that the service is no good if you want to go anywhere other than a main station. Did I forget to say that the only reason that we get the train is that my girlfriend gets sick on the bus? So Scotrail are going to have to pull something good out of the bag to win me over and we have not even got on the ..." Read review

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Community Level 2MikeLB


Scotrail West Highland Line Day Trips - Stunning!

AdvantagesScenery, Price, Great Days Out

DisadvantagesTrain Stock used is quite old on these lines.

"...lines and feel they show Scotrail at its best - supporting remote local communities in some pretty remote terrain. The first line - Glasgow to Oban, departs from Glasgow Queen Street. Passing through stations such as Dumbarton, Helensburgh (where the line officially starts), Gareloch head and the first stop at Ardlui. This stop allows the train coming in the opposite direction to pass, so you get a nice leg stretching there. The views are stunning ..." Read review

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Community Level 3corman


don't book online

Advantagesnone that I found

Disadvantagestimes, fares and availability inaccurate (availability is non-existent)

"...a ticket online through the Scotrail web site, which apparently lets you book online. I was booking two weeks in advance (ample time normally) for an apex return Aberdeen to Edinburgh. At the moment they are £19. The booking procedure itself is very straightforward, giving you details of outward and inward journey times, you simply choose which times suits you best and the dates, and then it will give you options of whether you want Apex or full fare. ..." Read review

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Community Level 3DJWally



AdvantagesThe main rail service for the Scottish North Eastern line.

DisadvantagesIncreasingly erratic service.

"...to be travelling via a Scotrail service is to be careful, and make sure you have plenty of time to meet any connections wherever possible. ..." Read review

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Community Level 2howaysali


London/Scotland Sleeper Trains

Advantagesarrive refreshed in city centre

Disadvantagessometimes delayed & expensive

"...to travel overnight on the Scotrail sleeper train.For tourists this can be a much more convenient option to journeying by plane as 1 nights accomodation is already paid for, there is a chance to see scenery & you will not be arriving at an airport 1 hour from the city centre. If booked in advance this can also be a cheaper ticket than travelling on the other 2 train options, Virgin & GNER. Be warned to check with Scotrail before booking a ticket ..." Read review

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Can I have my train service back

Advantageslocal frequent services in Scotland

Disadvantagesservices disrupted in 2002

"...great patience with both the ScotRail management and staff during their dispute. My local service has been cut from 2 trains per hour to 2 trains per day. As a result, I now need to make alternative arrangements, as my journey is no longer possible. Now that the strike is over I was looking forward to a return of at least a basic service, possibly by June. However, I have been advised it may not be reinstated until September as they cannot ..." Read review

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Community Level 3tracy112


First Scotrail trains (NE Scotland)

AdvantagesPunctual, organised, frequent trains

Disadvantagesnot many

"...before starting uni but First Scotrail made it so easy to get back into the process. Because the trains are always on time, there is no confusion about whether i'm getting on the right train or not. Im always sure when i need to get off at my stop and things like reserved seats are always clearly marked to avoid confusion. A great service which i will continue to use for the next few years. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1AsherYosef


First ScotRail - a company of thieves/liars, avoid like the pest


DisadvantagesFirstScotRail people steal your money, advertise deceitfully, are always rude and lie to you

"...phone all the time. First ScotRail has no rule against noisy cell phone users, which renders the journey unpleasant. I went to the First ScotRail office in the train station in Aberdeen on November 24th, knowing I would not use my return ticket on the 30th. They were rude and refused to either change the return date or to refund it. They said I should just call the company. They wouldn't help because it was bought online. I called them on November ..." Read review

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Community Level 1DoogieB

Quick review of ScotRail

"Superb way to get from London to Edinburgh. Have a few beers, board the train @ Euston for 2345 departure, have one or two more in the lounge bar on the train with seats, tables and table service, then wake up in Edinburgh. Works just as well in reverse, recommend the Hebridean pub opposite the back entrance to Waverley Station in Edinburgh, particularly Sunday night, have a pint and listen to Gaelic jamming. Recommend booking £172 leisure first if you're on your own, get whole cabin to yourself. Have a shower in Virgin lounge in Euston, basic but functional.

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Community Level 2sandie7


Comfortable Train Travel

Advantagescomfortable and safe


"ScotRail provide a good service around the UK. I was on this train when going to Glasgow and admit that the seats were comfy and the carriages are very posh inside. They have smaller trains for local routes. Scotrail have a service called the sleeper train with beds on them which is nice. It is quite an expensive company though. So far there has never been any complaints about the railway and thejourney si always fine. I have never heard of any crashes ..." Read review

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Worst ticket delivery

AdvantagesSo far - nothing

DisadvantagesSo far - advanced online ticket delivery

"I am waiting for my rover tickets since 10 days and the customer support is great worst I have ever seen. But in the order confirmation mail, they have clearly mentioned that the tickets will be with us in 3 to 5 days. But now its more than 10 days, we didn't recieve our tickets...... They do not know anything about the delivery and I was asked to wait till last a few hours of my scheduled departure. And if I am not received it before my journey ..." Read review

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Community Level 6scuba_angel



Advantagesclose to uni, easy to get to the cities


"...follow, but i dislike the scotrail trains when im travelling because i usually have at least a suitcase with me to find a space for but i have only ever found one luggage rack on a train from stirling, which annoys not just me but other passengers when my bag's in their way. Although in general the service is good and i dont really worry about the journey in to the city as the trains do run roughly every half hour (just not the times they say), ..." Read review

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