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Community Level 3Davie123


We hope you enjoy the show

AdvantagesComfortable seats and large choice of films

Disadvantagespublic transport and poor service

"There are two Showcase Cinema complexes in the Glasgow area. One is in Paisley (which I'm sure could be argued is not part of Glasgow but that's a different discussion) and the other is in the Coatbridge area (which is really Monklands and not Glasgow, confusing isn't it). The latter is my nearest cinema and is the one I will discuss (having never visited the other. The Showcase in Coatbridge is officially called the Glasgow East Showcase and that ..." Read review

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Glasgow East showcase

Advantagesserving the East end of Glasgow

Disadvantagesonly accessible by road

"This cinema doesn't really know whether it is Coatbridge, Bargeddie, or Glasgow... In the newspapers it is advertised as Glasgow (East), but is closer to Coatbridge and its address is Bargeddie! Located and visible at the A8 between Shawhead (A725) and Bailleston (M73). Reduced "early bird" tickets are available to screenings before 13:00, and concessions at all other times. However, in Glasgow this is the most expensive Multiplex (in the area), ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Guru-On-A-...


Enjoy the Film!

AdvantagesLarge cinema, surrounded by restuarants, bars, bowling and arcades.

DisadvantagesAwkward location.

"...cinemas, and the Glasgow East Showcase is one I go to fairly often. The name is fairly confusing, as it is probably nearer Coatbridge than Glasgow, but it is only part of a much larger park which contains a bowling alley, arcade, KFC, McDonald's, a couple of other eating places and a pub. The cinema itself is fairly eye-catching as you drive by it on the motorway, with huge neon signs attracting your attention from the windows. However, it is ..." Read review

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Community Level 6GR-Design


Good Service but you pay for it!

AdvantagesCustomer Service

DisadvantagesHigh prices for drinks and snacks

"...have only been to the showcase cinemas based in Leeds. I have been a few times and have been happy viewing movies there. I went to see one tonight with my partner and we found that the picture had all the black dots across the screen where dust had got on the reel and the sound kept on skipping, but it was watchable. We had paid £3.00 to view this movie each as it was a tuesday night. At the end of the night we decided to tell someone about the poor ..." Read review

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Community Level 2djstu13


Fun but not cheap

AdvantagesWide range of screens and times and the food is great

DisadvantagesA bit extortionate but most can live with it

"Very Americanized and attractive places to watch movies. A wide selection of snacks and times to see movies throughout the day. The one snag is that it is very expensive. The thing that balances it all out though is that it is by far the best cinemas around for, cleaness, friendliness, movie selection and food. I went to London once and a lot of the cinemas there are dedicated to one film which is utter pants. Scotland has buy far the best cinemas ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jillybean123


Paisley Showcase is the Pitts

AdvantagesPaisley Showcase is near to M8 motorway

DisadvantagesVery Expensive and Appalling Staff

"...aged 12 along to the Showcase Cinema in Paisley, I asked the girl on the desk for a film which would suit all of us I was directed to a film called The Haunted Mansion, in their revue it says " family entertainment Comedy" There was nothing funny about this film both of my children and myself were scared stiff so scared in fact we had to leave. The staff were completely unhelpful and we left completely upset that our once a fortnight trip to the cinema ..." Read review

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