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Community Level 1charliebecca


Not Such A Haven

AdvantagesClose to the beach

DisadvantagesLoud, pissheads, druggies, abuse, unclean, not much to do

"Nothing says good morning quite like a fresh dump on your car! If you were thinking this site was a low key, relaxing, student friendly atmosphere, you and I were sadly mistaken. 18-30?!, read the small print on the site because they allow 16 years olds onto the site as long as there accompanied by an adult and they don‘t even ID so I can safely say there were younger than that. For us that meant 3 caravans next to us full of screaming chavs, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1mp1234567


Smugglers Haven.. 2009 Review

Advantagescheap,good transport provided, party atmosphere

Disadvantagesusers too young, unclean, lawless

"...site, that end being called Smugglers Haven. The front of the site has the families only section and doesnt have much in the way of exciting facilities for the general 'smugglers' user. Smugglers its self comprises of a section of static caravans and camping areas. The Facilities. There is a shop/off licence on site which seems pretty well equipped for most of the things you will need, dont expect the purchase price of the items on sale to reflect ..." Read review

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Community Level 1sanajo


Fun for the Young

Advantagesgood location, fun and friendly, great for Boardmasters

Disadvantagesdirty bathrooms and long queues, can be loud

"This was our first visit to Newquay, and I don't think it could have been much better! A group of three 23-year old girls, surrounded my hundreds of fellow youngsters all up for a good camping time. If you're looking for a relaxed, peaceful, luxury campsite, this is definitely not it. However, we didn't really find it that loud, although it does depend where you are situated - because some groups do blast music into the early hours. We met loads of ..." Read review

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Community Level 5ukedge87


What Were They Smuggling?

AdvantagesVery cheap indeed. Great buzzing atmosphere.

DisadvantagesFacilities are very basic, and of low standard. The wardens are not very good at their role.

"Smugglers Haven is a static caravan site in Newquay, Cornwall. Aimed at the 18 to 30 market, it attracts the people who gave Newquay the name for being the best club scene in England. With that in mind, me and 8 friends went down in July this year for a week of drinking, and partying. We went for one week, during July's awful rain period and suffered from the weather, but we were determined to not let that ruin our stay. +++ Location +++ It's ..." Read review

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Smugglers Haven 2012

AdvantagesGood get away place for teens, good atmosphere, accepts under 16s without parents

DisadvantagesCan get muddy, some people there are dicks, Only very basic facilities, not that clean

"Smugglers Haven in Newquay is a popular destination for 16 year old teens to stay after their exams as a sort of get away break, I'm not sure how this started, probably because Smugglers is one of the only sites that would let 16 year old kids stay without parents, however I believe the site has been running for a long time now and staying at this site has become almost a sort of tradition for years 11s leaving at some schools. Following this tradition, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jonesy787


Haven it ain't

AdvantagesSome caravans are clean and modern. Good bus service. Good shop. Newquay's not too far by road

DisadvantagesSome caravans are uninhabitable in my opinion. Extreme rowdyness by a minority

"When you first arrive at Smugglers Haven or Trevelgue Park as it's also called, you go to the main office and it all looks quite smart and the surrounding caravans are all clean and modern. Then they send you up the lane to the Smugglers Haven area and the contrast is vast. The first caravan we were shown to was a complete disgrace and I can only assume it was a cock up as it wasn't fit to live in for an hour let alone week. Outside was a mud bath ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Joethumb


Smugglers is awesome!! forget the crap reviews!

Advantageslocation, fun factor, bus service, perfect for lads/lasses on holiday who want fun.

Disadvantagescold showers, bit disorganised, dnt take your family there!

"...reviews, i came back from smugglers haven 2 days ago-(6-12 august (boardmasters week)) we camped and it was a simply awesome week. Smugglers haven has to have made our newquay holiday (8 lads) one of the best holidays ive ever been on. Compared to the atlantis bahia hotel i stayed in last year, its luxury levels are near zero, but its perfect for groups of mates going to newquay to have an amzing time and to party hard. Beach in the day time, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Jadeyroo22


Smugglers Haven 1 word- AMAZING!!


DisadvantagesBad phone signal :(..... Seagulls

"...after reading the reviews of Smugglers Haven tried to do ANYTHING to get out of it! I even looked up train routes from newquay to get home if i wanted to. We booked to go down on the thursday, which is a must as it gets stupidly busy on the friday afternoon, we left at 7am thursday morning and took us 8 and a half hours to get down to Newquay. Should of been less, but thankyou to a stupid sat nav it decided to take us on its own road trip!! We finally ..." Read review

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Community Level 2LittleHB


The equivalent of an 18-30's holiday in England!

AdvantagesCheap accomodation and really friendly site

DisadvantagesCaravans are pretty basic, and avoid the hollow bungalow!

"...bargain cost of staying at Smugglers Haven means you have lots of money to spare! So if you're looking for a cheap holiday with a bunch of mates, this is definately for you - but avoid at all costs if you are looking for a quiet, family break! ..." Read review

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Community Level 1honestrevi...




Disadvantagesencluded in report (there are alot)

"DONT GO TO SMUGGLERS HAVEN!!! its more like smugglers hell,we lasted 1 night, we arrived and realised any facilities i.e pub,take away and swimming pool are half a mile down the road from the 1st field and we were told to drive to the overflow field and pitch up where we want so we made out way through the muddy fields(atleast 3 inches of mud everywhere) peolples cars where stuck,there was a jcb digging out mud, we passed people leaving in there ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Fishystan


Smugglers - A filthy swamp miles from anywhere

AdvantagesThe doors come off in your hand so theres no need for a key

DisadvantagesViolence, intimidation, no security, dirt, burglary, plague

"Smuggler's reppresents everything that is bad about Newquay. It's dangerous, threatening, full of abusive chavs, drunk 14 year olds and generally bad people. While I was there i saw a drunk driver crash a van into a caravan, and a constant parade of drunk chavs trying to pick fights with people. If you are a parent DONT LET YOUR KIDS STAY HERE!! They arent an 18-30s site because they let groups of 16 year olds stay here and they dont even ask them ..." Read review

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Extremely Poor.

AdvantagesOne good club in town, 30 minutes away.


"...exchange for some magic beans. AVOID SMUGGLERS HAVEN. ..." Read review

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Community Level 0rumbecca


smugglers-party haven

Advantagesgreat location for boardmasters, ideal for young groups wanting a lively holiday

Disadvantagesnoisy, lively, basic facilities, expensive on-site shop

"...reading some awful reviews about smugglers haven I thought I should share my opinions. I went, expecting the worst and was plesently surprised. We were in a group of 5 people in our late twenties and were probably the oldest people on the site. We camped for a long weekend for the Boardmasters festival so the site was fully booked. We had a long walk to the top of a hill but had plenty of space up there and great views across the valley. The atmosphere ..." Read review

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Smuggles Haven Review August 2009 - Read On

AdvantagesNo noise restrictions, drug policy, or hygiene standards

DisadvantagesDon't offer refunds, make you stay once paid

"...a relaxing time, than avoid Smugglers Haven like the plague. I'll finish by saying, Smugglers Hell ruined my first trip to Cornwall and I wish I had read the reviews before paying over the phone in advance, be warned!!!!! Dazza The Camer ..." Read review

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Dont go to smugglers Haven!! (If you're a bit of a tit)


Disadvantageshow on earth are you supposed to do that with a towel?

"...is there to say about smugglers haven? Well for starters, a lot less than there is to say about most of the whining k**bs on this review page who paid nearly f*uck all for an over 18’s campsite in Newquay only to complain that the clientèle was somewhat lacking in the social dexterity usually attributed to patrons of a 5 star hotel. That being said, we did drive past the almost apocalyptic mews of the static caravans at the top of the site before ..." Read review

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