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Community Level 5MRANDREWSJK


I'm not using the Ferrari's much lately...

AdvantagesReasonable price with a seson ticket

DisadvantagesAlways stand at night for the first 50 minutes

"...facts, or my impression of South West Trains. Well....... Eeerrrr....they have a web site, www.swtrains.co.uk, where you can go for details of all their routes and prices !!! Perhaps you might have needed to know that ?? South West Trains is a wholly owned subsidiary of Stagecoach Group. Now this in itself is interesting because I spent several years of my life commuting to London from Northants on a Stagecoach coach, and today I'm commuting to ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Royston1




DisadvantagesThe worst mode of transport on the face of the planet

"...about the terrible state of South West Trains. I can hardly bring myself to pay for my train ticket nowadays when I know what type of journey I can expect. I use SW Trains to get into work everyday (early morning and evening), and travel from Guildford to Waterloo. My gripe lies not with the staff at SW Trains, I think they make the best of what they have and are usually polite and happy to help, but with the state of the trains which are absolutely ..." Read review

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Community Level 6Modena


This train dont stop here anymore

AdvantagesAcceptable when the service is running properly, new trains soon, new information system soon, frequency

DisadvantagesDelays, dated trains, peak hours, patronising, see stories section

"South West Trains (SWT) operate services between London Waterloo and the South West of England; reaching places like Reading, Exeter, and Southampton etc, it also runs a suburban network through south west London… I’ve been travelling one the “Reading” line for almost 4 years now, and this is what I think of them, I can only speak on behalf of this line, there is a chance I could mislead you on the general picture… ••The ..." Read review

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Community Level 7CareBear



AdvantagesI can get to work

DisadvantagesNo choice over whether I use them and appalling customer service

"...the board of management from South West Trains who will be passing down the carriages. If you have any questions please feel free to ask them." Ah-ha, so that is what they are up to. Then again, at our first stop, West Byfleet, "Good Morning and welcome to those passengers who have joined the 0733 semi-fast service to London Waterloo calling at….." and then they again told us that there were South West Train managers on board. Shortly ..." Read review

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Community Level 2helendavis83


Save Our Time, Save Your Time, Please Take The Bus



"I myself travel using South West Trains very frequently, and in writing this opinion I also draw on the comments of father who daily catches the 0752 from Guildford to Waterloo, using a season ticket which cost him many thousands of pounds. Trains are frequently delayed, cancelled or short in carriages, causing much disruption, which people who have spent a lot on their ticket do not deserve. Having finally managed to get on the train, they ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Cathy_Young


our trains how good are they

Advantagesyou get to your to where you want quickly if you havent got a car and you can save petrol

Disadvantagesyou dont know how relable they are

"I've been a train traveller all my life and as neither of my parents drive I have got use to what our trains were like but recently i feel they have been getting worse. For example i went to Southampton recently and the toilets were a total mess. There was no loo role as it was all over the floor, the tap water didn't run/flow properly, and the hand towels were non-existent. Also the door didn't close, as the lock didn't reach its fixing on the ..." Read review

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Community Level 1PaulRoss


Absolutely bloody diabolical


DisadvantagesExpensive, uncomfortable, unreliable, impolite, chance of parasite infection

"...? If you can avoid taking south west trains, then do. They can, at best, be described as a bunch of talentless clowns. The entire system is a shining example of how NOT to run a service. Well, let's start at the beginning with the ticket purchasing. Ok, I know it's not South West Trains, but hey it's all part of the SWT "experience" and you can GARAUNTEE that there will be a large queue when you go to buy your ticket. So get ready to stand in line, ..." Read review

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Community Level 3leggb


I only travel becuase I have to

AdvantagesTrains look good from the outside

DisadvantagesTrains look bad from the inside

"South West Trains run most of the trains in the south west, as the name suggests conveniently. When the network was privatised it was taken over by Stagecoach and since then i would have to say that the service has got worse. Weymouth is a small town that is surrounded by hills and only has one proper road out that is always ful of traffic. This makes the trains the only way out of the town without getting stuck in traffic jams. I am one of those ..." Read review

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Community Level 4TYoung


Get your act together SW Trains...

AdvantagesGood Staff, Gets you from A to B

Disadvantagespoor facilities and conditions. Very old fashioned and needs improving fast!

"...opinions from other people regarding South West Trains, i have to agree with the people who havent given the SW Trains a good rating because they are very poor at the moment. From when i was a small kid (about 10 yrs ago) i hardly ever went on trains but when i did i used to love it and always wanted to be a train driver. Well havent those years changed my opinion drastically. Having been to a number of stations i feel that many train stations ..." Read review

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Community Level 2The_Walrus


Pedants, the lot of them....


DisadvantagesToo many to list in 15 words!

"Grrrr! South West Trains! Grrrr! I am lucky enough to live in the North so do not have to use South West Trains on a regular basis (‘regular’ not being a word I’d use to describe them however…), but as my partner lives in Guildford I occasionally use the service to travel from Guildford to Waterloo. On the whole I would describe the services as unreliable, and the trains as creaky and stuffed to the brim with passengers ..." Read review

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Community Level 3o_morris


'Bloody Hell, Not Again'

AdvantagesNice Staff

DisadvantagesWhere to start?...

"...and on. So why do South West Trains have over 28,000 customers each day? The reason – well, it’s probably because even though they fail on nearly everything, it is still easier than driving. They run over 1600 trains every weekday, to over 217 stations with over 4,500 members of staff; quite impressive really. This op is being written on the Weymouth – Waterloo route, one which I have become familiar with and has become familiar ..." Read review

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Community Level 4EmmaJ


Third world train company

AdvantagesAbsolutely NONE

DisadvantagesExepensive, unreliable, filthy

"...good things to say about south west trains. I regularly communte from Camberley to Richmond and I used to brave the train but I find driving there must more comfortable, despite the boredom of sitting in traffic jams on the M3. Are all their stations as grim as the ones that I see? The facilities are generally limited (no news kiosk) and the stations are grimy. Then you have the joy of waiting for your train - you could be waiting some time. Generally ..." Read review

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Community Level 6danielethe...


Some Dead Brains UPDATED

AdvantagesGets you from A to B... sometimes

DisadvantagesDon't have time to list them all!

"--- I would like to add that I put my faith in SWT to upgrade their network over the next thirty years and let's hope that the 800 new trains are deliveres. --- I looked at my train yesterday. I looked at it again. Judging from its age and state, it could have been one that's been delayed from 1965 - it had definitely never been cleaned since then, anyway. I arrived at the station. So I went to the ticket counter: 'Can I have a ticket to ..." Read review

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Community Level 2griffiti


OK now I've stopped commuting

AdvantagesNecessary evil

DisadvantagesCrowded, unreliable

"...to be a slave to South West Trains - well, sort of, because from Richmond to London, there is a 'choice' (LOL) of SWT, District Line or Silver Link. At least the latter two start from Richmond, so one can normally get a seat, but SWT, ostensibly faster, should be avoided whenever possible, particularly during rush hours. They are simply too crowded to get on, and on the rare occasions one is in such a hurry that one has to join the pushing, shoving, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Scrote


Communication On SWT

AdvantagesFantastic customer services

DisadvantagesThey're wrong!

"This is going to sound kinda pathetic, but I had to go to Brookwood from Basingstoke. I asked the ticket man, the man on the platform and the man on the train. They all said that this train was goung to stop everywhere including Brookwood. Being a bit of a sceptic, I also looked up at the TV screen and it said the train was going to stop at Brookwood. So, I got on the train. The train stopped everywhere, Hook, Wichfield, Fleet and Farnborough. ..." Read review

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