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23,000 performances and still counting! Review with images

AdvantagesA classic show and internatinally known

DisadvantagesDon't expect too much as it's a bit dated

"...tickets to go and see the Agatha Christie play 'The Mousetrap' at St. Martin's theatre in London with my mum for her birthday as she has wanted to see the play for many years. Because of us living up in Manchester it was a case of having to stay the night in London to enable us to see the play. After all this effort I hoped it would be worth it! The play: The Mousetrap has been playing now in London for nearly 60 years and is the longest running ..." Read review

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A diamond-class performance

AdvantagesClever set, intriguing story, excellent acting

DisadvantagesWikipedia reveals the killer- don't read beforehand!

"...Iíd finally go and watch The Mousetrap. Iíd wanted to see it for a while, being a big fan of Whodunnits, and it certainly didnít disappoint. This may even be the best thing Iíve ever seen on stage, though of course you canít really compare this to something like one of Lloyd Webbers musicals. They are just completely different types of performance. Letís start with a bit of the history, which is actually very interesting in itself. First off, this ..." Read review

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Community Level 4andyk910


Caught in a trap

AdvantagesBy London theatre prices, this is fairly cheap

DisadvantagesSadly, that does not automatically mean good value

"...a trap Someone once said that the great thing about sex was the even when it was bad, it was still good. You can make your own minds up on that one, but I would contend that the same does not apply to theatre. When it's not good, its rubbish. The thing is, I am a big fan of live theatre. I think cinema has its place and it does things that theatre can not and I also value TV: But I do not think that either TV or cinema can ever completely substitute ..." Read review

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