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Cattle Class or First Class - you decide! Review with images

AdvantagesPretty fast, reasonable service, wine has high alcohol content

DisadvantagesNot always reliable, cattle class is crowded, tickets are expensive

"...am travelling on the 16:34 Virgin Pendolino from Carlisle to London Euston (which was the 15:10 from Glasgow). This afternoon we'll be stopping at Penrith, Oxenholme, Lancaster, Preston, Wigan North Western, Warrington Bank Quay, Crewe, Rugby, Milton Keynes and London Euston. I'm going down to Essex as my parents are having a party - Gerry the Giraffe bouncy castle will be there and everything - hubby didn't fancy the drive down, so I'm going down ..." Read review

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Community Level 5gardenguru1


Vergin on the magnificent

AdvantagesFast, smooth, clean and comfortable

DisadvantagesTicket prices can be expensive so buy early and travel off peak

"...the cheapest seats I rang Virgin Train Services over 2 weeks before our trip and managed to get 14 day value return tickets for £28 from Shrewsbury to Euston. It is worth noting that it is sometimes cheaper to buy 2 single tickets than a return so it’s important to look at all the options. The tickets arrived very quickly and gave all the timings for the trip including the connection times at Birmingham New Street. It was at Birmingham that we ..." Read review

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Pacey Pendos via Preston, for Plebs& Posh people

AdvantagesHuge amounts of cheap buy-in-advance Virgin Value tickets, On-board entertainment system with 4 pre-recorded channels, and 10 live stations including radio1, 2 etc.. Modern electronic displays. First Class for me.

DisadvantagesLuggage space apparantly seems to be lacking in standard class. The Birmingham to London route seems to be bad for tilt.

"...OF TRAIN I'M REVIEWING 9/10 The Virgin Pendolinos are Italian electric trains, which are formed of nine coaches. Five of these are cattle class (i mean standard class), and four of them are First Class. First Class is almost always at the London end, with Standard Class at the country end. North End ................. South End. ...... Coach... A B C D F G H J K The name "Pendolino" is Italian, and is named after electric tilting trains which ..." Read review

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Community Level 1seanjkeating


What a shame

AdvantagesFast, frequent, lots of seats

DisadvantagesPoor travelling environment, slow at weekends

"...ride. It was understandable for virgin to want new trains, but surely the 'not that old' mk3s could been kept for extra services seeing as overcrowding is a major issue on this railway? Not so, In 2003 Virgins first Pendolino ran on the West Coast Mainline to Wolverhampton. Although designed for 140mph running, they were limited to 110mph until 2004 when speeds were finally raised to a permanent 125mph all the way to Glasgow. ON BOARD Pendolinos ..." Read review

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Community Level 1DCWS


Shake, rattle and tilt

AdvantagesFaster than before

DisadvantagesEverything else

"...person responsible for procuring the Virgin trains should be ashamed of himself. Back to the drawing board... ..." Read review

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Community Level 1ivormad


Virgin Pendolino - what a discomfort!


Disadvantageslack of luggage space, seats with no windows, no leg room

"I had the misfortune of travelling from Euston to Preston (11th Sep) and return last weekend. What an experience! Firstly we had pre-booked our standard class tickets and we were allocated seats B61 & B62. We discovered that not only were these seats facing backwards but that they were next to a bulkhead and therefore we had no view of the outside world. There was a lack of space for suitcases (something which others have commented upon). The seats ..." Read review

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Community Level 1cheeseroll


Vermin Rat-Trap



"...seats - simple - so Virgin can con us to upgarding to first class - but wait - there`s nothing first class about it! Just not as much 'cattle' class as standard! Also, the interiors have sliding doors which close on your face as you aimlessley look for a seat. Also a very poor design. And as for the toilets which absolutley stink - why? Because all the deposits are collected and kept under your feet, and play havoc with the air filtration system, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1DuncanMcLeod


Avoid if you are prone to motion sickness

AdvantagesNot sure tbh

DisadvantagesHell if you are prone to motion sickness

"Even sitting in the direction of travel, by a window, I felt horribly train sick. Why? Because of the pendular ride. You see the horizon rise up and down when the train goes round a corner but your inner ear senses that the ground is horizontal (as a result of the pendular tilting which eliminates sideways centrifugal force). These contradictory signals confuse the brain which doesn't know anymore whether the ground is horizontal relative to your ..." Read review

Ciao members have rated this review on average: somewhat helpful

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Hornby 00 Gauge 335mm Virgin Trains Pendolino Standard Open with Pantograph Model

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