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A Tale of Two Classes Diamond review Review with images

AdvantagesFast journey times, modern trains, good customer service

DisadvantagesExpensive, trains can be uncomfortably overcrowded, lack of luggage space

"...Following rail privatisation in 1994, Virgin trains won the franchise to operate on the line – which takes in routes from London Euston to Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool and Glasgow. Virgin also operate the franchise for trains operating between Edinburgh and Glasgow and Birmingham New Street. I travelled on the West Coast Mainline frequently in the days of British Rail. I even travelled on the old Advanced Passenger Train back in the early 80s ..." Read review

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Community Level 7Benniash



AdvantagesOn time, clean, excellent customer service

DisadvantagesSome routes not ideal, transfer times not ideal for all journeys

"...have to enter the word Virgin in the product search on Ciao to see the vast array of products and services he has in his portfolio. But out of all of them the one that seems to come under constant scrutiny is his train company, unsurprisingly called Virgin Trains. Despite being a frequent train user over the years I’d never used them before but as a reward for completing a postal survey about the company my other half was offered two free day returns ..." Read review

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Forget about flying! Review with images

AdvantagesNice trains, mostly on time, has an onboard shop, large route network

DisadvantagesSome grumpy staff members, some tickets may be expensive.

"My experience of Virgin Trains is that it is one of the better train companies in the UK. Seeing as my experiences on Arriva and First Great Western have generally been below par this may not be saying that much! About the company: It all started in 1996 Virgin Trains won the Cross-Country and West Coast franchises. The network is vast covering from Penzance to Aberdeen. In London their base is Euston station. 334 run everyday and Virgin carries ..." Read review

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Community Level 5jambo5678



Advantagessee op

Disadvantagessee op

"...that I have had with Virgin trains recently. Virgin trains spawned from Richard Branson's multi-pronged entrepreneurial empire, following the privatisation of the railways. Despite some other companies running nationwide services, such as the economy fares of Silverlink, Virgin is by far the most comprehensive service, covering most areas of England, Wales and Scotland. However this, by no means, makes it the best!! Although at the moment, Virgin ..." Read review

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Community Level 4goodematthew


Its not all bad you know

AdvantagesExcellent customer service.

DisadvantagesTrains are unreliable and sometimes dirty.

"Virgin Trains is a company that has received a lot of stick recently, but when travelling with Virgin is not as bad as people make out. Today I am going to take you on what I can only call a typical journey with Virgin Trains, looking at every aspect from getting your ticket to leaving the station at your destination. BUYING YOUR TICKETS The first step in your journey is to buy your ticket. This can either be done at a railway station, by phone ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Gardenex


Don't bet against Richard Branson

Advantagesgood fare offers

Disadvantagescan be frequently delayed

"...all heard the jokes about Virgin trains being late and unreliable . Whilst the company admit that things can only get better I wish to put things into context and perspective. I have used Virgin and indeed all major rail companies in the past few months and my first point is I found Vigin no worse than any other train operating company. Don't kid yourself about the problems facing Virgin and indeed most rail companies in this country. The biggest ..." Read review

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Community Level 4mark-south...


let the train take the strain

Advantagescan be cheap, less stressful than driving

Disadvantagescan be expensive, fellow passengers can be a pain

"...people have not travelled on Virgin Trains as they cover much of the length and breadth of the UK Virgin trains are half owned by Virgin (the bearded one) and Stagecoach, the bus operator which also runs South West Trains, and which expanded when the UK bus industry was sold of at knock down prices They do not own the track and do not own the trains, these are leased from people like the Bank of Scotland At this stage into their franchise, ..." Read review

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Community Level 6coolchanty


They try their best

Advantagesexecellent services, the driver always introduces himself and lets you know how the journey is going, wide choice of snacks and drinks available


"...times I have travelled on Virgin trains I always receive great service from the stewards and stewardesses. The driver also always keeps you informed of any delays and times. So dispite all the problems they have faced with all the other rail companies they have got through it. I have always found the members of staff to be most helpful, polite and very cheery out of all the train operators I have used. The best time was on christmas eve when ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Ste_cuppello


given a bad name

AdvantagesVery helpful staff and very reliable trains

Disadvantagesthe only thing is the services on-board the train

"...London from Manchester and used Virgin Trains there and back. Their has been a lot in the papers and on TV recently saying how unreliable and how late they always are so I felt after traveling well on both trips i ought to write a review. Although I only used the train twice I have since spoke to some people who all agree that the service is good and find it hard to make critisims. First of all was buting the tickets. It cost around £30 pounds ..." Read review

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Community Level 6scuba_angel


Are you a train Virgin?

Advantagesfast, few delays

Disadvantagesoccasional delays, cost if booked late

"...this route is operated by Virgin Trains and has been for several years. Thankfully these days the booking process is somewhat easier than it used to be, having to go in to the train station to book tickets I always found a somewhat draining experience as there was invariably a queue of people apparently wanting to purchase tickets for the next train due and only one counter open, now you can book online at one of several sites, my preference is virgins ..." Read review

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Community Level 6alliecat


Allie Doesn't Do Virgin-bashing

AdvantagesCheap fares to be found


"...a white train with red Virgin trim). He asked the country’s rail users to be patient, said that the company would inject vast amounts of money into improving things, but it would take time. And the rail users waited, and the next day, said, “Sir Richard mate, things haven’t improved at all. Trains are still expensive, dirty, infrequent, often late and uncomfortable.” “I may be a genius, but I can’t do miracles ..." Read review

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Community Level 9LostWitness



AdvantagesSee review

DisadvantagesSee review

"..."InterCity" routes are operated by Virgin Trains, so I have become something of a regular with these services. To be fair, I am sure that many of my observations would apply equally across most rail carriers - nonetheless, Virgin Trains remain the focus of my attention. Rail travel has come under intense scrutiny over recent months and years, with a marked increase in the number of rail accidents, as well as a continued decline in reliability and ..." Read review

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Virgin on the ridiculous

AdvantagesExtensive network, comfortable

DisadvantagesHugely overpriced, unreliable

"...imperfect world of UK railways, Virgin is far from being a showpiece. Virgin run an extensive network of routes throughout Britain, but the company concentrates its efforts on the longer-distance journeys, which has led Branson (misguidedly, in my view) to try to shape the business into a sort of "ground-based airline". To this end, great emphasis has been placed on airline-style gimmicks and methodology. A good example is the replacement of First ..." Read review

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Community Level 5james564


Virgin Trains Out Accross England. (edited) Review with images

AdvantagesNice fast trains, crappy old ones as well, comfort.

DisadvantagesTicket prices. Timetable, Not many seats.

"...where surprisingly a brand new Virgin Pendolino pulled up at the platform. I got on it which i don't think i was supposed to but no-one will ever know :P and it was exactly as i expected to be ~ crowded, hot and fast. ..: Frequency :.. Virgin operate 334 trains a day i think it is and for that amount of trains in one country i was surprised they weren't running more often especially with most trains capable of over 100mph. From London Euston station ..." Read review

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Community Level 4JoMerrington


Richard is losing his Virginity with the Trains

AdvantagesSee op

DisadvantagesBad Reputation

"When you think of Virgin Trains, what springs to mind? Delays….more delays…..even more delays…..cancellations!! This used to be my first thought when I discovered that the route I was travelling was run by Virgin and would do my best to avoid the service. Needless to say, I have had bad experiences, but these were a few years ago and until recently I had never been on a Virgin Train that had been on time! Virgin run train services ..." Read review

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