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Easy way to get the bus into London

AdvantagesCheap, decent locations for set down/pick up, frequent services

Disadvantagesvery basic, no frills

"It's always difficult writing a review for a company such as easyBus as like it's easyjet companion, it seems to divide opinion with people. My mum had booked a day trip to London, and after checking bus and train prices, decided to go with the easyBus, as it worked out around 10 each return from Gatwick to Earl's Court/West Brompton. I have since read the reviews on Ciao, and it was probably a good thing that I didn't do any research before deciding ..." Read review

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Community Level 7offy


Not so Easybus!


DisadvantagesNot right into London

"Whilst driving home from work one evening, I heard an advert on my local radio station for easybus.co.uk. It offered bus fares to North London from Milton Keynes for 1 each way. As I was due to meet an old school friend in London in a few weeks time, I thought Id look into it, as the return train fare including Underground is normally about 15. The Services Before you get all excited about cheap fares all around the country, at the moment ..." Read review

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Community Level 2amsterdamage


Easy and hassle-free-sy

AdvantagesAccessible; frequent buses; good price

DisadvantagesLike any other "non-bus-lane" bus, subject to traffic and roadworks

"I've been using the Greenline (now Easybus service) for four years now, ever since I started flying back and forth from London with Easyjet. Easyjet is possibly the cheapest airline available for many destinations but what is not always so "Easy" is the getting to and from London Luton airport, its base - you cannot just hop on the tube as you do when travelling to Heathrow. I am not aware of other buses that go to Luton - at the time, I hadn't ..." Read review

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Community Level 7costas1234


easybus website and service review

Advantagesread opp

Disadvantagesread opp

"==Introduction== I have used easybus as an easy and convenient way to travel from central London to Luton airport a few times now. I find this a low cost alternative to using the trains and rail networks. I have never stayed in Easybus hotels to date. Though I find the booking system to be easy and user friendly. All one has to do is to print tickets to show the driver. The cost of tickets ranges from around 4 return ticket if someone books ..." Read review

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Community Level 1drrana


Easy bus - easiest and the cheapest - Edited

AdvantagesCheaper rates, Reliable,

DisadvantagesI dont see any !

"...Easybus.co.uk is a part of easy group. Easygroup operates another 15 or more websites with various other products. Most famous ones are easyjet.com, easycar.com, easyinternetcafe etc. The website is quite easy to navigate. All need to know is your credit/debit card details and whether you want to go to luton airport or london or M.K. Just open easybus.co.uk and on the front page you will have the option of entering your from and to destinations ..." Read review

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Careful, don't use Easybus!

AdvantagesThe price is good if you book in advance (more than one month)

DisadvantagesNo or bad customer service / buses always running late or just not coming

"My girlfriend and I booked a ticket online and arrive on time. We booked a ticke from Stansted Airport to Central London. We arrived 10 minutes (as suggested from Easybus) before the bus had to leave from the station but unfortunately there were around 40 people in the queue waiting for the same bus. We ask the people in the queue how long are they already have been waiting - answer: already 30 minutes! The Easybus counter/office at Stansted shut ..." Read review

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Community Level 1travelhappy


Don't use EasyBus

Advantagescheaper than the train

Disadvantagespoor refund policy and customer service

"Had a similiar experience with a delayed easyjet flight! My first experience with easybus was great, but after this one I wouldn't use the service again, even if it is slightly more convenient & cost-effective than the train! Our EasyJet flight was delayed for 2 hours & we landed at midnight, so after going through customs etc it was technically the next day - found out that no credit or refund will be issued as we landed "the next day" our tickets ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Danny-Coll...


It does exactly what it says on the tin!!!

AdvantagesQuick, easy and cheap

DisadvantagesIts a bit too orange

"When going on a break to London we had flights booked to Luton airport. Had sen advertisements for the bus service and looked them up on their website www.easybus.co.uk. The website was easy to navigate and the price came up as 4 each way (cheaper than the bus and train) If we had booked sooner prices started at 1 each way. On arrival at the airport we went to the bus station and you couldn't miss the bright orange mini bus next to its bright ..." Read review

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Community Level 1SHADOWX171



AdvantagesQuick response.

DisadvantagesFailure to state their luggage polices clearly.

"Having thought id found a great deal on travel from central London to Gatwick airport and being tricked into buying tickets I was lead to a screen which informed me that I was not allowed to carry "prohibited" items such as my skis. I went back though the booking process only to find that this information was available some way through the terms and conditions in small print. The information was not clearly stated anywhere on the website even though ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Duggo


Terrible experience with Easybus - never again!

AdvantagesBusses are comfortable

DisadvantagesUnreliable, lack of information, no customer service if something goes wrong,

"Myself and several others had a terrible service with Easybus yesterday evening. (a) Two buses did not arrive: Myself and a colleague were due to get an evening bus which did not arrive. The next bus due also did not arrive. At this point 2 other passengers left the bus stop and got a taxi to the airport. Myself and 4 other passengers were due to get a flight with Easyjet. The bus did not arrive until 50 minutes later. We did not receive any apology. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1okucu


Easy Bus - a rip off


DisadvantagesDelayed flight means your money is gone

"My EASYJET flight from Basel to Luton was delayed for over 2 hours so I missed the 12:00 bus from Luton to Baker str. which I had bought 2 tickets online .I went to Easybus desk around 13:30 and was told that all busses were full and the next available bus was at 15:10 . I said I that I could not wait 1 hour 40 minutes with a 6 month old baby and asked for my money back - since the fault was totaly Easyjet's and Easygroup's .... The staff rudely ..." Read review

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Community Level 2aless02


New consolidation? CRAP TO EASYBUS!


DisadvantagesDisorganised, slow, don't get time slot that you book, chaotic, not direct to Central London

"Okay, I used to like EasyBus, but we just had a TERRIBLE experience trying to get back from Luton Airport. Don't know if this is a recent thing, or they only do this late at night, but Easy Bus has now combined their services with Green Line & Terravision, meaning that DESPITE the fact we booked & paid with them, there is now only one bus servicing all 3. We had booked for the 12:40am from Luton to Victoria. Number one, the screens were wrong in ..." Read review

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Community Level 1yhdortbsde

Quick review of easybus.co.uk

"i recently made a trip with easybus from fulham broadway to gatwick airport. the driver was very polite and professional, (and very good looking by the way, i think he said his name was david!, mmmmm) nice shades hahahahaha. i found the whole experience very calming, he played relaxing music, he drove safely but expertly and gave a wonderful little pre-trip speech. i will definately use this service more often. WELL DONE EASYBUS for an excellant value for money service. Miranda Ogilvy.

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Community Level 1LDNprincess


Disgusting service from a disgusting company!



"I booked seats from Gatwick to London, our flight was delayed & due to this we missed our bus & the one after. By the time we arrived to the bus stop, the desk was closed & we had no way of knowing when the next bus would be as they do not provide timetables. By this stage it was almost midnight, minus 2 degrees & snowing, we had no idea how long we would have to stand there for, so in the the end got a train home. I emailed EasyBus the next day ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Jaweb




Disadvantagescrap costumer service

"I have booked a return easybus ticket to Luton airport. When we went to the airport,everything was fine. When we came back, the flight was too early,tried to get on the first bus but the driver said we needed to go back to the customer service desk to change the time. We went to the desk(it was 7.30pm,our ticket was 9.30pm) when the girl said to us, we were lucky that the previous driver had accepted our ticket before as it was not printed out. I ..." Read review

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