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Mega cheap tickets but not so mega customer service Diamond review

AdvantagesCheap tickets, easy to book, can book up to the last minute.

DisadvantagesPoor customer service, delays, often packed buses.

"For long journeys, I have up until recently been a loyal customer to National Express, finding their prices unbeatable compared to the train and other coach companies. However their prices have slowly but surely been rising and especially closing into summer. Those under £10 deals I used to snap up have been few and far between, for the routes I tend to take at least. That's why I started looking into other options again and after using megabus quite ..." Read review

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To mega? Or not to mega


Disadvantagesbum numbing, no space....

"Where Megabus.com services leave from and arrive at many locations within towns and cities in the uk. When booking all you hav to do is make your reservation to and from your chosen town or city and when travelling you choose which stop to board or leave the bus, the fares are the same regardless of which stops you use on any given route. Price Seats start from as little as £1. The earlier you book, the cheaper basically though. The pricing ..." Read review

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Shorty needs a road trip.

AdvantagesCheap, reliable

DisadvantagesStrictly for short passengers.

" Megabus first came to my attention about a year ago whilst looking for cheap ways to travel to Bristol from Manchester to see family. I'm no longer driving and with petrol prices costing return trips to cost up to a £100, getting my partner to drive me there was pretty prohibitive. National Express always seemed quite expensive and although I have a disabled railcard the train still costs me £43. So the search for an even cheaper alternative was on! Its ..." Read review

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Mega Save on Megabus

AdvantagesQuick and Easy

Disadvantagestiny toilets

"I dislike train travel, finding it claustrophobic and expensive, so the coach is thje obvious alternative. Coach or bus travel is a territory more or less divided between National Express and Megabus, when it comes to booking online. Megabus is better for the following reasons. Megabus use double decker coaches which means there is always a good chance of getting a seat with plenty of space around you, and plenty of leg room. Not so with National ..." Read review

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Community Level 5flyingllamas


Not perfect but the price is right.


DisadvantagesSeats are uncomfortable, especially for long haul.

"I have used megabus a number of times over the past 5 years but most recently in october of 2008 although the service has been fairly consistent so I would imagine it is similar now. Most often I have travelled from Edinburgh/Glasgow to London and vice versa but have also gone on shorter trips from central Scotland up to Inverness and Aberdeen and once to Newcastle. The buses are basic and leg-room can be a problem but I don't find they differ vastly ..." Read review

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Community Level 1paymeloads


***wow*** now that is a bargin

Advantagesreally cheep

Disadvantagesdont go all over europe

"First let me tell you how I found out about this company. It was just after Christmas and I had to attend my sisters' wedding which was in Scotland, this was a long way for me, but I left it to late to book a plane ticket and the prices were too high, getting a coach never even crossed my mind and I had to drive. Anyway the round trip to Scotland and back set me back about £200 pound, this hurt my pocket as we were broke, I ended up giving my ..." Read review

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Cheap and reliable intercity travel

Advantagesvery cheap, reliable, decent service

Disadvantagescan only travel at certain times, limited ticket availability

"Megabus.com is a very straightforward online bus service site that allows you to book journeys in between the larger cities and towns of the UK at prices many times cheaper than it would cost you to travel by either national express or national rail. For example, you can pick up a single ticket from Newcastle to London for just £16, plus a fifty pence booking fee. The downside of the service is that they only run one bus service per day, which may ..." Read review

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The ryainair equivalent of the roads

Advantagesnot many


"****megabus**** **Routes** The megabus offers a wide range of routes long and short. **The buses** Megabuses are blue and yellow and in my opinion the seats are all crammed in. Sometimes when you book with them you get city link buses which are much better/have more space. **Service** Most of the time the service on these buses are really bad.When i was getting a bus down to Manchester a women got on the wrong bus(going to Dundee) even ..." Read review

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Community Level 1lblair



AdvantagesCheapness; friendliness of staff; good transport; not too packed

DisadvantagesCan't too book far ahead; variance of buses (older ones didn't look as nice)

"I used the megabus to go to a family wedding in Portsmouth (I live near Newcastle). By train this journey would have been too expensive to contemplate but by megabus it was just under £15 which I couldn't believe!!! I had to get the coach from Newcastle to London and then change to another coach to Portsmouth. Both journeys were long and the weather varied but the buses were both fairly new and the the journey comfortable. I would recommend ..." Read review

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Community Level 2little_eira


Not quite so "Mega" Bus!

AdvantagesCheap, more destinations every month

DisadvantagesNo heating/cooling system, often long complicated journeys!

"When the Megabus first arrived on the scene in Edinburgh (where I lived at the time), it initially provided a low cost and effective alternative to Stagecoach and Citylink . With journeys available for just £1 (+ 50p booking fee) between Edinburgh/Glasgow and Edinburgh/Perth, I was able to save over £5 on each journey! However, the prices didn't stay low for many months before creeping past £2, upto £3.50 per journey! This wouldn't have been ..." Read review

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Community Level 1moktar


Value for money ~ The best you can get

AdvantagesCheap, Easy to book, Good service, Don't need to print tickets

DisadvantagesRoute coverage limited, Less frequency

"When I found that I could go from Worthing to London for £1.5, I thought there must be some catch. I gave it a try and found the service fantastic! Megabus and National express are the two major bus operators in the UK. Although megabus is cheaper, their route is very limited and has less frequency of trips. From Worthing, megabus has only two trips the whole day! Megabus is good for any traveller looking for value for money and has enough time ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Megametro001

Quick review of www.megabus.com, low cost intercity bus travel UK

"The Megabus and Megatrain share the same website and I was able to book a round trip from Portsmouth to London for £2.50 return.

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Unreliable, Dangerous Driving!!

AdvantagesLow Cost

DisadvantagesHostile, Dangerous Drivers. Over 1 1/2 hours late.

"I travelled with Megabus Cardiff to London in August 2012. A double decker bus load of passengers were left waiting outside our bus in the pouring rain for over one hour after the departure time. The bus driver only let us on the bus when somebody knocked on the window. I can only imagine what he was doing on the bus for all that time but he was definitely unstable. He delayed us another fifteen minutes because he was unable to shut a door. During ..." Read review

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Community Level 1busybee999


cheap - but very frustrating


Disadvantageshassle, delays

"As with Ryanair, one wouldn't expect comfort but at least basic safety checks should be carried out. That does not seem to be always the case; trip from Cardiff to London yesterday was delayed through two breakdowns: first one because a driver of another vehicle stopped the bus in Cardiff to tell the driver that one of the front tyres is flat; ATS were called and a new bus requested and we got started. 20 minutes on the motorway the driver phoned ..." Read review

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No problems so far

AdvantagesCheap, On time in most cases, Free WIFI

DisadvantagesNo info if the coaches are late in Leeds, small toilets.

"I am travelling with them on a regular basis between Leeds and London. I have no loyalty towards the brand so my decision on booking a ticket with them is based exclusively on the price. They compete very close with National Express on fares, and in 90% of the cases, Megabus are the cheaper option. Many people criticize them for their choice of stops in major cities, but the ones in Leeds and London are as central and easy to reach as it gets. Other ..." Read review

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