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An affordable palace in Seville - the Silken Al-Andalus

07.04.2017 Review of Silken Al-Andalus Palace, Seville

"Booking a type of hotel is always something of a quandary; as we travel a lot I donít like to spend too much on a place, and itís thus often a compromise between size of room and quality of hotel versus location. I tend to veer towards the central locatio ..."

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Seville's Real Alcazar.... no fakes here

19.03.2017 Review of Alcazar, Seville

"We go and see friends on the coast in southern Spain a couple of times a year, and for a change for our February visit, we explored the opportunity to spend a few days in Seville. Itís not easy (or cheap) to fly direct to Seville from Northern England par ..."

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Horrible trip to Hacienda dos Olivos

10.09.2013 Review of Hacienda Dos Olivos, Pilas

"Horrible trip - horses are at a very low level, like typical "school-horses" in germany - so the horse didn't want to move or go left/right. only one of us was allowed to do gallop, that was only possible with few horses and it was quite dangerous, like r ..."

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Bigger is not always better!

17.06.2013 Review of Seville Cathedral, Seville

"...==Seville cathedral.== The 16th century Catedral de Santa Maria de la Sede, Seville is the third largest church in the world taking its place from the Hagia Sofia in Istanbul. Originally it was built to show off the riches of the region as Seville was o ..."

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