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The beautiful Sorrento

20.10.2012 Review of Sorrento (Italy)

"I joined a tour round Italy last year with my family and we spent two days in Sorrento. There is a big contrast between the south and north of the country. All the business and main industries are based in the north. Italians in the north are originated ..."

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Definatly a grand hotel!

11.03.2010 Review of Grand Hotel Flora, Sorrento

"I have stayed in this Hotel twice now, once with just me and my ex partner, and once with him and my niece. This is a lovely hotel. Really nice atmosphere. The decortaing around the hotel is nice,just the rooms could do with updating a bit. But th ..."

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Not quite my Favorita, but close!

10.10.2009 Review of La Favorita-O'Parrucchiano, Sorrento

"I'm just back from spending a blissful ten days in Sorrento with my parents, during which time I climbed volcanoes, visited the location of one of my favourite films, wandered the eerie streets of Pompeii and Herculanaeum and tried to take photos of lizar ..."

Read full review by Olly_Plimsoll

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A week's successful holiday in St. Agnello, Sorrento (Italy)

24.05.2009 Review of Sorrento (Italy)

"...Eight days in St. Agnello, Sorrento, Italy. We have just returned from a very successful week in Sorrento. Arriving at Naples Airport we took the regular bus service to Sorrento as far as St. Agnello which is once stop before Sorrento itself. The jou ..."

Read full review by Tibblington

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