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Looking to explore South & Central America? Don't wait any longer Brazil, Argentina and Chile are waiting for you. Whether it's a restaurant, hotel or flight it can be found right here along with reviews and price comparison for all you need in South America or Central America. Read our members travel reviews on ... more

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Rio de Janeiro (88)
Sao Paulo (78)
Other Destinations in Brazil (201)
Buenos Aires (106)
Patagonia (5)
Other Destinations in Argentina (68)
Lima (36)
Other Destinations in Peru (47)
Santiago (42)
Other Destinations in Chile (47)
Venezuela Hotels (4)
Venezuela Attractions (4)
Venezuela Restaurants (0)
Venezuela Experience (10)
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Uruguay Hotels (24)
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Bolivia Hotels (2)
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Colombia Hotels (54)
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Ecuador Hotels (15)
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Ecuador Restaurants (2)
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French Guiana
French Guiana Hotels (0)
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Paraguay Hotels (1)
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Suriname Hotels (3)
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Guatemala Hotels (3)
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El Salvador
El Salvador Hotels (0)
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El Salvador Restaurants (0)
El Salvador Experience (1)
Honduras Hotels (0)
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Nicaragua Hotels (0)
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Costa Rica
Costa Rica Hotels (5)
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Costa Rica Restaurants (0)
Costa Rica Experience (7)
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Panama Hotels (12)
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Panama Restaurants (0)
Panama Experience (4)
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Belize Hotels (1)
Belize Attractions (1)
Belize Restaurants (0)
Belize Experience (5)
Belize Pubs, Bars & Nightlife (0)

Most Recent Reviews of South & Central America »

Peak Peruvian Experience

12.04.2014 Review of Machu Picchu, Peru

"...it take me this long?=== A long time ago, when I still believed that I might persuade my soul-mate to do some serious travelling with me, I put Machu Picchu on the no-go list. It was the one place on the planet which might just tempt him into ..."

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The Malecón 2000 Guayaquil

10.04.2014 (11.04.2014) Review of The Malecon 2000, Guayaquil

"...We only spent one night in Guayaquil on our way from the Galapagos islands down to Santiago in Chile. We had read about the Malecón and thought that we would make that our evening walk, then enjoy a meal and have an early night before our flight the next ..."

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Red Ra'bida

02.04.2014 Review of Ra'bida Island, Galapagos

"Ra'bida Island, Galapagos This little island was previously known as Jervis Island and was named after an 18th century British admiral, John Jervis, the Earl of St. Vincent .Recently the islands have become known by their Spanish or Ecuadorian names whi ..."

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Climbing the hill the Valparaiso way

31.03.2014 Review of Funicular Valaparaiso

"Funicular lift or Ascensor in Valparaiso Valparaiso is built on a hill ascending from the busy port area. Most of the houses are up the hillsides. In order to allow the residents easy access to their homes from their jobs down in the city and port, the f ..."

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