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St. Martin hotel, flight, restaurant in St. Martin can be found here with reviews and price comparison. Read our members travel reviews on St Martin property, shopping, car hire, accommodation and book your St Martin holidays with an online travel agent.

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01.02.2017 Review of 12 Metre Challenge, St. Maarten

"===~~~ Another island in the sun ~~~===Did you know that St Maarten is the smallest land mass occupied by two nations? This small island in the Caribbean (all 37 sq m of it), is divided between France and the Netherlands. The two sides are quite differe ..."

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28.08.2000 Review of General: St Martin Island

"St.Martin/St.Maarten is an unusual place since one half of the Island is Dutch with the other half being a department of France. There are no borders between the two and only one main Airport on the Dutch side of the Island. Recently, the island has und ..."

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